Grassroots developers readme WeChat can only be Tencent’s food

that it can not do it, who knows when Tencent look at this business." Talking about Tencent national team, Shenzhen, a developer of laughter helpless. The topic from a Tucao shortly before the pass pocket founder white crow. As Tencent electricity providers have begun to do and pocket a similar thing, but also has the interface does not have access to the right pocket, he was not very comfortable. "Tencent that allow other developers to do?!" the white crow thought.

many developers are now caught in confusion, in the face of Tencent’s own business and the Department of Tencent’s investment business on the full occupation of WeChat, grassroots developers are increasingly away from WeChat. I talked with several WeChat industry chain practitioners talked about WeChat’s views. read more

Need to be wary of entrepreneurship involving about 24000000000 yuan of pyramid schemes

involved in the amount of about 24000000000 yuan in Jinhua, thousands of shopping network marketing case, the national concern. Yesterday, the Wucheng District People’s Court of Jinhua made the first instance verdict.

of the original "home shopping company chairman should be guilty of organizing and leading the crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan; guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to 7 years imprisonment; two crimes, decided to implement 15 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan. read more

Dark horse in December the need for members to upload identity card scanning


Hello everyone!

in 2008 due to the relevant provisions of the tax in Beijing, please pay more than 50 yuan of the month to upload the identity of the payee ID (, upload email.

please upload as soon as possible before the payment date, only need to upload the front, you have uploaded it does not need to upload again (that is, just upload once).

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

Site navigation station money must think about the four major issues

site navigation station is very profitable, this concept from a few years ago, a good 123. There are still a lot of people are still willing to do web site navigation station, but from another point of view site navigation station. There are many problems. Do Wangzhuan not everyone can do, want to do the site navigation station, you must think out a few questions. You want to know, you can do it.

1, your site to see who

web site is the first popular Internet access to those who do not contact the Internet with the new. At that time, the classification of small, less content, there are several large web site enough. When these people realize the convenience of the site, the rapid development of the station. read more

About to bid farewell to the guest give you some advice

to write this article is very miserable, others are desperate to make money, while they played drums retreat, farewell guest website, said it is feel useless, but it is not what he somehow and other sites do not retire, but there is some words to the novice later said that, after all, vigilance is conducive to our webmaster career for a long time.

from 2009 to the present, Amoy website development environment has become increasingly harsh, the new owners want to make money efforts must be a lot more than the owners, not necessarily have to report, but we have to understand now the Amoy development is facing five difficult circumstances. read more

Defeat entrepreneurial small revelation products success and friendship is three by entrepreneurs

people from the media entrepreneurs produced Lanna evening reading "defeat" entrepreneurial small entrepreneurs, feeling confused three: the first and most likely to be their "products"; second "captured the hearts of the temptation is" success "; the third can be called" the temptation of friendship". He suggested: "all who want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, we should first look at this book, especially college students."

  read more

Wiki alliance and website operators together through the winter

is the deepening of economic development in the market today, the brand for the importance of survival and development of enterprises brand strategy has become a magic weapon as everyone knows, many well-known enterprises in an invincible position in the market competition. The rise of the Internet, for the enterprise to provide a good platform for low-cost network marketing, the birth of online advertising has become the dominant force in the advertising industry. Today, whether it is a large enterprise, or small and medium enterprises, are gradually aware of the importance of network advertising and network marketing has been included in the focus of enterprise development planning. read more

Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more

Taobao Wangzhuan simple strategy to teach you how to set up shop in taobao com

believes that whether it is to do or not do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends must know Taobao! Maybe a lot of people do not believe that free money online, but when it comes to Taobao money there is hardly anyone who does not believe that! How to do Taobao http://s.www to earn?. 41cash. Cn summed up some Taobao experience through a conversation with Taobao veteran. Taobao master pass it!

many people would think. Taobao has what to learn? Look at the tutorial on Taobao website, who can shop. But some people did a few years in Taobao did not earn a few money, some people have a few months of millions of income. So it’s different. read more

Chinese e businessmen new hope Chinese economy

    China in recent years of economic development is really fast, this year’s statistics last year, as if it is 2 digit growth rate, regardless of the development of this figure is not water inside, but at least it seems to me, is the representative of the China is rapidly entering a good period of development

Chinese economic development, Chinese users more, read the data, if there is nearly 300 million Internet users, you, me, our side all the people on the Internet, are simply summarized as Internet users, this simple fool is summed up, although rough, but I also feel very good. read more

Mom analysis of the status quo of Amoy domestic trouble and foreign invasion in Ali

straight into the topic, saying: Mom Amoy is not optimistic, unless the official really solve some problems.

