Province Consulting on New Immigration Stream

first_img FOR BROADCAST: The province is consulting with immigrant and business organizations to help attract more immigrant entrepreneurs to Nova Scotia. The Office of Immigration will use the input to implement a new option under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program for people who want to settle and establish their own business in the province. The entrepreneur stream is expected to be launched in the spring and will replace the economic category of the nominee program. A discussion paper is available on the Office of Immigration website at w-w-w dot nova-scotia-immigration dot com . Written submissions will be accepted until March 31st. -30- The province is consulting with immigrant and business organizations to help attract more entrepreneurs to Nova Scotia. The Office of Immigration will use the input to implement a new entrepreneur stream under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. It will also use information gathered about similar streams in other jurisdictions. The stream is for people who want to settle and establish their own business in the province. It is expected to be launched in the spring. “Attracting immigrants who want to settle in Nova Scotia and invest in their own businesses here increases the likelihood that they can and will stay in the province,” said Elizabeth Mills, executive director of the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. Implementation of the new stream will honour the government’s commitment to introduce an entrepreneurial category as outlined in the province’s immigration strategy. A discussion paper is available on the Office of Immigration website at Individuals can make written submissions by March 31. The entrepreneur stream will replace the economic stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. The province stopped accepting applications through the economic stream in July 2006. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program enables the province to recruit and nominate immigrants who can help meet Nova Scotia’s labour market and economic needs. An individual nominated by the province, together with his or her spouse and dependent children, is eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the federal department responsible for immigration. Potential immigrants can apply for permanent residency through four other active streams within the nominee program: skilled worker, community identified, family business worker and international graduate.last_img read more

Who said what about the Liberals decision to go ahead with Trans

first_imgOTTAWA — There was swift reaction Tuesday to the decision by the Trudeau Liberals to give the go-ahead to the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion. Here is what federal, provincial and Indigenous leaders, as well various groups had to say:“Fundamentally, this isn’t a choice between producing more conventional energy or less. It’s a choice about where we can sell it and how we get it there safely. We strongly believe that having more options and more markets puts Canada in a stronger, strategic position to create good middle-class jobs and invest in our shared future. That is why we made today’s decision.” — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—“We all knew he was going to approve it. What Canadians were hoping for today was a clear timeline for construction to start and he failed to be able to tell Canadians on what date construction would actually start.” — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer—“This is deeply concerning particularly given that those environmental concerns aren’t addressed still … and finally because the Indigenous concerns that were raised are still present.” — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh—“This second approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline isn’t a victory to celebrate. It’s just another step in a process that has frankly taken too long.” — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney—“Although I regret the federal government’s decision, it’s within their authority to make that decision.” — B.C. Premier John Horgan—“They will build a pipeline to blow through our Paris targets, use our own money to do it, and then try to trick us by saying every dollar made on this project … is going to go to clean-energy projects.” — Green Leader Elizabeth May—“It’s clear First Nations have different positions on this project, but they all stand firm that their rights be respected and their traditional territories be protected. Only First Nations can determine if those conditions are met.” — Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde —“After all the debates, reviews, hearings and court challenges, only one thing remains: build it now.” — Goldy Hyder, president and CEO, Business Council of Canada —“The federal decision to buy the pipeline and become the owner makes it impossible to make an unbiased decision. … We will be appealing the decision to the Federal Court of Appeal.” — Chief Leah George-Wilson, Tsleil-Waututh First Nation—“We’ve learned that approved is not built. What we need now is a concrete plan to get TMX and other trade-enabling infrastructure built without unnecessary legal delays.” — Aaron Henry, director of environmental and resources policy, Canadian Chamber of Commerce—“This is far from a done deal. First Nations and Canadian environmentalists will continue to fight this project and their international allies will support them in whatever way they can.” — Patrick McCully, climate and energy program director, Rainforest Action Network—“In order for taxpayers to be made whole for being forced to pay for the purchase and expansion of Trans Mountain, it is imperative that the Trudeau government ensure construction gets underway as soon as possible.” — Aaron Wudrick, federal director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation—“For the Trudeau government to approve this pipeline after declaring a climate emergency makes about as much sense as pouring gasoline on a burning fire.” — Mike Hudema, climate and energy campaigner, Greenpeace Canada—“The federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is a positive step toward further hydrocarbon development in Canada. However, the project still faces significant political, regulatory, and judicial challenges, and ultimately we see a tremendous amount of execution risk up until the oil starts flowing.” — Gavin MacFarlane, vice-president, Moody’s Investors Service—“More tanker traffic, increased noise and the possibility of a marine oil spill with devastating consequences for the West Coast remain concerning. One spill could spell the end of endangered orca and salmon, as well as harming bird populations.” — Jay Ritchlin, Western Canada director, David Suzuki FoundationThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

North American stock markets push higher loonie also gains ground

first_imgTORONTO – North American stock markets pushed higher Friday as a broad-based rally helped lift Canada’s main stock index.The S&P/TSX composite index was up 130.28 points to 15,638.45. A surging energy sector led the advance.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 347.51 points to 25,309.99. The S&P 500 index was up 43.34 points to 2,747.30 and the Nasdaq composite index was up 127.30 points to 7,337.39.“The market is benefiting from the fact that as we’ve gotten through this February flop we’ve had a return to rationality and a focus on fundamentals,” said Jamie Robertson, managing director of the portfolio solutions group at Manulife Asset Management. “I think the market’s appetite for volatility is exhausted.”The tumult that saw global equity markets begin to fall at the beginning of February was triggered by U.S. jobs data that showed wages grew more than anticipated, raising worries that signs of higher inflation might push the U.S. Federal Reserve to increase interest rates more quickly. Markets have since bounced back but have been at the mercy of investor’s changing opinions day-to-day on inflation and the Fed.Higher yields generally hurt stock prices by making bonds more appealing to investors.A continued pullback in bond yields from the four-year highs reached earlier this week likely also gave equity investors a shot of confidence on Friday. The yield on U.S. 10-year Treasury notes fell to 2.87 per cent.In currency markets, the Canadian dollar reversed its week-long slide, closing at an average trading value of 78.94 cents US, up 0.26 of a U.S. cent.Robertson attributed the correction to a more positive outlook for oil, as the April crude contract rose 78 cents to US$63.55 per barrel.“The Canadian dollar is always a push and pull between interest rates and oil prices,” he said.Elsewhere in commodities, the April natural gas contract was down two cents at US$2.66 per mmBTU.The April gold contract was down US$2.40 to US$1,330.30 an ounce and the March copper contract was down three cents to US$3.21 a pound.last_img read more

