Zhejiang illegal drug trading services provided by the implementation of the blacklist system

drug regulatory authorities to the general public to promote the purchase of drugs knowledge (information picture)

in extensive network Hangzhou on January 20th news (reporter Hu Xinyi) according to the China sound "center wide news" 16 reported 04 points, Zhejiang province food and drug administration supervision and Inspection Bureau deputy director Chen Yuehua introduction, at present, our country can provide Internet drug transaction services to individual consumers of the site only has 12, Zhejiang Jiuzhou pharmacy etc. retail business entities are applying for qualification.

reporter learned that Internet sales must be the State Food and Drug Administration for approval of the regular site, on the site have Internet service qualification certificate, and the online pharmacies must be non prescription drugs. There is no one in Zhejiang. In this regard, Chen Yuehua reminded people to buy drugs do not easily believe that online advertising, preliminary judgment to have a lot of drug approval number, the average consumer to buy the regular channels. After second to see if there is no national drug. Supervision Inspection Bureau Director Wang Shuirong for "taobao.com" are selling drugs act, said to be dealt with according to law, and stressed that any medical unit operated sites shall not engage in any form of Internet drug business activities. The system does not have permission to blacklist site, while in conjunction with the communications sector should be given to shut down.

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