When VR met the chamber puzzle more stimulation The company saw the opportunity to get ten million y

established in November 2014, the day of the house culture, in July of this year, won the 37 mutual entertainment A round of financing of $10 million. This is the first time in March this year, 37 mutual entertainment announced the investment VR game developer Archiact, the first in the field of virtual reality in china.

day homes culture founder Zhang Fan is a young game player, 3 magic cube speedsolving up to 26 seconds, the university had a part-time board shop, opened the room after the game, enjoy a certain reputation in the circle of the chamber of secrets.


later, Zhang sail into the CEIBS MBA, during which the business management professor and course influenced Zhang Fan deeply and gave him the idea of starting a business.

"the deepest impact on me was the lesson of Professor Henry Moon – How lead a to team. The professor has a deep understanding of the theory of organizational behavior, and when the majority of the people around me are working in the financial industry, I have confidence in business management." Zhang Fan told I dark horse.

in 2014, Zhang Fan’s first experience of the VR game, which is shocked by its realistic scene. "When I first put on the Oculus DK1 in early 2014, I felt like I was entering a whole new world. Virtual reality is almost completely deprived of your vision, for you to create a new visual world."

Zhang Fan believes that the new experience brought about by the VR game, gamers have been dreaming of. From then on, he firmly believes that the virtual reality game must be the future, and determined to enter the industry.

in the early stages of entrepreneurship, Zhang Fan has a 2 years of polishing the backroom game team, and in the game design has been recognized by the market, has accumulated some funds. Chen Sheng, co-founder of the original 2K Games game producer, is a pioneer in the virtual reality industry, led by a complete game team.

Chen was found at the end of Zhang Fan’s team hopes to cooperate, so the two teamed up, production + design, online + line, and in the end of 2014 the establishment of the culture of heaven.

days home culture core team

day house culture positioning is to do fine game development. "Because the virtual reality game player need to build a world, if not real, it lost the meaning of virtual reality. So we have been concerned about the flow of the game and the screen effect, we must give players a comfortable experience." Zhang Fan said.

at present, the main product is the day to culture VR the room crying Doll "puzzles", mainly occurred in a villa in the anecdotes. The reason in the VR game selection starting from the chamber puzzle Zhang Fan attributed to three reasons:

is first designed to fit. Because the vertigo problem of virtual reality can not solve the puzzle in the short term, "

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