Google Analytics and website operation optimization two

Google menu on the left second sports is "visitor", click on this link, first enter the visitor overview page, in the middle of the left, is


, these data are on the website operation optimization are very important reference, such as the average pageviews this index if too low, the content of the website is certainly a problem, so is the time on site, the index bounce rate is more serious, out of that user to the website, what are not immediately turned away if the residence time is very low, indicating that the user didn’t even look away, this shows that the two issues, one is website promotion obtained by the user is not the target users, two users on the website of the impression is not too bad, what let users stay down the appeal, the two conclusions are the working direction of website operation optimization.

everyone knows why some network game promotion ladder, game scores will be canceled, because someone is deliberately trying to points the title of the party, and then divided the audience casually, no matter is not the target user, just click on my promotion link points, this idea is completely wrong, we the background will carefully review for the promotion of competition results, not only is the bounce rate, there are more indicators, for example, the bounce rate is higher, the residence time is shorter, more promotion is invalid and promotion effect is worse, for some deliberately cheating software brush, can be more obvious resolution. Promotion is the user needs to his hand, is not to promote the content to the user is in need, can be analyzed through the background data.

on the right is the visitor grouping


these allow us to learn more about the site’s users

language options can tell us what the user is using the language, such as the majority of English or Chinese users are.


and according to every visit to the page and website to see the site of the residence time of language user appeal.

"network location" can tell us what the majority of users from access to websites, such as this is the location of the user

ladder network


you can see, the ladder network as a web site planning operation forum, the main user groups or Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, the three Internet industry intensive areas, there will be a lot of inspiration for this operation, for example, a web site if you want to engage in activities, choose what location, can according to the table to make, because similarly, investment in densely populated places to engage in activities in the user and populated place effect is completely different. I do not know a lot of sites in the planning of the activities of the members of the line, there is no reference to this data.


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