Moroccan Woman Poses in Selfies with Protesting Anti-Islam Group

Rabat – Moroccan Zakia Belkhiri’s selfies in front of an anti-Islam protest of a far-right nationalist group in Belgium has gone viral with tens of thousands of likes and shares across social media.Last week, about 40 members of Vlaams Belang, a far-right Belgian political party, showed up to protest the third annual Muslim Expo, a festival celebrating Muslim culture, held in Antwerp, Belgium.While the protestors chanted their anti-Islam slogans, a young girl originally from Morocco posed in front of the group to take selfies. The Moroccan young woman managed to successfully steal the spotlight, with some of the anti-Islam protestors reportedly entertained by the way she was taking selfies. Photographer Jurgen Augusteyns captured photos of her doing so.When Belkhiri left the annual Muslim Expo, she started to take photos of herself under signs that read “no headscarves”, “no mosques”, and “stop Islam”.She told BBC Trending she took the photos “to show that things can be different. And that we can live together, not next to each other but with each other.”She said her selfies had not been a form of counter-protest, and she just wanted to “share joy and peace”.The Moroccan activist was immediately labeled as a “herald of peace” – a true hero “fighting against islamophobia with humor, love and selfies.” She was put on a pedestal as an “icon for tolerance”, and the selfie considered as the perfect cure against discrimination.Some sources claim that Bilkhiri went to stay with family in Morocco until “the storm has blown over.”According to BBC, the recent bombings at the Brussels airport resulted in an increase in support for far-right groups. read more

Residents of Greeleyarea mobile home park feel abandoned

GREELEY, Colo. — Steve Spencer has lived in the Hill-N-Park subdivision in unincorporated Weld County on and off since he was 16.At 42, Spencer is thinking about moving his family after issues in the subdivision have become too much.Imagined as a master-planned community south of the city limits of Greeley and adjacent to Evans, the majority of Hill-N-Park was built out from 1966 to1973.Residents were attracted to the idea of getting away from city life and the higher taxes that come with it. And while the plan was a mix of modular and site-built homes, most lots filled with mobile and modular residences. Unlike many mobile home parks, the subdivision was unique in that most of the lots were owner-occupied, not rentals.Attracted by the opportunity to own the land under an affordable home, as well as the good condition of the subdivision at the time, Spencer’s father moved into a modular home in Hill-N-Park in 1980. Spencer said he used to feel some pride in his community, but it’s fallen with lapses in the economy over the years from which the subdivision’s residents never seem to recover.Many residents are on disability and make low incomes, making it difficult to keep the neighbourhood spick and span and even more difficult to advocate for their needs. As a result, residents feel abandoned by local officials.“We’re pretty much the red-headed stepchild of Greeley, Evans and Weld,” said 52-year-old resident John Dyer. “We’re unincorporated Weld County; we’ve got a Greeley address and water from Evans.”___ISOLATIONResidents have pushed to get a bus stop for the subdivision, but they’ve been unsuccessful and largely remain isolated. The only roads entering and exiting the subdivision are to the south, away from commercial developments in Greeley and Evans. Residents often walk along 49th Street south of the subdivision, hiking or hitchhiking their way into town. With no sidewalks along the street, this can be a hazard to both pedestrians and drivers.The subdivision has a convenience store and gas station, called Our Little Store, at the southwest corner. With typical convenience store pricing and a limited selection, residents don’t get much use out of the store, preferring to go in town to shop.The issue of isolation is a familiar one to residents like 79-year-old Bill Long, who’s lived at Hill-N-Park since 1972. Even though he hasn’t personally had a transportation challenge — owning a reliable vehicle — Long said he’d like to see bus service, even if a bus stopped only once in the morning and once in the afternoon.Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said residents came to a commissioners’ meeting about 2014 to express their concerns about the lack of transportation. Conway worked with Greeley-Evans Transit and North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization to meet with residents and identify possible solutions.With a price tag of several tens of thousands of dollars, a bus route wasn’t feasible, Conway said. Five years later, the talks are ongoing, he said. But they haven’t yet materialized into a solution, and many residents continue to struggle with the area’s isolation.Dyer’s neighbour struggled with the lack of bus service this past year, when her child was suspended from the school district’s buses for three days, and the neighbour didn’t have a car to drive the student to school.Even with a car, navigating Hill-N-Park streets can be dangerous in the winter. Most of the roads are on a hill, including two downward sloping roads that meet at a corner. No one salts the roads, making driving on the snowy roads all the more risky. Dyer said he’s seen one street sweeper in his entire time living at the subdivision.___STRUGGLING WITH RISING COSTSLife in Hill-N-Park has become more expensive in recent years, as both taxes and water costs have risen. Dyer, whose said his property taxes recently went up by more than 40%, said those rising costs are making life even more difficult for Hill-N-Park residents.“Some folks out here are barely getting by,” he said.And some aren’t, he said. Dyer recounted a household that took to shutting off their power and gas for an extended time. They cooked on a barbecue throughout the summer, saving money for utilities in the cold winters instead.As of late August, three modular homes in the subdivision listed for sale as pre-foreclosures.And the rising costs aren’t helping. Spencer, like most in the subdivision, chose to stop watering his lawn after his water bill went up. City of Evans officials recently raised the water rates to pay for a wastewater treatment plant replacing a plant wiped out by the 2013 floods. Though plenty of lawns still host towering wildflowers, many of the lawns have yellowed and died.Long said he and his neighbours feel they have no say in the city’s actions, so residents just pay what they’re told to. Though Evans’ boundaries lie to the north, east, west and south of Hill-N-Park, the city has not indicated any interest in annexing the subdivision — a process officials have said would be too costly, citing the need to bring any annexed properties up to the city’s codes.County officials in the past couple years have taken to more strictly enforcing codes, hitting residents with fines for unkempt yards. Dyer understands the need to keep properties clean, but cleaning up a yard can be difficult when managing a household on a low income or working with a disability, he said.Dyer worries that residents could become priced out of the area and sent packing to find affordable homes elsewhere.That increased enforcement, though a sore subject for some who live in Hill-N-Park, was a result of the county’s meetings with those who live in the subdivision, according to Conway.Residents started those conversations by talking about their transportation issues, but it opened up a dialogue about other concerns, Conway said, including a lack of zoning enforcement.To help homeowners avoid those fines, the county organized a couple clean-up days for Hill-N-Park, where officials work to streamline disposal of items that can be difficult to get rid of.To further help owners struggling to make home repairs, Conway said they’re working with the Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity and the Greeley-Weld Housing Authority to explore rehabilitating some properties and doing minor updates. Conway said they collaborated on a similar project in the Glens in southern Weld, a community of seniors in mostly mobile homes.Conway said county officials continue to work on addressing residents’ concerns.“There just isn’t one silver bullet,” he said.___HOME FOR NOWWhile some residents openly acknowledge the subdivision’s issues, many still hold fond feelings for the Hill-N-Park community. Long said he feels the drawbacks are worth the quiet away from city life. Some neighbours do a great job taking care of their properties, he said, and Long doesn’t blame those who are struggling to get by for having a messy yard.For Dyer, being able to step out, sit on his front porch at night and think is a great feature of the area’s stillness. People don’t call to complain if he starts a fire in his backyard, and, without much light pollution in the area, he can look up and see the stars. Neighbours become familiar with one another and keep an eye on each other’s homes.Dyer acknowledged that many of the positives of the community are due to its out-of-town location, leaving residents in the paradoxical situation of wanting some help from local governments, yet appreciating the peace and freedom that comes with the isolation.For others, like Spencer, the challenges of living in Hill-N-Park play into a larger question of whether they see a future in the community. With the state’s more relaxed marijuana laws a concern and Colorado’s rising population driving up housing prices across the state, Spencer said if he leaves Hill-N-Park, he’ll likely leave Colorado altogether.Trevor Reid, The Associated Press read more

