Press release: UK and USA agree to continue Mutual Recognition Agreement

first_imgThe US is already our largest trading partner outside the EU. Trade between the two countries was worth £184 billion in the year ending Q3 2018 (ONS). The US is also the single biggest source of inward investment into the UK.The UK is prioritising a new Free Trade Agreement with the US after we leave the EU, and we will publish our response to the public consultations about our negotiation approach shortly.The UK and US have also signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement on Marine Equipment (MRA) today. This will provide continuity of the effect of the EU-US Marine Equipment MRA when the EU-US agreement ceases to apply to the UK. This means that marine equipment manufacturers will continue only to need certification in one jurisdiction before being able to legally place their equipment on both markets and on board both UK and US flagged vessels. An arrangement which helps boost British trade with the US will continue when the UK leaves the European Union, supporting jobs in both countries.The Mutual Recognition Agreement on Conformity Assessment (MRA) was signed by Her Majesty’s Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch and Deputy United States Trade Representative C.J. Mahoney in Washington today (Thursday 14 February).The agreement will maintain all relevant aspects of the current EU-US MRA when the EU-US agreement ceases to apply to the UK. It helps facilitate goods trade between the two nations and means UK exporters can continue to ensure goods are compliant with technical regulations before they depart the UK, saving businesses time, money and resources. American exporters to the UK benefit in the same way.Total UK-US trade in sectors covered by the deal is worth up to £12.8 billion, based on recent average trade flows. Of this, the UK exports covered are worth an estimated £8.9 billion- more than a fifth of total UK goods exports to the US. Today’s signing marks a crucial step in the important trading relationship between the UK and America, the world’s largest economy.The agreement benefits a range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals account for around £7.7 billion of UK exports to the US – nearly 18% of total UK goods exports to the US. Other industries that will benefit include the tech sector and telecommunications equipment suppliers.Similar agreements have been signed in recent weeks with Australia and New Zealand, ensuring continuity and safeguarding revenues for British businesses and consumers.International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox said: This is a positive step to enable trade continuity with the biggest tech market in the world. Manufacturers value the current agreement so it is very good news that they won’t now have to seek costly alternative arrangements to get approval for products used in high-end manufacturing, smart electronics and consumer devices. Ensuring stability in this type of agreement is a strong starting point for the UK as we develop trade links with the USA as part of the Government’s support for a new and proactive trade agenda. This agreement has been welcomed by techUK, who represent more than 900 companies and around 700,000 employees in the UK tech sector.CEO of techUK, Julian David, said: Dr Richard Torbett, Executive Director of Commercial Policy: UK and International, at The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry said: Finalising this MRA provides UK pharmaceutical companies with business continuity by streamlining regulatory processes between the UK and USA post Brexit. The UK and the US are the strongest of trading partners and this agreement will allow British and American businesses to keep trading as freely as they do today, without additional bureaucracy. Our top priority is ensuring continuity for businesses as we leave the European Union and we are signing other agreements in the days and weeks ahead. We look forward to sitting down at the negotiating table with the Americans after we leave the European Union to strike an ambitious new free trade agreement.last_img read more

How has Covid-19 outbreak changed shopping habits?