, all

1, promotion problems. How many guest for the promotion of breakthrough is very confused, this is a personal problem, do not see more elaborate, Ali mother forum will help.

2, Amoy competition. This cake is so big mom, every day there will be a new guest to join, like crazy ant prey, the daily competition intensified.

3, a. Just want to name the guest host, but now Ali mother links throughout the network, each website forum, blog, e-mail, QQ, wangwang…… Wherever there are guest promotion links, do as mice do to avoid Voices of discontent. See, a few days ago, the QQ MM links have been blocked, but also can come back, do not know is not the official agreement between doing business because they also want to pat, send you the link is from others pocket catch candy. read more

Only the online bookstore CPL new member recruitment activities began

dear affiliate member:

since February 21, 2008, 99 online bookstores newly registered members, membership orders over the amount of 30 yuan, is divided into an additional 2 yuan / month, the rebate amount of 6% of the still normal payment orders.

new member recruitment activities, $39 optional activities page address: Msc=99zx080221


activity deadline: March 31, 2008

active material has been added, please Members active

only alliance

2008-2-21 read more

Google AdSense launched a new ad to improve the user experience

Google expands AdSense project

Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant Google Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

Google said that these AdSense can be used as an extension of the expansion of static advertising banner advertising or advertising segment, or can cover a large area of the site below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can. read more

7 ways to make money Taobao Raiders

do Taobao off a monthly income of million people greatly, Amoy income on the list a week hundreds of thousands of people, you are not very jealous. Many people started to earn money, some people even suspect on the list of data is false, you can responsibly tell you that a lot of Amoy earn a lot of money, let alone on the hundred dollars, Nisshin million are many. I am not a guest, I just found out that fought in these methods is to make money:

1, mass (recommended)

including blog group, BBS group, QQ mass, mass mail. These mass effect is good, I think you must have received a similar QQ advertising information. Focus on the blog and forum. Now you are in use Baidu Search Moumou, Moumou official website, the flagship store is not found in many BBS pages in Baidu home page? Another blog mass effect please see below, a short period of time, sent more than 2 thousand articles, is now 10 in the morning, traffic on the 65, I have observed a day at about 200-500IP. Similar blog, you can easily get 10, the 100 out. Flow is not a problem. These are the guest a day on the accurate flow estimates more than 500 yuan of income. read more

TOM plans to reduce the proportion of SP business through acquisitions

  since September 11th, Baidu to improve the competitive ranking business: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". Baidu sources said, in addition to the price of the customer site in addition to the price factor, but also look at the quality index of its purchase keywords. According to reports, the keyword quality index will be based on the frequency of this keyword was hit in the past, with the main business of the business, as well as the degree of recognition of the Internet users to calculate. Quality index and price multiplied, the last comprehensive ranking index". At the same time, the level of Web site is also considered as a factor. "A large site, even if the price is slightly lower, may also be smaller than a small site ranking." read more

My website makes money and looks good

website and blog advertising, is already familiar with the things, and I believe that many have a certain flow of the site can also make money by advertising. But for the people who have just built a new site, never dared to expect to put money through advertising, so people put advertising is to make money, I only have a good look.


, just contact the website alliance, is blind to what a curious, even Google Google ads also apply, but they give reply is a new station less than 6 months, but I did not care, because we really are a new ah, was thinking to flow up then apply for. read more

Master station doorway pictures can also make money

image station can quickly obtain the flow is the majority of owners agree, but let us picture stand to make money by confused, often for entertainment especially picture station because the flow rate to the fast, so the advertisement price is not high, usually with "my sister" about 20 thousand IP picture stand, wandering the top monthly advertising also about 900, according to the website quality may be slightly low or high. But isn’t 20 thousand IP really just a few thousand dollars? read more