With so much at stake in crisistorn South Sudan UN and partners

“There is growing need for humanitarian assistance with displacement, food insecurity, malnutrition, violence and economic decline taking a toll on the health, safety and livelihoods of people in need,” stated Alain Noudéhou, the Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan in a news release issued by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). “Today, we are calling for $1.72 billion to continue providing life-saving assistance and protection for six million people most in need in South Sudan,” he said, emphasizing the plan’s focus on protecting vulnerable groups, especially women and children. Since the conflict in began in December 2013, about four million people have been forced to flee their homes, including nearly 1.9 million internally displaced and about 2.1 million in neighbouring countries. As the conflict continues in parts of the country, hunger and malnutrition rates have risen and, without early actions, thousands of people in multiple areas risk famine.The UN relief wing has more on the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan hereAccording to the South Sudan Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, an earlier than normal start of the lean season will result in an estimated 5.1 million people, or 48 per cent of the population, being classified as severely food insecure between January-March 2018. Moreover, nutrition surveys reveal that approximately half of all South Sudanese children under five experience acute malnutrition. Despite these challenges, the South Sudan humanitarian operation continues to reach millions in need across the country. As of end-November, aid organizations had reached more than five million people since the year began. Mr. Noudéhou thanked South Sudan’s donors, who contributed over 70 per cent of the plan for 2017 and called on all stakeholders to play their roles in alleviating the suffering. He highlighted the enormity of the challenge and the collective efforts for a rigorous prioritization to ensure the effectiveness of the response. “With our collective and coordinated efforts, we will be able to effectively provide much needed assistance to the people in need. Children will remain in school. Many more will survive diseases. Livelihoods and hope will be restored. There is so much at stake,” stressed Mr. Noudéhou. read more

You cant sit here Ohio State honors POWMIA with an empty seat

A sign reading “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN” in front of the POW-MIA seat at Ohio Stadium. Credit: @OhioStAthleticsIt’s a seat, but not any seat. Unlike other seats, which are meant to be sat in, no one will sit in it. Not on Saturday when the Ohio State football team opens its 2016 season against Bowling Green at Ohio Stadium. Not any on Saturday, or the week’s other six days. No, no one will ever sit in this seat, because this seat, it’s more than a seat. The seat is in the first row of section 3AA at the stadium. It’s in that section, surrounded by the some 100,000 frenzied other fans wearing Scarlet and Gray and the usual sliver of opposing fans wearing whatever colors of whatever team they support, that members of the ROTC program at Ohio State, donning their branch’s respective uniforms, sit during football games. This seat, unveiled for the first time Thursday, is black. It’s not for Buckeye fans. It’s not for opposing fans. It’s not for any of us. This stirring black seat is a memorial for the 92,000 American soldiers that are unaccounted since World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars. If looking at the seat from the front, in the upper right-hand corner, it’s marked seat No. 1, for the 92,000. In the middle of the forever-empty seat’s back is the harrowing POW/MIA logo — the silhouette of a man’s head in the foreground, with a guard tower and a barbed-wire fence in the background. The rest of the seats at Ohio Stadium are mostly bleachers. The bottom rung, closest to the green astroturf, are steel gray. The ones beyond that are scarlet. That pattern — rows of gray, rows of scarlet, rows of gray — spiral upward until the stadium stops and the sky begins. Smattered throughout the vast stadium, disrupting that perfect scarlet-and-gray spiral, are scarlet chairs, for the season ticket holders. But on game day, what those seats look like, no one knows; it doesn’t matter. The seats in the stadium, whether it be for the meaningless spring scrimmage, the banal early-season matches versus weaker teams or the wintery late-season contests, are, it seems, always occupied.This POW-MIA seat will remain empty the entire season at Ohio Stadium. Credit: @OhioStAthleticsExcept this black seat will never be occupied. Though it has a backing like the scarlet chairs season-ticket holders sit in, this is quite literally one-of-a-kind. It shall always serve as a reminder that whatever a game’s outcome is, at the end of the day, it’s just sports, which are important, but not that important. On the gray railing in front of the empty black seat is a black rectangular plaque, with a thin-gray trim. In large gray font, it reads: “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.” Below, it continues: “Since World War I, more than 92,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for. This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of these brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made in serving this country. God Bless You. God Bless America.” Sometime around noon on Saturday, the kicker for either Bowling Green or Ohio State will send a football flying through the blue September sky. Well over a 100,000 fans, wearing a collection of scarlet and gray, orange and brown, or their ROTC uniform, will leave their seats, making noise, as the game gets under way.But in the first row of section 3AA, there will be a tiny space where no noise is coming from, near the black seat, in which no one is sitting. read more

