China SNS suffered a crisis of user needs into viscous transition way

In 2011 the global social report, released

Internet traffic monitoring agency ComScore days before the report, the global Internet 1 / 5 Internet time spent on social networking sites, 6% in 2007. Online social networking craze sweeping the globe, just a few years, the social networking site has covered 82% of the global Internet users, about 1 billion 200 million of the total, in the 43 countries surveyed, 41 of the coverage rate reached more than 85%, Chinese coverage rate reached 53%, the highest for 98%. In large social networking sites Sina micro-blog’s independent access to the fastest growing user.

social networking sites to bring a variety of social networking applications are subtly changing people’s social habits, but also for the development and popularization of the Internet has played a positive role in promoting. With the rapid development of various types of social networking sites in the competition, as well as the accumulation of the number of users and snowball style continues to enlarge, social networking sites gradually popular, and quickly penetrate people’s Internet life. The majority of domestic social network entertainment social networking sites, causing the user stickiness is not enough, after the novelty, SNS return to mediocre user interest fading. At the same time, the rise of micro-blog’s strong, eating the cake market SNS site.

SNS craze sweeping the Internet industry

social networking site, is represented by Facebook, based on acquaintance, to attract users interested in SNS (social networking services) website. In recent years, the trend of social networking is becoming increasingly apparent, social networking sites flourish. In China, the heat of social networking sites continue to rise, happy net, Renren and other social networking sites are growing exponentially. At present, the social networking site has become a popular Internet users generally accepted entertainment and friends interactive platform, and gradually formed a network of nearly two hundred million users of social networking.

In the era of

network, there is no boundary communication, which makes the people who live alone in the city have a broader communication platform. SNS is such an application, it provides people with a chance to break the bottleneck of social, no need to spend money, do not need to spend time, there is no geographical restrictions. Hu Yanping, President of DCCI Internet data center, said that the user’s access to the Internet from the portal to the search engine, and then to the transformation of the social network, which is a basic trend. For human social life, this is undoubtedly a revolutionary subversion.

in the SNS swept the world, there is no Internet company is willing to give up or circumvent this piece of imagination and the survival of the market. In China, SNS originated in the rice no, famous in happy network. Followed by the rise of Renren, Sohu white society, etc.. From the beginning of the professional networking site, the major portals have also involved in SNS, almost all of the traditional network media have introduced social elements, in order to obtain the considerable development, this trend has been unstoppable.

Chinese SNS encounter sticky crisis


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