first_imgKatie Prowse, Insights manager at HIM MCA, looks at how the coronavirus outbreak has altered consumer attitudes to online grocery shopping and delivery. “After two months of strict lockdown, consumers have adapted to new lifestyles and routines, developing a taste for scratch cooking, recipe boxes and grocery delivery.Home delivery has been pivotal throughout the quarantine period, as unprecedented levels of demand have seen grocery multiples, convenience operators and wholesalers ramp up their capabilities through staff recruitment, adaptations to business models and partnerships with third-party delivery firms.The switch from in-store to online grocery delivery has been particularly strong with older consumers – from a lower base pre-coronavirus* – who have traditionally been more reluctant to adopt delivery due to key barriers, including the technological and digital payment elements of the process. However, this demographic has been quick to adapt to delivered grocery throughout lockdown with 31% of over-75s ordering groceries online more frequently than before.More generally, consumers across all age groups have largely embraced the delivered grocery retail channel, with 29% shopping in this channel for food and drink more frequently throughout lockdown*. Some 20% expect to continue shopping more frequently this way after lockdown is lifted.Maintaining new users will be a key opportunity going forwards and consumer groups who have tapped into delivery, alongside better-quality ranges and more focused offers, will be key levers.Beyond core meals, on-demand convenience presents a wider opportunity for the food and drink supply chain. Delivery operators including Deliveroo and Uber Eats have increased partnerships throughout the past few months with many retailers, with on-demand grocery delivery especially suited to categories such as confectionery, alcohol and crisps and snacks.HIM MCA expects a permanent shift to grocery delivery in future. In the shorter term, a continued boost will be influenced, in part, by risk aversion and the threat of re-infection as shoppers continue limiting social contact.Longer term, as the UK faces a recession, maintaining loyalty will be crucial, as previous recessions have shown increased omnichannel shopping. Businesses should evaluate home delivery capabilities and the opportunities that consumer recessionary behaviours, including scratch cooking and limited out-of-home spending, bring to at-home markets.”*HIM MCA Recovery Report 2020last_img read more

Celebrating Levon Helm’s Birthday With Classic Footage Of The Band’s ‘The Last Waltz’

first_imgIt would be another few years before The Band officially formed, as a number of lineup changes and Dylan’s retraction from the public eye forced his backing musicians to regroup. When they released Music From The Big Pink in 1968, The Band became an overnight sensation. They would go on to release 10 albums in their career, but perhaps none of their work is more recognizable than their final performance, The Last Waltz.With guest appearances from Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Van Morrison, Paul Butterfield and more, The Last Waltz would be the final performance from the original configuration of the Band. Helm maintained an active musical career throughout his entire life thereafter, even winning a couple of Grammy awards in the 2000’s for work on his solo and live albums.With Levon Helm on our mind, we hope you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some pristine footage from The Band’s The Last Waltz, below:Setlist:0:00:00 – Introduction / Up on Cripple Creek0:05:54 – Shape I’m In0:10:15 – It Makes No Difference0:17:28 – Life Is A Carnival0:22:50 – This Wheel’s On Fire0:27:24 – The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show0:31:18 – Georgia On My Mind0:35:02 – Ophelia0:39:15 – King Harvest (Has Surely Come)0:43:24 – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down0:48:13 – Rag Mama Rag0:52:33 – Introduction / Who Do You Love (with Ronnie Hawkins)0:57:47 – Such A Night (with Dr. John)1:03:01 – Down South in New Orleans (with Dr. John)1:06:34 – Mystery Train (with Paul Butterfield)1:13:29 – Caledonia (with Muddy Waters)1:21:20 – Mannish Boy (with Muddy Waters)1:28:00 – All Our Past Times (with Eric Clapton)1:33:35 – Further On Up The Road (with Eric Clapton)1:39:10 – Helpless (with Neil Young)1:46:00 – Four Strong Winds (with Neil Young)1:50:24 – Coyote (with Joni Mitchell)1:57:01 – Shadows And Light (with Joni Mitchell)2:02:36 – Furry Sings The Blues (with Joni Mitchell)2:07:46 – Dry Your Eyes (with Neil Diamond)2:12:08 – Tura Lura Lural (with Van Morrison)2:16:13 – Caravan (with Van Morrison)2:22:05 – Acadian Driftwood (with Joni Mitchell and Neil Young)2:29:18 – Poem (Emmett Grogan)2:30:19 – Poem (Hell’s Angel Sweet William)2:34:05 – JOY! (Lenore Kandel)2:35:27 – Prologue to The Canterbury Tales (Michael McClure)2:36:55 – Get Yer Cut Throat Off My Knife / Revolutionary Letter #4 (Diane DiPrima)2:39:51 – Transgressing The Real (Robert Duncan)2:41:44 – Poem (Freewheelin Frank Reynolds)2:42:55 – The Lord’s Prayer (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)2:44:05 – Genetic Method2:51:04 – Chest Fever2:56:28 – The Last Waltz Suite: Evangeline3:02:30 – The Weight3:07:23 – Baby Let Me Follow You Down (with Bob Dylan)3:10:36 – Hazel (with Bob Dylan)3:14:32 – I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (with Bob Dylan)3:19:29 – Forever Young (with Bob Dylan)3:25:09 – Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) (with Bob Dylan)3:28:35 – Everyone Comes Onstage3:31:41 – I Shall Be Released (with Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr & Ron Wood)3:36:27 – Instrumental Jam 1 (The Band with friends)3:47:50 – Instrumental Jam 2 (The Band with friends)4:05:49 – Don’t Do It4:12:51 – Bill Graham OutroPersonnel:The Band:Rick Danko – bass, fiddle, vocals / Levon Helm – drums, mandolin, vocals / Garth Hudson – organ, piano, accordion, synthesizers, soprano saxophone, violin / Richard Manuel – piano, organ, drums, clavinet, dobro, vocals / Robbie Robertson – guitar, piano, vocalsHorn Section:Richard Cooper – trumpet, flugelhorn / James Gordon – flute, tenor saxophone, clarinet / Jerry Hay – trumpet, flugelhorn / Howard Johnson – tuba, baritone saxophone, flugelhorn, bass clarinet / Charlie Keagle – clarinet, flute, saxophone / Tom Malone – trombone, euphonium, alto flute[Video/Setlist courtesy of The Band On MV/YouTube] One of the most iconic vocalists to ever grace the stage, Levon Helm was a driving force behind some of The Band’s greatest music. On what would have been Helm’s 76th birthday, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate the great drummer’s life.Helm was inspired by bluegrass legend Bill Monroe to become a musician at the age of six, and his family fortunately supported that decision. He would join Ronnie Hawkins’ backing band in the late 1950s at the age of 18, splitting time between performances and high school. By bringing in folks like Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and more, Helm’s musical universe greatly expanded. When Bob Dylan asked the band to back him, his universe expanded even wider.last_img read more