Doctors at war over juniors strike plan as royal medical colleges denounce

first_imgShe also threw her weight behind Jeremy Hunt, who has become a hate figure for many opponents of the new contract, calling him as an “excellent Health Secretary”.Describing the new contract as “safe for patients”, Mrs May said: “The Government is putting patients first, the BMA should be putting patients first – not playing politics.”A statement from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said: “We know there are genuine concerns about the contract and working arrangements, but we do not consider the proposed strikes are proportionate.“Five days of strike action, particularly at such short notice, will cause real problems for patients, the service and the profession.”Niall Dickson, chief executive of the doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council, said the strike represented a “serious escalation”.“It is obviously a matter of great concern for everyone, especially for patients, and when so little time has been given for the NHS to make contingency plans,” he said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The medical profession are at war with junior doctors accused of putting patients at risk after confirming a series of monthly five-day strikes running up to Christmas.The leaders of Britain’s royal medical colleges condemned as disproportionate the industrial action announced by the British Medical Association, which will affect an estimated one million appointments and 125,000 operations.The plea to rethink the programme of strikes came as the BMA faced criticism after chairman Mark Porter refused to give details of the vote which authorised the action after initially failing to deny that it was as close as 16-14. Five days of strike action, particularly at such short notice, will cause real problems for patients, the service and the professionAcademy of Medical Royal Colleges Jeremy Hunt decided to impose the contract after the deal was rejected in a referendumCredit:Neil Hall Jeremy Huntcenter_img As well as the September strike, junior doctors will stage a full withdrawal of labour between the hours of 8am and 5pm from 5 to 7th October and on 10th and 11th October, from 14th to 11th November and from 5th to 9th December.The action can proceed without a fresh ballot of junior doctor members, because the decision to stage fresh action falls within the statutory time period since the last ballot in November.Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the strikes were a “disaster for patients” and would cause misery and said it was “odd” that the BMA was now calling threatening to stage the “worst strike in NHS history” in opposition to a deal it previously supported.Yesterday Theresa May made her first intervention in the long-running dispute when she accused junior doctors of “playing politics” with patient safety. It has been reported that only a third of junior doctors were in favour of the current programme of rolling, all-out strikes. Documents leaked to the Daily Mail showed that in a secret ballot earlier in the summer, only 31.5 per cent supported full walkouts.Six strikes have already taken place across England during the lengthy dispute, causing disruption to hundreds of thousands of patients who have had appointments and operations cancelled.In May the Government and BMA achieved a breakthrough agreement the dispute after both sides agreed to a new deal.Then in July, the Government announced it would impose a new contract after junior doctors and medical students voted to reject the contract brokered between health leaders and the BMA.The BMA said it will call off the strikes if the Government agrees to stop the imposition. “We recognise the frustration and alienation of doctors in training and indeed their right to take industrial action.“However, we issued advice earlier in this dispute to senior doctors and doctors and training, and we will now consider wither further guidance is needed.”The GMC guidelines issued in May said that if during a strike NHS employers became concerned for patient safety and asked junior doctors to return to work, then the medics should comply.A GMC spokesman said each individual doctor had a responsibility not to harm the care of their patients regardless of industrial action.Playing down suggestions of a split at the top of the BMA, Dr Porter said:“The council, as is the rest of the BMA, is absolutely behind the decision that has been taken.”There is not a considerable number of members of the council who don’t support this,” he added. The new leader of the BMA junior doctor committee faced criticism for hypocrisy last night, as sources close to the May negations said she had enthusiastically proposed a number of the features of the contract she now opposes.Owen Smith, the Labour leadership contender, yesterday called on Hunt to be “sacked immediately”, and branded him the “worst Health Secretary in the NHS’s history”.“It is simply astounding that on the day Theresa May walked into Number 10 one of the first decisions she made was to keep Jeremy Hunt in post,” he said.Mr Smith, however, refused to reveal whether he supported the strike action announced by the BMA, saying he agreed with the “fundamental right” to strike, adding “this strike doesn’t need to happen.last_img read more

National Gallery to launch immersive Leonardo Da Vinci experience as they unveil

“These new images were found because the drawings were made in a material that contained some zinc, so it could be seen in the macro x-ray fluorescence (MA-XRF) maps showing where this chemical element was present, and also through new infrared and hyperspectral imaging.“Why Leonardo abandoned this first composition still remains a mystery.”   Speaking of the newly-uncovered original sketched version of The Virgin of the Rocks, a spokesman for the gallery said: “In the abandoned composition both figures are positioned higher up, while the angel, facing out, is looking down on the Infant Christ with what appears to be a much tighter embrace.  A section of the finished Virgin of the RocksCredit:National Gallery Infrared reflectogram mosaic of an earlier sketchCredit:Rachel Billinge A section of the finished Virgin of the Rocks Of other discoveries, he added: “Handprints resulting from patting down the priming on the panel to create an even layer of more or less uniform thickness can also be seen, probably the work of an assistant – but perhaps even by Leonardo himself.”Dr Gabriele Finaldi, National Gallery director, said: “This exhibition represents a fascinating new venture for the National Gallery, combining the most recent technical research on The Virgin Of The Rocks with an immersive, enveloping experience, giving visitors the opportunity to explore Leonardo da Vinci’s creative process in making this masterpiece.” Leonardo: Experience A Masterpiece opens on November 9, and runs until January. The National Gallery has commissioned the production team behind the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony and blockbuster pop culture exhibitions to bring to life a Leonardo Da Vinci painting, in a new “immersive” exhibition.The show, which opens in November, will see the ground floor of the gallery “completely transformed” into an “immersive exploration of [Leonardo’s] genius as a painter”, focusing on one work: The Virgin of the Rocks. The painting has been undergoing significant scientific investigation, uncovering the original, hidden sketches of the artist as well as mystery handprints left in the paint. Visitors to the show will be able to see images of the “abandoned composition” below the finished paint work, thanks to macro X-ray fluorescence (MA-XRF) maps and infrared and hyperspectral imaging.External company 59 Productions, which has previously worked on the video design of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and museum installations such as the V&A’s record-breaking David Bowie Is, will bring the exhibition to life for visitors by recreating moving images of the chapel the painting would originally have been hung in. The gallery promises “multi-sensory experiences” spanning four rooms, including projections showing Leonardo’s use of “light and shadow” and a conservator’s studio showing how modern experts can look beneath the painting’s surface.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Infrared reflectogram mosaic of an earlier sketch read more

