Several points of using blog to promote website

blog promotion is important, of course, is very important, blog promotion has become a free network promotion method is an essential means of promotion, but to do a good job is not easy to promote blog. Small left contact network promotion work from the blog, can be said to promote the blog or some feelings. Today, I put myself in the blog to promote the summary of some tips to share with you, please also a lot of pointing!

I will blog is divided into two types: one is the independent blog, such as small left blog, this blog is to program, domain name, space set up to run; the other is BSP such as Sina blog, blog, blog bus, and the blog, the blog free only need to register a user name can have also, as a carrier to promote your blog need most. To do blog promotion need to meet the following 3 important conditions:

first, select the blog platform

recently there are 1 plus network promotion QQ group of friends asked why I built the blog no one to see, not to mention the comments, and usually spent a lot of time. Small left one asked to know, built around 20 of the blog this friend, are some of the little-known industry blog, the function is very poor, popularity is very low, you say like this blog who want to go to


so, do blog promotion platform selection is also very important. We do not ask for more, only the "fine", "fine" need to study from the blog weight and popularity. According to the observation of the small left, choose a relatively high weight, high popularity of Blog: Sina blog blog, NetEase, Sohu blog, blog, blog, blog bus. If you want to do a good job blog promotion, it is recommended that these platforms have to open blog. Here ignored the Baidu space, because the weight of Baidu space really do not dare to compliment, but also often sealed space.

second, determine the blog location

blog positioning is to build what kind of blog, a lot of friends will think of building the same name as the site or the same name of the company blog, this idea is right. But in order to promote the blog to do better, build product blog, third party blog is very important, in particular, can build a blog of the third party to create Star characters can achieve the desired effect. For example, you are the promotion of the virtual host, if you build a virtual host expert blog, dedicated to the needs of the virtual host virtual host friends to provide related answering service, the experts into the star of the industry, recommend your virtual machine sales at the appropriate time, many believe fans will rush to buy, because the expert recommended from here, these people are very believe.

if you usually pay attention to observe, like Sina blog third party blog is very much. Frankly, the third party blog content is some soft accumulation, but this is the most easy to please blog users, because users feel this is very close to them, do not have to come so hard advertising directly, so cruel.

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