Car CEO was cleaning Wang Shi founder of the position on the verge of death or destruction how to ma

June 26th morning, CEO Qin cause car home to employees in the company’s internal mail flow, message display, after Ping An shares car home and become the largest shareholder, the original car home management will be safe cleaning, Qin induced position of CEO and Zhong Yiqi’s CFO position has been replaced.

on the same day, the same outbreak of the majority of Vanke’s home and the management of the home of the war, the largest shareholder of Vanke’s treasure can be proposed to recall Wang Shi, chairman of vanke. Currently holds 24% stake, the largest shareholder of Huarun holdings of about $15%, the two sides hold a total of nearly $40%, once combined, the recall of Wang Shi will become very easy. read more

What is the cause of the success rate of entrepreneurship Not difficult to find it too cheap capital

Abstract: in the long run, it is not difficult to obtain capital for the venture, and the capital is relatively cheap. The cost of capital so that entrepreneurship has become a trend, the birth of the bubble, which is one of the reasons leading to higher failure rate of entrepreneurship.

a lot of people think, now in the capital of the winter, which caused the collapse of a large start-up companies. The capital can be traced back to the winter of this time last year, however, we believe that the so-called capital is only the result of the winter compared with the previous two years. In the long run, in terms of entrepreneurship, capital is not difficult to obtain, relatively speaking, capital is very cheap. The cost of capital so that entrepreneurship has become a trend, the birth of the bubble, which is one of the reasons leading to higher failure rate of entrepreneurship. In addition, cheap capital to start-up companies lack of innovation, accustomed to using money to solve the problem, rather than more efficient means of operation and more creative marketing methods, which is worthy of vigilance. read more

Starting from the angel to the D round of the probability of less than 2%15 large industry over a hu

in 2016, honey Amoy net, delicious 77, the young monarch dish, car net, car, Bai Bo Amoy on the road, awesome medicine…… The company has a large number of business failures, death tide comes at the same time, B death, C round round die revival. Some companies stay behind Starving people fill the land., some companies are very careful, but also some companies muffled fortune. All kinds of difficult start-up companies, the second half of 2016 is defined as the dividing point of life and death Bureau read more

80 years of beauty online custom clothing sold 15 million

after 80 entrepreneurial beauty Zhang Xiaoyu. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Li Photo Center

more and more 80, 90 choose to buy clothes online, rare to physical stores. However, the reporter noted that in Nanjing, Xinjiekou from a small clothing store guests a day in a continuous line, the highest turnover reached 50 thousand, and it is next to the popular clothing store. The boss is a start empty-handed 80 beauty, carefully asked that the 80 business was really many, she used the Internet to order customized clothing, the next line store service, annual sales reached more than 15 million. read more

The University of entrepreneurship why don’t you start from the nternet plus Campus

day before the exam, Tsinghua University independent recruitment: "is the school after graduating from business or business?" once again will be the hot topic of entrepreneurship to a climax. As for whether the students leave school business this matter, we do not advocate, but also not a stick killed, of which there are a few outstanding school entrepreneurship obtain some achievements. But for most students, school entrepreneurship is not a wise choice, at least twenty years sorry parents rearing and dozens of years of studying hard, so neither school and entrepreneurship there is no possible? Liu Kuang that very likely, students choose Internet plus campus is a good direction and start. read more

Don’t be fooled by the success story

Abstract: many people don’t know, it’s a close call. There are about 3300 listed companies in China, and there are no listing of more than 2 thousand, what is the concept of entrepreneurial success is the probability of the appearance of 1/10000.

a few days ago, my friend heard that I was going to Dubai to beg, it gave me a plan, how to use the capital operation method to Dubai begging, it can be said to be entrepreneurial, this routine I give out.

method: first, find the angel investment, and the establishment of beggars begging in Dubai Limited by Share Ltd, to recruit 10 beggars, begging to fund 4 million 700 thousand. read more

Financial injection financing fraud brush list Have you heard the unspoken rules of these entre

Abstract: generally an entrepreneurial project will develop their own App, and then try to spread out. Let investors see the data, get more money into the next phase of operation. In a variety of ways, the fastest way to brush data is brush list. As long as the opportunity to grasp, a list of updates can be rushed to the front of the rankings.

what is the unspoken rules? Wu in the unspoken rules, said: "the real control of the behavior of the group, to a greater extent, is a very realistic calculation of interest. This interest calculation results and avoid the choice, this choice results and repeated and long-term stability, clearly constitutes a set of potential rules · · · · · · tentatively called the unspoken rule." In different industries, there is a clear or dark unspoken rules exist in the Internet venture is no exception: read more

Sharing economic Absurdity go out caught door has become the guest of the government

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Su Qingtao

drops of our machine easily caught, drops CEO is the government guest

"now, sharing economy involves taxi, rental, private kitchen and other fields, which is very wide, there is legitimate, so some are not legitimate, and what legal, what is illegal, there is a standard evaluation? Is not as long as the government cheese, or against the strong the interest group is not legitimate? Like the taxi drops of this, is not legitimate, but because of the rapid accumulation of a large scale users, therefore, can" with the users to make the government ", so as to obtain the legal status of" read more

The six anniversary of the Fu Sheng internal speech forget the past to start a new business

it’s a great time today.

just in front of the double eleven, the new president of the United States elected, such a special day, we chose to set up a cheetah. Of course, when we set up cheetah, there is no double eleven.

the world is changing fast.

six years ago, the cheetah was established, I did not think the company will become so big, there will be more than 2 thousand people. In the next six years, I can’t imagine what will happen.

but there’s always someone telling me that the company is bigger than you think. Today, not only Beijing colleagues, colleagues in Taipei, as well as French colleagues, American colleagues, many corners of the world, all of our employees. Growing so fast, many new colleagues are too late to understand what a cheetah is and how she will become a company. read more

Biography of Tencent’s reading group intends to raise the size of this year’s PO financing or up to


technology news Beijing time on February 6th afternoon news, according to Thomson Reuters IFR reports, informed sources said that the Tencent’s network literature platform reading group plans this year IPO, the scale of financing may be as high as $800 million.

reported that the reading group is picking the Underwriters, and consider Hongkong as a listing venue.

, one of the people familiar with the Reuters said, read the text of the group has yet to set funding targets, the scale may be between $600 million to $800 million. read more