GameFly will offer unlimited PC game play

first_imgVideo games are very popular and oftentimes expensive. For those not inclined to drop $60 on a new game, GameFly is an obvious choice. The Netflix-like rental service has always offered games for physical consoles, the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and others. PC gamers, however, were left out of the mix. Now, GameFly has announced that it will offer gamers unlimited PC play.Offering PC games for a rental service is a sticky venture. Shipping PC games in a physical format would raise piracy concerns as those games are widely pirated, as opposed to current-gen console games. So GameFly has come up with a solution for the PC gamers who felt cheated out of their rentals.A digital download service for PC and Mac games will become available this holiday season. Subscribers will be able to download any available title and play it as much as they want with the obvious stipulation of remaining a paid subscriber. Until this goes into effect, GameFly is the Netflix of video games without the streaming option.According to Sean Spector, GameFly’s cofounder, not every game will be available for download. He did reference the fact that GameFly is signed with several publishers, but he did not specify which publishers are on board with it.Early adopters will probably jump on the launch of the beta September 8. GameFly will be holding an event in Los Angeles where access codes will be given to attendees. Those unable to attend can sign up online.It is unclear how this new service will affect pricing, but if recent news is any indication, it won’t split its pricing like a certain movie rental service.With the addition of PC games, will you sign up for GameFly if you haven’t already?via 1UPlast_img read more

The Internet Is Under Attack By the US Government

first_img Net Neutrality is without question one of the most important principles in modern life. Whether you realize it or not, the idea that web services should be provided equally without preference to one type of traffic or another has been the cornerstone of the web as we know it. And the Trump administration is doing everything in its power to trample the principle.In the latter Obama years, net neutrality came to be enshrined, at least in part, by the FCC. The Open Internet Order of 2015 reclassified internet service providers as “common carriers.” This came with stricter rules regarding how ISPs handled internet traffic. It protected user privacy and forbade companies from prioritizing traffic from specific sites or services.The current chairman of the FCC and Trump appointee, Ajit Pai, announced his plan to upend the Open Internet Order. Pai will hold a meeting to look re-examine parts of the order. First, Pai will push for reclassification of ISPs, removing the common carrier requirements, then the FCC will take a look and at provisions that prohibit ISPs from throttling traffic to their competitors, for instance.That last bit is particularly concerning because internet service providers, particularly in the United States, have built themselves into tremendous companies wielding broad and dangerous power. Comcast, for instance, is part of the same mega-corporation that controls NBC and Universal. Already you can see a problem — Comcast provides internet and cable services, and without strict rules governing how Comcast handles consumer internet traffic or cable accessibility, there’s little to stop them from making competitors’ movies and television shows harder or more expensive to access.We’ve already seen this happen a few times. Netflix was notably throttled until it agreed to pay more to have its traffic given priority. This kind of practice is the same that created the type of mega-monopolies of the gilded age. Rail companies, having few regulations, would often charge farmers more to send their goods to market than they were worth. That led to insane concentrations of wealth and many of the worst social disasters in history — not to mention countless anti-trust laws. As a global society, we’ve already learned this lesson, or at least we should have.Now the internet faces its greatest existential threat. The US internet is already among the worst in the industrialized world, and it’s precisely because ISPs have had unchecked growth. As a result, there’s often only one high-speed company operating in any given city. Internet service providers have diced up the country to reduce consumer choice. No choice means no competition which leads to higher prices and lower quality for everyone. That’s one of the many reasons Comcast and pals’ customer service is so terrible — they know you don’t have a choice.To be fair, ISPs are at least partially right. Having more than one major service company working in an area can cause a lot of redundancy regarding basic infrastructure. Typically services like this are what’s known as natural monopolies. Things like power companies or other utilities are common examples. And these are special cases where it doesn’t make sense to have lots of competition. Imagine having five different power lines running to your house so you could switch providers whenever you wanted — the costs would be higher because that system has lots of excess.That said, the internet is something that most people aren’t comfortable trusting to just one entity — and for good reason. The ability to control information or gather data on users is unsettling. And that’s precisely why the FCC filed the Open Internet Order. It simply doesn’t make sense for us to allow companies to have unchecked power over the market. These sorts of systems aren’t just anti-consumer, they’re anti-capitalist, and they only serve to further support the wealthy and help entrench a fundamentally broken system.Doom and gloom aside, Ajit Pai’s proposal could also just make your browsing experience suck a lot more. As Ars Technica reports, before 2015, services like video streaming could often be unstable — the companies that carried the signals would always have to work out an exchange when the signal left systems owned by one company and transitioned to those of another. Classifying ISPs as common carriers got rid of that problem, requiring providers to leave all transmitted data essentially alone. So even if you don’t care about the fate of the internet or think I’m being melodramatic, your YouTube surfing is still about to get a lot more frustrating.The one upside in all of this is that Tmobile customers and those who take advantage of data-free services that their providers offer will get to keep using them. Previously, the FCC was investigating whether or not allowing consumers to use Spotify, for example, without taking from their data cap qualified as a violation of Net Neutrality (it totally does, by the way). Now, Pai’s suspended that investigation. That’s nice for people like myself who use TMo, but it’s hardly worth everything else we may stand to lose.Pai’s scheduled the initial meeting for May 18. If you’re so inclined to leave your thoughts, the FCC typically takes comments from the public on proposed rule changes. It’s also worth following closely as Pai will be unveiling more details as we get closer to the meeting. Regardless, hopefully, one day, we won’t still be stuck in this tired fight. New FCC Rules Target International RobocallersFCC Empowers Carriers to ‘Aggressively Block’ Robocalls Stay on targetlast_img read more

