315 why the evening P2P net loan this sensitive problem

online shopping – Hungry black workshop, Taobao brush credit and other issues

car – the car is easy to shoot the black box operation difference

consumption of imported children’s products, dentures, electric oven, edible oil, ginseng

P2P – the

net loan

telecom services -DDAPP.CN software contains viruses, free WiFi theft information and other issues

through the phone, WeChat and other channels to collect the public through consultation, complaints, reports, etc., aggregated into 315 key words: online shopping, automotive, consumer, P2P net loan, telecommunications services. Can be seen from the above summary of the 315 party also carried out a large number of examples of each keyword exposure, but the lack of P2P net loan. The whole party down, on the P2P net loan is only a few incidents in the brush inside a few, in addition, no other. Let those good move stool, waiting for the play Kanguan have disappointed, but also to those who are still under the P2P name of the Swindlers Company, to continue their carefree world.

P2P net loan from 2007 to date, has registered nearly 4000 platforms, of which nearly 1/3 of the platform problems, the accident rate is very high. Last year a treasure event, victims of Shiwan Wan very great impact. There are still many problems with the platform, there are many investors damaged. P2P net loan problem is a direct threat to the safety of the majority of the people, compared to those black workshops takeaway, this is also very serious.

the party did not expose the P2P net loan platform of their own problems, but in the network when a single brush P2P net loan platform, but this has little to do with the P2P net loan platform itself. Wool has become an integral part of the P2P industry. As long as the search engine to enter the name of the well-known platform plus the Internet to earn two words together to search, there will be a lot of forums in the relevant tasks. These tasks are not the platform itself released, but in order to reap the benefits of the platform to do a lot of wool. P2P net loan problem should be a platform for illegal fund-raising, since the melting, roll foot, and so on, rather than the problem of wool. Why CCTV know P2P net loan is more concerned about the issue, but not alone. Certainly not because of omissions and no reports, some people say that because CCTV before kept in with all kinds of P2P net loan advertising, e rent treasure is also one of them. CCTV because of this thing is to provoke a lot of trouble, investors rights. Also because of this incident, P2P net loan net loan advertising in the major mainstream TV station was stopped playing. Some people think that the fear of causing everyone on the CCTV CCTV clapperclaw again, and deliberately chose to avoid the topic. If that’s true, it’s really not reliable. Here to talk about my personal opinion.

P2P net loan as an emerging industry, is still in a groping stage of development, in fact, we are not very clear platform in the end how to develop, including the platform itself is not very clear, why CCTV

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