Grassroots exchange chain want K you did not discuss

I am not to send soft Wen, nor is it to send AD, I just want to use facts to prove that this grassroots children’s exchange chain has much garbage.

liar Alliance: Grassroots children exchange chain address:

some time ago their customer service QQ let me put their code, I was doing 779 lazy to change, he said a few words, I can give him a face to put his code. However, the integral estimate up to 5000 (about $100, their settlement standards) suddenly account can not log on, contact customer service said I cheated. Because my website put a pop, the pop-up page was placed in the grassroots advertising, so they even "cheating". Conscience, I have done 779 more than a year has not said I cheat, I did not expect this garbage Union on this. Which alliance will require owners to put the code page flow must be all Baidu antecedents? Do not put advertising popups in read more

Continuous entrepreneur Wang Chenyun readme from genius to 30 years old bankruptcy entrepreneurship

introduction Chen Yun is the star network founder Kang, network star mall was founded in 2011, December 28, 2012 officially renamed the "star network Kang", Wang Chenyun said to the net star made "health Kang products in the field of public comment".

star Kang in recent years with the rise of the trend of rapid development of the health industry, in an interview with Wang Chenyun on a healthy trend is very clear, and the executive power. People can not imagine, in front of the clear thinking of successful entrepreneurs, in a few years ago "madness" – he was excessive and waste management business, because their worth tens of millions of break the pale to be destroyed on one day at the age of thirty, can only rely on borrowed money. read more

Do not go to the brand marketing model ndeed how to reach the monthly users

at the end of 2004 when Indeed was founded, in the field of search engine work has been a number of relatively perfect construction is also running a good company, such as Monster and CareerBuilder. Indeed clearly aware of this, in 2005, the company raised $5 million. It decided to do everything possible to compete with similar products on the market.

"When we were founded in 2004, Monster spent $250 million on advertising in the year," said Indeed, co founder of

and RonyKahan. So if we want to compete with the Monster must be launched ten times better than their products." The idea continues to this day. Kahan also told Mashable that Indeed had never done any advertising. read more

When the 7 day holiday Amoy earn three thousand Commission

help operators in various forums to sell products, nearly thousands of Amoy after tax monthly income, monthly income of 10000

even partIn

, everyone is busy during the Spring Festival, the Internet users in Chengdu "spring Ying" spend only a few hours, when visiting the forums, blogs and chat recommend users into the shop to buy something, just seven days of holiday she successfully earned $three thousand commission. With online shopping has become more and more popular way of shopping, a large number of guest like "spring Ying" promoting commodity trading success on the network. In the new year, many Amoy and "spring Ying", in the online shopping network have pay New Year’s call themselves as "spring cattle". read more

Vertical network advertising expertise is focused

Experience in the field of interactive media is a professional. Those who focus on online media agents, planners and designers are often considered to be experts in the field, they also get a lot of business.

, however, the days like this only know that the interaction is enough is gone forever. Nowadays, people are committed to the development of experts in a particular field. Search engines use such a concept, the design of local search, news search and shopping search engine, to simplify those who have a clear purpose of the consumer lifestyle. Online advertising has been advancing with the times, make some changes. read more

Agent space to make big money

the construction of a website, it is necessary to have space. If it is said to let people earn money by selling space, all sold space friends will say " do not make money selling space, the reason is " the service provider space too much, too much competition, because many people who buy space occupation is doing the network, the network will not be free to occupation, the the choice of small business space, generally have a fixed space supplier, and the business field have a word that is in " investment saving, is the waste of the human ", Chinese; nets of whole network space is the most expensive, the same type of space, the price is about 10 times the ordinary space but, the nets of customers is the largest, the old owners basically choose million net, so if it is taken to the traditional way of selling space, is definitely marketable. read more

Secret individual owners how to spend thousands of days

we are always on the Internet to see this article, said someone do stand the daily income of over 1000, in fact many of these articles is false, but there exists a expert in business, let me tell you the expert is how to do daily income of over 1000.

1 servers, many webmaster through doing it website to achieve the daily income of thousands, in general such Adsense one hand there are a dozen PW website for SEOer to optimize, enhance your ranking, then Baidu pages on servers website is almost all his station, the next station is on the side of the bill number. read more

99 online bookstores spring rebate doubled to 15%

dear affiliate member:

99 online bookstores spring family returns since 2008 01 months 30 days 12:00, 99 in the online bookstore shopping rebate doubled to 15%, the activities of the closing date in 2008 02 months 13 days 24:00, more shopping, more affordable, quick action!

(Note: the actual running time of the commission rate for 2008-1-30 12:00 in January 30th, 12:00-24:00 data will be temporarily according to the original standard 6% records, to end check results, the data will be during the period, according to the proportion of 15%. Please rest assured. read more

Website operation series

Mo Yan

(1026306): 20:52:31
> Wu Jie hardware?? Mo Yan (1026306)
Mo Yan (1026306) cited the words "don’t take their own weaknesses with the strengths they spell"
1026306) includes your field can be integrated with other small areas of Mo Yan (1026306)
these.. Can be referred to as the "site location"
Mo Yan (1026306) 20:58:25
may I lost all
although he may not be a versatile talent Mo Yan (1026306)
Mo Yan (1026306) 21:02:37
then you need to know what you don’t have access to the knowledge of read more

