First Dance on stage at Brock

A Canadian play about same-sex marriage will be stepping onto the stage at Brock’s Studio Theatre this month.First Dance, a play set just months after same-sex marriage became legal in Canada, tells the story of a man about to marry his partner trying to devise the couple’s traditional first dance. Through ballroom dance and theatre, his journey as a gay man is explored through the challenge of creating a dance for a ritual that has no history.The play will be performed Sept. 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. by the Tottering Biped Theatre company. Brock alumni Jeff Fox stars in the play written by Lisa O’Connell and co-starring Trevor Copp.O’Connell got the idea to pen a play after attending a small LGTB-oriented performance festival where she saw Fox and Copp, two male champion ballroom dancers, demonstrate ‘Liquid Lead,’ a unique dance that the two developed in which the lead and follow switch seamlessly throughout the dance. It’s a form that they view as more in keeping with a modern relationship of give and take as opposed to the classic male/lead and female/follow formula.Over the course of a year, Lisa interviewed Trevor and Jeff as they spoke of their experiences as gay adolescents, ballroom dancers and friends. Those interviews became the raw material for First Dance.To reserve tickets, email info@totteringbiped.ca. read more