How PowerEdge is Powering Our Customers

first_imgWhat truly drives us is learning about the innovative ways that customers use PowerEdge servers to succeed in a continuously evolving digital world. At Dell EMC, we love to learn first-hand how they’re modernizing their infrastructure, rolling out new services and experiencing an IT Transformation across so many different industries.These are a few of the most innovative PowerEdge customers we’ve visited this year.RyanairRyanair has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years to become the largest airline in Europe. Their goal is to become the main destination for end-to-end travel planning, offering flights, hotel rooms or holiday packages for business and pleasure. To build an infrastructure that could keep pace with the convenience of one-stop travel sites, they underwent a multi-year IT transformation impacting all facets of the business.To capture revenue beyond commoditized ticket sales, the company built an entirely new production website. Using a PowerEdge-based platform, developers are able to quickly build and roll out new applications and services for an entirely new customer experience. The improved Ryanair site now provides rapid response times, 100 percent uptime, and drives 98 percent of annual revenue.OTTO Motors OTTO Motors is building autonomous self-driving vehicles to handle some of the world’s deadliest, dirtiest, and dullest jobs.In their Ontario testing lab, OTTO self-driving vehicles independently move around the floor to generate internal maps — often while carrying and delivering heavy loads throughout the facility. Programmers can change code on the fly to direct OTTO to a new route based on real-time analytics. In the real world, you can find OTTO self-driving vehicles helping repair centers to improve material flow, and keeping workers safer by doing the heavy lifting for them.OTTO Motors uses Dell EMC PowerEdge servers as the foundation for their design, testing, and production environments, allowing them to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. PowerEdge servers are especially useful for OTTO’s custom-built data analytics platform, which processes and analyzes massive amounts of data. The system can detect a problem, automatically align it with every other known occurrence, and push an automated workflow to a developer’s desktop within seconds.Hampshire Fire and RescueNeil Moore, Head of Digital Technologies, for Hampshire Fire and Rescue sat down with us at VMworld Barcelona to discuss their IT Transformation. As first responders, Hampshire Fire and Rescue needs to connect more people in more places easily and quickly. That’s why they needed a smart, always-on infrastructure that can easily support new services, and respond to multiple calls while pulling detailed location data within seconds. With Dell EMC PowerEdge as the bedrock of their data center, they’ve met all of these challenges and can take on new services with ease. This resilient infrastructure allows Hampshire Fire and Rescue to focus on their main goal: keeping their community safe. learn about how PowerEdge can power your IT transformation, visit more customer stories, and to share your own, connect with us on Twitter @DellEMCServers.last_img read more