Advertising alliance you hurt the heart of the webmaster

advertising alliance for every webmaster are not unfamiliar, especially personal webmaster want to obtain revenue through advertising alliance advertising, but advertising alliance is not as good as they say, here I will talk about our Chinese Auto Parts Network Engineering ( and China machinery business network ( is how to win off network deception.

we China engineering machinery business and Chinese auto parts industry site, to win customer network staff said they found me the most suitable advertising industry website and the price is high, the click of a 0.6 yuan, if the result is good up to 1 yuan / times, he said many of their advertising than other places the advertising alliance advantage, so I just said to the leadership in the two site visit the main page high on their advertising. read more

A grand a perfect monthly promotional scam

I had no preference to what a grand, because the 159 advertising alliance (, these days to find customers list, accidentally received a big advertising list, from a taste of a sinister and ruthless villain and rich and cruel face, the grand personal webmaster enthusiasm relentless fooled many individuals the site, it is a perfect marketing.

read more

Et uusee client download online advertising

Hello everyone

you see the network client download online advertising, welcome to the webmaster actively put forward, I believe can bring good revenue for the webmaster. Customer service qq:qq319035193 183288818 319035197

to the member price: 1.5 yuan /.

Union address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

Why Ali mother stopped clicking ads

"Dear members: Leadweb hello!

congratulations, you posted on Ali’s mother’s website has been audited!"

in June 27, 2008, when I received the Email of Ali’s mother, I was so excited, this can try this legendary Alibaba’s advertising trading platform.

"Dear member: ( hello!

thank you very much for coming to Ali’s mother! Sorry, we have to click on the ads on the monitoring data on your website is abnormal, in order to protect the interests of buyers, we suspended your account please click on ads; verification of the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within a week of the phenomenon and make a written explanation. read more

failed the tragic history of entrepreneurship


game media U9 net general manager Li Qiufeng after three years of social gaming business, eventually ended in failure. There are few industry experiences and the experience of failure for generations, so business mistakes in continuously in a team again, it is written with a blood entrepreneurial experience, blood can not flow in vain, it can not read.

Li Qiufeng experience:

17173 community senior manager

Sohu game channel editor

UUU9.COM general manager

(founder of Fenghua game social game development) read more

Tai Chi Alliance very service CPM product line

advertisers: very service

billing mode: CPM

: monthly settlement Commission

data feedback: 5:30


payment date:

month end of the month


1) is not allowed to change any advertising code, otherwise the effect will not be statistics, can not optimize the code.

2) must be put in the approved domain name, otherwise the effect will not be statistics.


service is an online interactive communication platform, any of you will can come to share with others, make a profit at the same time, descendants of knowledge, we benefit you money. read more

How to convert garbage into money

we may have a feeling that takes a long time to do regular station flow accumulation, and the garbage station is very easy to pull to flow, often see a month to flow 10 thousand articles, but the station’s profit level is low, the flow is often only and not to earn money, just to meet the their vanity.

to make money first to have traffic, this is correct, but if it is garbage flows into money, it is difficult, but not impossible task, we first look at what is trash and garbage stations do flow. read more

Currently do five ways to make money SP

we all know now only advertising can do is pay day of the Union message is veterans who often say SP. Today I will give you a few ways to operate SP. There may be some ways you’ve seen it, but it’s not working. This is the biggest obstacle to the success of zhang. Do SP days of income over a thousand people, of course, there are a lot of skills here.

method 1 is also my main source of income. Or the use of QQ space to do, we do not want to engage in space when the temptation to go too far. I’ve got a couple of losses. The last time I finished this method a lot of people and I want to QQ search King reason is can’t find the high quality QQ number! Here is how I get a high quality QQ number. Go to Taobao to buy some 2 hand QQ envelope price is 2-3 yuan number 1000. Of course, we don’t just have to take these QQ numbers. It’s a waste of time. Find a number of software. At the same time, landing a large number of QQ numbers can be changed into the inside of the data you want and then send the number inside all of the friends, although this method a little damage.. But a word to engage in the face of the network is to earn money. Estimated that we did not receive such a message it! read more

Young 90 should immediately start not to wait

entrepreneurship for a lot of friends is a fantasy and distant thing, the reason why the envy of the office workers because of their freedom of time, work, wealth, freedom. So many friends want to start their own business. However, most of the business, will stay in the mouth. Entrepreneurship requires money, and so I can save some money to start a business; or when I work to learn the skills, and make connections in all aspects of my business. The final result is waiting for me,,,

is now relatively hot business, especially after 90 entrepreneurs cause media, businesses and most of the attention of the workplace. The guardian found the problem is Kunming yuan business very much: twenty years of entrepreneurship, parents do not support, no money, no one; thirty year old business, wife does not support, children need stability, big do not want to do small business; about forty years old, relatives and friends are like joking live okay, don’t fight. And so on 60 years old retired, but found that his life has passed, it is better to go home with grandchildren. So I cried for the life of the slogan, but always waiting for the best opportunity. read more

Entrepreneurs do not programming how to set up startups

has an unwritten rule: to set up a startup, you need to build a product, and the development of the product must be some programming people.

this may mean that startups are going to try to find a technology co-founder, learn how to program, or even to build a lean most simplified implementation of the product". In the traditional concept, if you do not have the technical strength, then you and a little younger than PPT.

, however, there are a number of startups in their own way, a low-key rebuttal of this traditional concept. read more