Mom analysis of the status quo of Amoy domestic trouble and foreign invasion in Ali

straight into the topic, saying: Mom Amoy is not optimistic, unless the official really solve some problems.

, all

1, promotion problems. How many guest for the promotion of breakthrough is very confused, this is a personal problem, do not see more elaborate, Ali mother forum will help.

2, Amoy competition. This cake is so big mom, every day there will be a new guest to join, like crazy ant prey, the daily competition intensified.

3, a. Just want to name the guest host, but now Ali mother links throughout the network, each website forum, blog, e-mail, QQ, wangwang…… Wherever there are guest promotion links, do as mice do to avoid Voices of discontent. See, a few days ago, the QQ MM links have been blocked, but also can come back, do not know is not the official agreement between doing business because they also want to pat, send you the link is from others pocket catch candy. read more

Only the online bookstore CPL new member recruitment activities began

dear affiliate member:

since February 21, 2008, 99 online bookstores newly registered members, membership orders over the amount of 30 yuan, is divided into an additional 2 yuan / month, the rebate amount of 6% of the still normal payment orders.

new member recruitment activities, $39 optional activities page address: Msc=99zx080221


activity deadline: March 31, 2008

active material has been added, please Members active

only alliance

2008-2-21 read more

Google AdSense launched a new ad to improve the user experience

Google expands AdSense project

Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant Google Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

Google said that these AdSense can be used as an extension of the expansion of static advertising banner advertising or advertising segment, or can cover a large area of the site below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can. read more

7 ways to make money Taobao Raiders

do Taobao off a monthly income of million people greatly, Amoy income on the list a week hundreds of thousands of people, you are not very jealous. Many people started to earn money, some people even suspect on the list of data is false, you can responsibly tell you that a lot of Amoy earn a lot of money, let alone on the hundred dollars, Nisshin million are many. I am not a guest, I just found out that fought in these methods is to make money:

1, mass (recommended)

including blog group, BBS group, QQ mass, mass mail. These mass effect is good, I think you must have received a similar QQ advertising information. Focus on the blog and forum. Now you are in use Baidu Search Moumou, Moumou official website, the flagship store is not found in many BBS pages in Baidu home page? Another blog mass effect please see below, a short period of time, sent more than 2 thousand articles, is now 10 in the morning, traffic on the 65, I have observed a day at about 200-500IP. Similar blog, you can easily get 10, the 100 out. Flow is not a problem. These are the guest a day on the accurate flow estimates more than 500 yuan of income. read more

TOM plans to reduce the proportion of SP business through acquisitions

  since September 11th, Baidu to improve the competitive ranking business: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". Baidu sources said, in addition to the price of the customer site in addition to the price factor, but also look at the quality index of its purchase keywords. According to reports, the keyword quality index will be based on the frequency of this keyword was hit in the past, with the main business of the business, as well as the degree of recognition of the Internet users to calculate. Quality index and price multiplied, the last comprehensive ranking index". At the same time, the level of Web site is also considered as a factor. "A large site, even if the price is slightly lower, may also be smaller than a small site ranking." read more

My website makes money and looks good

website and blog advertising, is already familiar with the things, and I believe that many have a certain flow of the site can also make money by advertising. But for the people who have just built a new site, never dared to expect to put money through advertising, so people put advertising is to make money, I only have a good look.


, just contact the website alliance, is blind to what a curious, even Google Google ads also apply, but they give reply is a new station less than 6 months, but I did not care, because we really are a new ah, was thinking to flow up then apply for. read more

Master station doorway pictures can also make money

image station can quickly obtain the flow is the majority of owners agree, but let us picture stand to make money by confused, often for entertainment especially picture station because the flow rate to the fast, so the advertisement price is not high, usually with "my sister" about 20 thousand IP picture stand, wandering the top monthly advertising also about 900, according to the website quality may be slightly low or high. But isn’t 20 thousand IP really just a few thousand dollars? read more

FreePriceAlerts shopping rebate plug in for 4 million

FreePriceAlerts is a browser plug-in, in fact, more than the site of the online shopping parity plug-in. But you can not look down on this plug-in, people even browser plug-ins, today announced a high-profile B round of financing, the amount of $2 million 500 thousand financing. So far, the company has received $4 million in investment.


function is very simple, is that when you are shopping on the Internet, such as Amazon, when you mouse to "buy" button when in this position, it will automatically tell you whether don’t shop to provide more preferential price. FreePriceAlerts has now achieved support for most mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. There are a lot of support sites, including Amazon, WAL-MART, Target, etc.. read more

Driven by the giant independent mobile entrepreneurs to read the life and death

, according to friends, there is a bit of a well-known mobile Internet venture capital strand breaks, hair can not pay, because the target is not expected to achieve, VC do not want to invest money. There is no profit model, no income, relying on VC to invest money to feed, this way of life must be fragile.

a few years ago, just when the rise of mobile Internet, two-dimensional code, LBS, mobile social networking is the three field of entrepreneurship, the head of the result? With the traditional Internet giant to join, independent entrepreneurs are not better than it, many are almost OVER. read more

90 entrepreneurs hit how do not lose the nternet venture project

I do not know since when, 90 entrepreneurs have become the mainstream of the Internet business, all kinds of 90 entrepreneurs suddenly appeared in front of people, these 90 micro business success, grass root counter attack has become the numerous micro entrepreneurs taking example, their success will inspire those business people, let more entrepreneurs believe that military and political leaders. Rather a kind of peace, let more and more entrepreneurs flocked to the Internet business.