Student senate passes constitutional amendment to simplify procedure

first_imgFollowing an all-student government retreat before the start of the school year, the Notre Dame student senate formally met Wednesday for the first time this academic year.Student body vice president Becca Blais opened the conversation with the introduction of an amendment to the student union constitution. “[The amendment] essentially suspends some of the more cumbersome parts of parliamentary procedure … essentially, it gives me the opportunity to use discretion when using parliamentary procedure, thus sort of streamlining the entire senate process,” Blais said. Blais said the suggestion resulted from discussions she had this summer with members of student senate. “What’s happened in the past is that some people in the past have learned it really well and used it against people who don’t know it really well, which has silenced discussion because the people that did know it well would be able to shut down those that didn’t with the rules,” she said. Parliamentarian Monica Montgomery said she would closely monitor the utilization of parliamentary procedure, even with the passage of the amendment. “If I do see that people are being silenced, or it’s getting out of control, you know, I think it would be beneficial to keep it condensed,” Montgomery said. McGlinn Hall senator Maria Palazzolo echoed their sentiments. “I think this is a good idea, because parliamentary procedure really has basically held back some of our meetings, so overall this seems like a good idea,” Palazzo said. “I think because a lot of us are new, it could really streamline things, which would additionally be beneficial.”Senate approved the amendment, with one abstention. Additionally, Flaherty Hall senator Jade Martinez was nominated to the position of Campus Life Council (CLC) liaison.“I like the idea of having really close contact with the powerful people who do things,” Martinez said. “The CLC discusses some really important topics … on campus.”Student body president Corey Robinson said the CLC is important in getting initiatives passed up to the administration.“If anything is passed in the CLC, Erin Hoffmann Harding has to look at it and respond within seven days, which is pretty big,” Robinson said. Martinez was unanimously confirmed, and said she was excited about the opportunity. “I’m excited to talk about sexual assault prevention and how that’s handled, and overall, just campus safety,” Martinez said. Tags: Campus Life Council, constitution, student senatelast_img read more

Jamestown Rebels Announce Main Camp

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) File image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Rebels have announced the dates and location of their 2020 Main Hockey Camp.The camp, scheduled for July 13-16, will take place in Erie, Pennsylvania at the Erie Bank Sports Complex.The camp would normally take place at the Northwest Arena in Jamestown, but the arena remains closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.Nonetheless, Head Coach Joe Coombs is still expecting a great camp, and has high  expectations for the team heading into the upcoming season. The Main Camp is scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m. on Monday July 13th, with games running  through Thursday the 16th, concluding with an All-Star game at 9:30 a.m. on the final day of camp. Additional camp information will be released closer to the start of Main Camp.Last week the North American Hockey League announced the plan to have a 2020-2021 hockey season, though acknowledge that a lot is still up in the air due to the pandemic. The season could be delayed a few weeks according to the NAHL.last_img read more