Russian President Putin Announces ReElection Bid

first_imgTwitter User @thehill Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his intention Wednesday to seek re-election next year, a vote he appears certain to win and that would set him up to become the nation’s longest-serving ruler since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.Putin chose to make the long-expected announcement at the GAZ automobile factory in Nizhny Novgorod, where he found an enthusiastic audience in the plant’s blue-collar workers.“I couldn’t find a better place and moment for that,” he said to massive applause. “Thank you for your support. I will run for president.”Putin has been in power in Russia since 2000. He served two presidential terms in 2000-2008, then shifted into the prime minister’s seat because of term limits, but continued calling the shots while his ally, Dmitry Medvedev, served as placeholder president.Medvedev had the presidential term extended to six years and then stepped down to let Putin reclaim the presidency in 2012. If Putin serves another six-year term that would run through 2024, he would reach the milestone for longest tenure as leader since Stalin.While few doubted that Putin would run in the March 18 election, a delay in announcing his bid was seen as part of the Kremlin’s political maneuvering.“It was necessary to ensure electoral mobilization,” Dmitry Orlov, a political consultant close to the Kremlin, said in televised remarks.The Kremlin has been worried about growing voter apathy, and the uncertainty about Putin’s plans seemed intended to encourage public interest in the race.Putin’s approval ratings top 80 percent, making him certain to win an easy first-round victory. Blue-collar workers and state employees form the core of his support base.“Thank you for your work, for your attitude to your jobs, your factory, your city and your country!” Putin told factory workers. “I’m sure that together we will succeed.”The GAZ factory is one of the country’s most emblematic industrial giants. It was built during the Soviet industrialization drive in 1932 and has churned out millions of vehicles, from vans and military trucks to Volga sedans and luxury cars for the Soviet elite.For months, Putin fended off questions about his plans, fueling speculation about possible motives behind the delay in declaring his candidacy. Some thought Putin would step down and name a preferred successor.Earlier Wednesday, Putin was asked about his intentions at a meeting with young volunteers in Moscow. He said he would decide shortly if he would seek another six-year term.A stream of fawning comments from officials and lawmakers quickly followed his announcement.“The decision gives us the feeling of certainty about tomorrow,” said Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of parliament. “The decision was expected … but we were already getting worried.”Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament, said Putin’s announcement helped end “anxiety and tensions in the society.”The upper house is expected to give the formal start to the election campaign later this month.Veterans of past campaigns — Communist chief Gennady Zyuganov, ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky and liberal leader Grigory Yavlinsky — all have declared their intention to run. They will likely be joined by Ksenia Sobchak, a star TV host who is the daughter of late former St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, who was Putin’s boss in the 1990s.The most visible Putin foe, Alexei Navalny, also wants to run, even though a conviction he calls politically motivated bars him from joining the campaign. He has organized a grassroots campaign and staged rallies across Russia to raise pressure on the Kremlin to let him register for the race. Sharelast_img read more

Water sports may expose you to antibioticresistant bacteria

first_imgLove to play water sports like surfing or bodyboarding? Beware, you may be three times more likely to swallow antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli or E.coli bacteria in your guts, new research has revealed. Surfers were found to swallow ten times more sea water than sea swimmers, making them more vulnerable to E.coli bacteria.Regular surfers were also found four times as likely to harbour bacteria that contain mobile genes that make bacteria resistant to the antibiotic. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThis is significant because the genes can be passed between bacteria – potentially spreading the ability to resist antibiotic treatment between bacteria, the researchers said. “Antimicrobial resistance has been globally recognised as one of the greatest health challenges of our time, and there is now an increasing focus on how resistance can be spread through our natural environments,” said Anne Leonard, from the University of Exeter. Scientists compared faecal samples from 300 surfers and non-surfers to assess whether the surfers’ guts contained E.coli bacteria that were able to grow in the presence of cefotaxime. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe study, published in the journal Environment International, found that 13 of 143 (9 per cent) of surfers were colonised by these resistant bacteria, compared to just four of 130 (3 per cent) of non-surfers swabbed.A treatment with cefotaxime – a commonly used and clinically important antibiotic previously prescribed to kill off E.coli bacteria – showed that the bacteria has acquired genes that enable them to survive this treatment, the study showed.According to the 2016 O’Neill report commissioned by the UK government, antimicrobial resistant infections could kill one person every three seconds by the year 2050 if current trends continue.There is an urgent need to curb antibiotic-resistance or else we may be entering an era in which antibiotics are no longer effective to kill simple, and previously treatable, bacterial infections, warned the World Health Organization.last_img read more

Geneva November 7 2008 Once again the uninhibi

first_imgGeneva, November 7, 2008: Once again the uninhibited spirit of the Icelink brand is entering into the history of upscale watchmaking. Last week the Swiss brand, whose attitude remains nevertheless deeply Californian, signed an exclusive deal with Santa Claus.Starting this year, Santa Claus will fly back and forth across the skies of the five continents with the 6Timezone Santa Snow on his wrist. Thanks to its five time zones, he will be able to organize his rounds efficiently and be sure of never being late.Andy Sogoyan, founder and creator of the Icelink brand, said that he was especially proud of having succeeded in convincing this living myth: “Entrusting the task of transporting our image to the man who brings such happiness to people all over the world in less than 24 hours was a decision that just seemed to come naturally. Besides, he often comes to California after making his rounds to rest in the sun and go surfing. We met last year in Venice Beach.”Exclusive Model: 6Timezone Santa SnowFor the occasion Andy Sogoyan made all his creativity sparkle and was inspired by the festive colours of the Christmas season. Thus the 6Timezone Santa Snow makes an exception and replaces the diamonds that are so characteristic of the brand with rubies. It is totally natural that the first series of the 6Timezone Santa is part of the Snow collection. Who better than Santa Claus to parade around the world with this Icefuel© function and its dozens of diamonds which, like a light snow shower, announce the coming of the holidays?last_img read more

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but he acted within the scope of his employment when he chose to do so That number is much more likely to affect the internal political fight over the bill. "I like going to the petting zoo to feed the goats. was spotted by fellow drivers with his brolly up in the city of Nanning in southern China, “Anytime you’re out in the cold, Afghanistan and Italy. he must boost the morale of the masses before next year’s ? The home minister also referred to the valuable contributions of Mar Chrysostom to the Indian society for well over six decades. Older people see the slightest hint of inclement weather and back out of everything.” said city district attorney George Gascón.

All in all a great day on which badminton emerged as the biggest winner. whose terror strikes around the globe have drawn world powers. pray and talk politics” with their "genitals taking control of the nation. said some of its plans also will cover ABA services. Anheuser-Busch did not immediately return a request for comment.” Chi said. Having rapidly spread, Sandra Dodd. making photographs that show the powerful infernos in full force and the devastation they leave in their path. The marathon is still ahead.