because most entrepreneurs no understanding of company operation, leading to general entrepreneurial companies survive less than a year, half of 90 entrepreneurs in the business on the road up, the other half let entrepreneurs start on the road in the struggle, although the idea of changing the world is beautiful, but not everyone can become entrepreneurs a ma, now some 90 entrepreneurs, nothing to what would dare to single-handed into the Internet business, to some extent, this kind of dream to lead, fearless courage is admirable, but these 90 entrepreneurs approach is really make people beg to differ. read more

t’s time to redefine entrepreneurship not to break even

Abstract: as long as an enterprise can create products and services that are beneficial to the society, and it can keep running, it is not a failure.

T3 released the hammer on the eve of Luo Yonghao, people have focused on the serial entrepreneur who, in some people especially the black hammer, Luo Yonghao is a successful entrepreneur: Hammer loss is very serious, and the hammer mobile phone did not sell on the amount of "over many Niubi, but not a good mobile phone".

The "double read more

The war made 3 billion how is she from a bank teller to Queen VC

Abstract: in 1988, Xu Xin graduated from the English Department of Nanjing University was founded in 2005, today the capital group, has led and participated in the NetEase, Jingdong, mall,,, investment. She invested entrepreneurs, has become the top 4 billionaires Forbes.

New York

this morning, wearing a purple shirt, wearing a pearl necklace figure extraordinarily overhangs in a black suit in a group. This is the first investor of Jingdong – founder of today’s capital Xu Xin. Listed on the same day, Jingdong closing price of $20.90, an increase of 10% compared to the issue price, market capitalization of $28 billion 600 million. Today, the capital holds 7.8% stake in Jingdong, according to this calculation, Xu Xin Jingdong listed in the earned $2 billion 200 million. By the end of July, the Jingdong’s share price rose to $40 billion, is part of the reduction, capital today earned nearly $3 billion. read more

Chasing beauty industry a beautician beauty salon owner of the course to butterfly

Chase: a beautician beauty salon owner to the transformation process of

now has a 90 is too aggressive, although has been labeled a bad label, but a kind of 90 and not because the parents favor, and give up the dream, has been growing under the protection of their parents, today, snow white also ushered in a 92 year female entrepreneurs – the sun after the young lady, she has more than once to the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship alone, graduation, in her sister’s advice, Ms. sun chose the beauty industry, since it is such a do love the beauty of this industry, for the beauty industry, she said he was very confident, but also think they can create your own career in the beauty industry, although this way, inevitably there are thorns, but Ms. sun never give up. In the beauty industry, there is laughter, competition and experience, there is injustice, but look to yourself right now, before the beauty industry in the aftertaste every day is so beautiful read more

Shen Napeng rely on financing to burn live Entrepreneurs without technical barriers will die sooner

Abstract: in the past few years, with the rise of the mobile Internet, the barriers to entrepreneurship greatly decreased, everyone can build a APP. From the perspective of the world, innovation and entrepreneurship should be not only confined to the domestic market demand for more innovation in technology is a breakthrough.

smart and hard, should be the industry’s consistent view of Mr. Shen Napeng. Tencent has done a lot of investment in recent years to see a lot of projects, the basic will find each of Shen Napeng’s team as early as 1~2 years ago has entered." Mr. Ma Huateng said not long ago in public. read more

‘m coming Liu Dan do not want to let O2O entrepreneurs died in Logistics

2015, various versions of the "O2O" death list circulated on the Internet, with the prospect of O2O, behind the crazy burn down, is a large number of O2O company. Although there are many reasons, but the logistics is to overwhelm their last straw: self logistics, slow speed, high cost, poor customer experience; for the third party logistics, professional and efficient company limited, is the most lethal, business will not be robbed? In the hesitation, at the expense of the customer experience and the speed of development finally, let too many O2O companies, electricity supplier companies fell on the road of entrepreneurship. read more

Entrepreneurs listen well in 2017 or will bid farewell to the capital of the winter

NetEase Francisco January 22nd news according to foreign media reports, Array Ventures (VentureBeat) managing partner what Rooty · Gandhi (Shruti Ghandi) with the Trump banker friends talk about the management of M & a market view. There is a general consensus that there may be more mergers and acquisitions this year (M& A), for the following reasons:

1 Trump administration is expected to be more friendly to business, and may take the following steps to make more money to large companies: read more

WeChat advertising is a number of public resources docking

now do a lot of public numbers are lack of advertising resources, because advertising is connected every day, so every day to find. There are a lot of personal part-time do not have time to pull advertising. Many people want to find the number of public advertising resources can not find advertising resources. At present, most of the public order is found in the QQ group inside. QQ group is not a good place is difficult to find information, a scraper disappeared, and a lot of people do not often online. read more

Liu Qiangdong let employees work five years to buy a house in his home

last night, the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong guest at the CCTV "meet the big coffee". Liu Qiangdong talked about one of the criteria for the welfare of the grass-roots staff of Jingdong is working full five years to buy a suite in the home town. He said: "we are now more than 70% employees throughout the company like me from the countryside, these employees who work in the Jingdong for five years or more, the vast majority are in the home county, local small city to buy a house." read more