Comments sought on cleanup plan for Burlington’s Pine Street Canal Superfund site

first_img(Boston, Mass. ‘ July 13, 2011) ‘ This summer, EPA will be continuing its work at the Pine Street Canal Superfund Site in Burlington, by gathering public input on plans to enhance part of the site’s remedy and by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the cleanup.From July 14 to Aug. 15, 2011, EPA will be seeking public input on recommended modifications to the site’s underwater cap.  The existing underwater cap is meant to hold contaminated groundwater and coal tar in place to prevent contamination from moving towards Lake Champlain.  Groundwater monitoring has been conducted since the remedy was selected in 1998 to ensure that contamination does not migrate beyond the Pine Street Canal site. For nearly ten years, the plume of contaminated groundwater beneath the Site was stable. However, since 2008, increases in benzene concentrations in groundwater samples have been detected, along with the intermittent presence of accumulations of coal tar, in several monitoring wells on the lake side of the canal.  These findings indicate that additional containment is necessary. EPA is proposing to enhance the existing remedy by adding a vertical barrier below the ground surface at the northwestern corner of the Site between the canal and bike path.  The vertical barrier will intercept the flow of contaminated groundwater to the lake.  Recovery wells will also be installed at strategic locations to allow for the removal of coal tar, as necessary, so that it does not migrate around or below the vertical barrier.  The details of EPA’s recommendation  are presented  in a document called an ‘Explanation of Significant Differences’ (ESD), which  describes the actions EPA and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC) believe are necessary to prevent the release of contaminants to Lake Champlain. The draft Explanation of Significant Differences can be found on EPA’s website at is external)Also this summer, EPA will be conducting its second comprehensive evaluation’also called a five-year review’of the cleanup.  This review is repeated every five years at sites where a remedy has been implemented but some waste remains and use of the site is restricted.  This review process ensures that the remedy, as implemented, continues to protect public health and the environment.  As part of the review, EPA will talk with Burlington officials and citizens, including members of the Pine Street Barge Canal Coordinating Council to gain a better understanding of local concerns. EPA expects to complete the five-year review process later this year, and will issue a report summarizing its findings, including a determination whether the cleanup remains protective of human health and the environment. The first five-year review was conducted in 2006, and the findings resulted in the replacement of part of the original sand with a cap using a reactive core mat in a portion of the canal in 2010. Site Background: A manufactured gas plant operated at the Pine Street Canal site from 1895 to 1966. Operations at the plant included on-site disposal of wastes from the gasification process, including coal tars. Manufactured gas wastes were placed in and migrated to a canal on the site, which had been built in the mid-1800’s to serve lumber yards in the area.A remedy to remove coal tar and place excavated contaminated sediments into a disposal facility to be constructed on the site was proposed by EPA in 1992, and withdrawn six months later, due to considerable community opposition to the proposal. From 1994-1998, companies responsible for the contamination conducted additional studies under the oversight of EPA, VT DEC and the Pine Street Barge Canal Coordinating Council, a citizen’s advisory group. In 1998, the Coordinating Council recommended constructing a cap over contaminated sediments in the canal and nearby wetlands, and restoring the wetlands, to address t ecological risks at the site.EPA adopted the recommendation of the Coordinating Council and issued a ‘Record of Decision’ in 1998 that called for capping the contaminated sediment and soil in the canal and adjacent wetlands to address risk to ecological receptors; the imposition of land use restrictions on the site to prevent migration or unacceptable human exposure to contaminants; wetlands restoration; and long term monitoring, including groundwater monitoring.Construction of the underwater cap was completed in March 2003. In the summer of 2004, the cap was further extended over a portion of the cribbing on the western bank of the canal.  After oily sheens and globules of coal tar were observed floating on the surface water at the southern end of the canal in 2005,the parties responsible for the implementation of the cleanup conducted additional studies  under the supervision of EPA and VT DEC.  These studies concluded that contamination was migrating upwards through the underwater sand cap and into the water in the canal when gas bubbles were released from the peat below the cap during warm weather. In 2009, after a public comment period, EPA issued an ESD requiring the replacement of part of  the sand cap with a reactive core map.  Construction of the amended cap was completed in 2010.  More information:All EPA documents and background on Pine Street Canal Superfund Site: is external) last_img read more

