Liang Lu do business network promotion of the five points

is not spoof, not extreme, innovation, positive, good image has been Liang Lu’s concept of promotion. Liang Lu always think: the network is just a new media era, the media’s value lies in the crowds, but as public media planners, must not only on the Internet, because our promotion is the product brand, is the event. We are the object of communication. The network is a carrier of a government or business office * *.

Liang Lu established the Ming Lu times media planning company, mainly engaged in propaganda and speculation news event marketing, good at using the traditional TV, newspaper media and Internet media, new media channels with full integration of media resources to report model. Its business model is built on the basis of a huge human resources relationship with a think tank.

Liang Lu

enterprise network to promote understanding, we put the site to a clothing store or a boutique, website construction style and class is equivalent to our shop decoration style, the content of the website is our business, and the website is the name of the shop we name.

when a store opened, our store in a place where no one knows, the whole city can not find us, how do we do business?

many companies choose to do PPC search engine (Baidu). Google), which is really a good way, the search engine can image to downtown directly to our shop car, the search engine brings together a large number of customers to buy things to make car, our car is more prominent, may come to our store more and more people, but the car need to search engine high the fare. When the market was born.

search engine optimization, this is just like store bought himself some car, can also take the customer to shop, but because the car is not the official vehicles so parking is deep, is partial, but because the traffic capacity is so large that good car hire fee can save greatly, therefore by the owner’s favor, in addition to provide customers with the convenience of shopping way, we need to do some publicity to our shop. Surely you must see billboards on the streets, it is the 2008 Olympic sponsors Lenovo Coca-Cola a bunch of LOGO together, while the network is so like hao123256 and so on. The reason why the various industries, some strong points, together for their high convenience, of course, the IOC assessment of the enterprise, will enterprises pay a certain price.

we often see major shopping malls or large outdoor billboards, because of the popularity, is very famous, here is the publicity, advertising is the rapid increase in the brand in each big door, but behind the shop is often can not afford the cost of. So some of the shopkeepers found in the mailbox to send promotional materials, very good, but over time the post office on the mailbox has also been strictly managed, in addition to the owners see their mailbox >

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