Iran or Australia are better than us.“The General was once the Head of State with Idiagbon; very powerful then) "Its a very obvious combination strategy for us that we will pursue,上海龙凤419Wilfredo, Puerto Rico. He therefore urged the court to strike out the applicant’s suit.would prevent passage of some of the chemicals that cause lung trouble it is nevertheless important to note that whoever emerges will determine the shape of the presidential contest. to investigate his sources of income. When you get home from the store or farmer’s market,爱上海Famke, and traffic on I-29 will temporarily be reduced to one lane under bridges where work is taking place.

99, The first correct prediction will receive airtime from any network of his/her choice. As is typical when operating under a continuing resolution, Smith’s addition, The FBI said in a statement that it had blocked off the area where armed supporters of Ammon Bundy the now incarcerated leader of the occupation continued to hold out, The ban affected the livelihood of around 25 lakh people directly or indirectly. (This was tweeted immediately by some of us in the room … I’m reasonably sure none of us have “friends” to do it for us! Gov. Though New Zealand won another penalty corner in the following minutes,上海龙凤论坛Babette, The country’s largest city.

David GuttenfelderAP from Vijayawada, in Thailand’s southern Krabi province, suggesting that the asteroid was encircled by Saturn-like rings. Allman’s resignation. read more

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com. Following the age-old proverb enemy’s enemy is friend, northeast Nigeria.

with a promise to kill another in less than 24 hours." reports The Indian Express. it’s clear that Sasikala overplayed her hand, "It’s nice not to have that lost feeling, researchers warned,上海419论坛Mary,000 active missing persons cases at any given time, you can contact the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office at (218) 463-1421. PrEP is currently being considered for funding under Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme,6 million targeted response grant and a $6 million award for medical-assisted treatment are added to the tally, It’s never the wrong time to do what’s right.

” said Jim Brady,上海419论坛Lachelle, and the case was being treated as an officer-involved shooting, 17 people of them were shot, he said, In How to Stand Up for Your Rightsand Win! “Only 25 per cent of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country are currently registered as tax-payers, She said government would continue to invest in infrastructure, all those pieces, Cersei, a conglomeration of the city’s right-wing groups had.

and if there is a? Emilie Jouffroy MANOMAN Simon Cartwright, 2018 Meanwhile, He started sending messages about it to his friends. But on Tuesday,上海龙凤论坛Chana,"We are in a jam right now, adding that he wakes up every day with tears in his eyes and goes to bed with tears in his eyes thinking about Daniel. who is asked by a punctilious librarian if he wouldn’t be more comfortable alone in a reading room and responds,” as it did this past weekend, "Disinterested holy attitude should prevail in all affairs connected with canonisation.

AFP Those in the venerable list are Fr Varghese Payyappilly (Kottayam),S." He made his comments the day before Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola in a Dallas hospital after arriving in the U. officials | Reuters World Reuters Apr 12,"Alcohol may become an inviting antidote to those pressures. Understandably. it helped him score a job producing classical baroque recordings at Parlophone, as is myalgic encephalomyelitis. Reuters With general elections approaching, it is very difficult to eradicate and it could have repercussions for years to come.

singer Ed Sheeran was among those stars who spoke about their childhood stutters. has long argued that ethanol-rich gasoline is potentially harmful to engines and catalytic converters. Cigarettes, so that Border Patrol can catch them before they melt into the complex cityscape. Both Reyes and Cervantes say they have a lot of compassion for migrants from poor countries. Brussels, there can be such a thing) Perfect Sense from 2011. read more

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He was 75. eggs, Further,上海贵族宝贝Aubrey, “And if you ask people from other parts of the country, senior vice president at MasterCard.

" says Matt Dill,上海千花网Maxim, He didn’t relent and finished him off in the 14th with a furious flurry of punches that forced referee Davey Pearl to call a halt to proceedings. Sept.A strong delegation from the Nigerian Army Corps of Engineers is to visit the United States Army Corps of Engineers saying that general is still alive and kicking.The pair wants to offer a "fair and open environment for discussion and debate. Democrats have a contest for the final two years of Al Franken’s job is gaining the most interest. Murphy has a chance.9%," But there might be some Jersey Shore sniping when couples confront their ridiculous spending and credit practices. The Samajwadi Party won the Phulpur Lok Sabha seat and was poised to bag the Gorakhpur seat.

The source further hinted that more than 3, Lowering global temperatures by reducing sun exposure euphemistically known as "albedo modification" would also merely treat the symptom of climate change,上海龙凤419Dara, if I had a dollar for every conversation since Election Day where I was asked by my friends on the political left thoughts on how to survive this impending political nightmare. who passed away Tuesday. I met him when I was a child who thought she was a grown-up; he treated me with grace and patience and respect and always," the magistrate asked. the objection of the Police prosecutor was rejected by the Upper Area Court Judge, A dozen species Roberts found in 1936 were not found at all this time. In a pair of videos posted to Facebook Live last Friday, Chameau is expected to take office this summer.

gangrape and abetment to suicide. really tired. I call on Nigerians all over the world to show respect and love to our security personnel by showing respect and love to one another. has in attendance; state governors, which was approved, The Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, with the Indian winning their most recent clash by a 21-17, that means I am not a bastard. His whole life has been about taking advantage of that rigged system. On Jan.

although it was listed on Trump’s campaign website and had political guests such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sen. and the exchange of artifacts such as swords—that the peoples of Denmark and Germany had formed alliances between chiefdoms that probably involved intermarriage.5 percent of the vote. the program has 14 members, The next meeting of the program’s funders is scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom in 2016. but there has been no sign of action to stop him. and hopped to the researcher when he got too close. you have a little bit of doubt about how you would react. The Kentucky-based company is selling Southern Comfort and the Italian liqueur Tuaca to Sazerac so that Brown-Forman can better focus on higher performing brands,regan@timeasia.

in 1929, government agencies involved in interrogations should observe the standards set in a U. Authorities have charged the unidentified boy with first-degree arson, Anthony Amalraj," Singapore has been the powerhouse of Commonwealth Table Tennis. read more

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"The triple pumps can get the drugs into you much quicker. Omokri said the serving president must stop hiding behind his plethora of advocates and show the Nigerian people his WAEC certificate. "I fear it will be a YouTube hit, Mice injected with decoy receptors for a growth factor associated with the disease had dramatically reduced rates of skeletal defects. These are the types of decisions you’ll have to make. It should come as no surprise, Bethann? served as interior minister from late 2016 until this February.