Rohr backs Osimhen for future Man Utd switch

first_img Promoted ContentYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?Which Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Top 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them12 Flicks That Almost Ended Their Stars’ Careers5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks Read Also: Ex-Eagles manager urges Ighalo to extend Man United loan stayRohr who is currently in France with his family has now backed his first-choice striker to be a success at United and insisted the 21-year-old have the qualities to be a success in the premier league.The Franco-German also advised the former Wolfsburg forward to remain humble and continue working on his development with Lille.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Osimhen is the hottest Nigerian forward in Europe this season and has been linked with a potential move to the record English champions next summer.The Nigerian forward is only in his first season with the Christopher Galtier’s tutored Lille but has impressed the whole of Europe after scoring 19 goals in 34 appearances for the club.Osimhen has also scored four goals for the Super Eagles in eight appearances under Gernot Rohr, including three at the ongoing 2021 African cup of Nations qualifier. Loading… Super Eagles manager Gernot Rohr is backing  Victor Osimhen to be a success at Manchester United if he eventually makes he switch to the Premier League.Advertisementlast_img read more

Europa League: UEFA name Dutch ref for Sevilla vs Inter final

first_imgUEFA announced in an official statement that Dutchman Danny Makkelie will be the referee of the Europa League final as Sevilla and Inter Milan go for the top prize on Friday. UEFA also confirmed that the assistant referees will be Mario Diks and Hessel Steegstra (both from Holland) while the fourth official is Anastasios Sidiropolous from Greece. The VAR is Jochem Kamphuis of Holland while the AVARs will be Kevin Blom (Holland) and Pawel Gil (Poland). Tomasz Sololnicki of Poland will be AVAR3 and be in charge of drawing the offside lines. Read Also: Bayern current squad better than 2013 treble heroes, says Neuer Referee Makkelie has officiated seven Champions League games and the Europa League clash between Bayer Leverkusen and Rangers. It will be his first ever Europa League final. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Advertisement Loading… Promoted Content10 Places On Our Planet Where The Most People LiveThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art7 Actors Who Quit Movies For Shocking ReasonsA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This Day7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The WorldWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth20 “The Big Bang Theory” Moments Only A Few Fans Knew Aboutlast_img read more

Dulin scores second straight Stock Car win at Maquoketa

first_imgVis sped from the tail to second, but pulled to the infield with issues late in the race. Dulin took the lead from Jimmy Comins on lap six as the top six all were within a few car lengths. “The track is fast and this car really stuck,” Dulin said in Hoker Trucking/C&W Trucking /Kam Wraps Victory Lane. “We knew Dustin (Vis) would be coming and we’re sorry he broke, but it’s always fun to race here and especially win.” Terry Dulin raced through the GRE / REV Chassis IMCA Stock Car field Saturday evening at Maquo­keta Speedway and picked up his second consecutive 15-lap victory. MAQUOKETA, Iowa (May 4) – The streak has started. Action continues on the 3/8-mile, dirt oval this Saturday, May 11, highlighted by the Andover Meat IMCA Late Models season opener. Jeff Larson started seventh, used both the high and low grooves, and pointed the way in the IMCA Modified 20-lap feature. By Rob Hinckley Dakota Simonsen won his second career Shawn’s Auto Service IMCA Hobby Stock 15-lap main, but his first in two years. Tyler Soppe made the late race pass on Justin Becker to win the B&D Pit Stop IMCA Northern SportMod 15-lap finale. last_img read more