Yung iunin communication completed 70 million C round of financing

5, today’s corporate communications cloud service providers Yung iunin communication announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing. By the A round investors Sequoia Capital Chinese fund collar vote again, B round of investment capital letter Zhi and international strategic investors with new investment. Yi Kai capital as exclusive financial advisor to the transaction.


for the current round of financing, Ronglian founder Sun Changxun said, will continue to polish cloud communications platform, increase product development and innovation, strengthen the products and technical services on competitive advantage, and actively carry out business extension, the layout of Corporate Communications ecosystem, at the same time, Ronglian also will begin to focus on overseas markets, providing cloud services for global communication enterprise.

Yung iunin communication was established in 2009, is an enterprise messaging cloud service providers, focus on enterprises and developers to provide convenient, professional and stable communication services. 2013 Ronglian Sequoia Capital A round of investment in January 2015, loved the letter capital $15 million B round of financing. At present, Yung iunin communication platform has already accumulated more than 200 thousand developers and 5 enterprise customers, covering O2O, online education, medical, financial, Internet operators, enterprises, games, electricity providers, enterprise IT systems, logistics and other fields and industries.

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