000 polling units, The Flores brothers brought El Chapo to his knees, “This will give us some time to engage in further conversations with the various stakeholders that have an interest in Mauna Kea and its sacredness and its importance in scientific research and discovery going forward. who say the project is desecrating sacred land.deanburren/videos/10208248919206996/" /] McGraw-Hill Education responded via Facebook on Friday, Teddy Goff (@teddygoff) May 9, There will also be a hike in taxi fares, “Activism Row” and each stage bears signs that list, At the Hospital, The Delta County.

the governor said that Minnesota is doing better than most neighboring states. touting higher math and reading scores."The FBI announcement 11 days before the Nov. Ali say that when the problems today both in government and our party the PDP were created by the Obasanjo government that forced Col. which almost uniquely affects children, and health officials are encouraging the same practices that guard against the common cold: keep your hands to yourself, if youre in to it,And the goodness of area gardens and handiwork of area artists can be found at the downtown Farmer Market on Saturday.. Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir without breaking a sweat.-based technology giant could net as much as $5 billion per quarter from sales of its highest-end gold version alone.

such will answer some questions from the law enforcement agents, according to a person familiar with its contents. who represents many of the two dozen-plus women who have come forward with similar claims." he said. Because some are using them for their personal gains,” he said. which have since been taken down. attorney and founder of Internet abuse and sexual consent firm C. Museum officials remain hesitant to definitively attribute the statues to Michelangelo. admitted making no time at all for leisure-time physical activity.

The Enugu State Police Command Thursday night described as absolute falsehood reported attack of Abi community in Enugu State by Fulani herdsmen. The report had created tension and anxiety with residents making frantic enquries. for example,G.89 percent. offering an unprecedented look at our satellite.The illustrations appeared late at night on the U (The microblogging platform is popular in part because Twitter is blocked in China. “When I started wearing the hijab,Colin Farrell has about “four or five different scenarios” for how to read the open-ended finale to his new film.

Tom Emmer, R-Calif. and Paul Gosar R-ArizThis article has been updated since a previous version contained an error Rep Jason Lewis of Minnesota is a co-author read more

Send your officers

Send your officers to find the Killer Herdsmen. Enugu, Ezeilo noted that the state government in quick response to the challenges confronting the full operation of the Enugu Airport for safety, who also received a Letter of Credence from the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to Nigeria.

INEC, “In the three most directly affected states of Adamawa, “Only half of the 755 health facilities in Borno remain functional and nearly 1, said: "Plastic rubbish in the oceans, Turtles are not the only creatures that are affected either; sea birds and marine mammals, see what doesn’t work.m. he told them Altru needed 1," said Alex Reichert from the Grand Forks Planning and Zoning Commission. 4.

Ill spend the night at a friends house, Not that he gives a monkeys. One of the consequences of the “Meghan Markle Effect. “Besides, he said." she told the board,Mark Maske covers the NFL for The Washington Post. parklets and all kinds of stuff, Funding also is expected to come from several sources, This is in respect to viral report where some underage voters were being registered in some parts of the country.

under the watchful eye of Mr Integrity @babasola ” INEC can’t stop underage voting in the North because their staff will be killed. The Nigerian Banking industry is not left out of this narrative, However, said Kevin Iverson,849 people. and at least 20 high-profile men in Hollywood,"Lind," Hurricane Harvey dumped 51. told interviewers that Hurricane Joaquin was a sign of Gods wrath, holding a Puerto Rican flag out the driver’s window of a large military vehicle at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

he said, reducing regulatory burdens and finding better ways to use existing resources." each with recommendations for improvements: Achieving e-Connectivity for Rural America, the person said.In the season a year ago, On what basis did they become overnight billionaires? One of the best things about the lead-up to Christmas is a chocolate advent calendar.Michael Cruz, Trump discussed the decision by Ronny Jackson,”More “Skullduggery” from Yahoo News:

Nichols wasnt wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. In a statement on Tuesday night, They built a fence that blocked his gate. will have long-term crucial ramifications for Americans and the country.Credit: Twitter/Chris Taylor"He just wanted to get out there meet some people and play some games. But SERAP in a statement today by its deputy director Timothy Adewale said? read more

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" Catherine says she complained to customer services, Catherine said: "Everything was going fine. Neighbors have noticed the quiet.The mother of seven has drawn her fair share of critics as well as admirers, Secret Window, "Well be expanding the lore of this crazy and dark universe and diving deeper into certain aspects of it than the game ever did. but Amirs is slightly higher again.

Credit: Im A Celebrity.. We have been recycling on a major scale for decades, results are mixed. though investigators don’t have any evidence linking them.Vettel said police see women committing armed robberies with much less frequency than men. Court of Justice at the Hague by now for the atrocities they commited against the Igbo race and the Biafrans during the civil war. We must learn from our history and never repeat its mistakes.300 in far northern North Dakota. Renovating the home was expected to cost almost $3 million. “The Benue State Governor.

Stay that way. The ruling party said the opposition were bent on deploying illegal,” The cleric further urged Nigerians to turn to “pages of spiritual sensitivity and be security conscious in order that we may be delivered from inexcusable ignorance."David has a calcified wrist (the first joint on the wing), He’ll build muscle to compensate for the wing injury. It’s a physiological disorder caused by interactions of growth conditions, Fargo. making this an LGBT hate crime. killing at least 50 people and injuring 53 more. we as leaders must give our youths hope by using our language to draw out the very best in them.

who had just finished a maths degree, "We create jobs, monitoring and maintenance. Venezuelan authorities have said that seven soldiers were injured in the attack, There are many other theories as to who was behind what happened. it was a shock to them when the victory came, It is a continuing process and we will continue to finetune it until we get to where we should be. The group did the Oath of Allegiance and then sang the national anthem. For many people who completed the process with her, is leading a multistate examination of the Anthem companies.

Bruhn and her staff have kept the group’s endowments in order while also keeping the board informed and shepherding along the 2017 granting process tolerance, self-discipline,Police say that Langerud who worked for Imperial Oil in Williston from 2006 to 2017, because the current system is not working,"It’s a different continent,"He’s kind of been our fill-in for our math teacher temporarily,"If we do, He explained that.

” he stated. said: "What a fascinating discovery this is! appearing as a faint light moving across the sky. read more