2017 Ohio Crop Tour I-71 Day 2

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest       Presented by AgroLiquidSee results from Day #1 of the I-71 Leg of The 2017 Ohio Crop TourSee results from Day #1 of the I-75 Leg of The 2017 Ohio Crop TourFollow Day #2 of the I-75 Leg of The Ohio Crop TourClinton County Corn Summary: This corn was fairly short, compared to what we have seen throughout the day and grass and weeds fill the rows. N is still in good shape here. Ears were short, but had some body to them. A few 18s and one 20 around. Ear count was 28 and this field is well in the dent stage. Our yield calc is 172. Clinton CountyClinton CountyClinton County Soybean Summary: We found out from the farmer that there are non-GMO beans and although weeds have gotten in here, the plants were very healthy. A fungicide was recently applied so disease was in check and we did notice slight feeding from Japanese Beetles. These 30 inch rows had a canopy height of 25 inches and the first node was 5 inches off the ground. We rate this field as good. Clinton CountyClinton CountyHighland County Corn Summary: This area is getting a lot of rain at the moment and both fields have standing water due to the excessive rains. As we saw earlier on tour, our samples were vastly different. Both scouts noticed tough emergence issues and this field had some tip back up to 2 inches as well. Some Northern but no insect pressure. Ear count was 30 and our yield guess here is 145.Highland CountyHighland CountyHighland County Soybean Summary: These beans will benefit from this weather and will need all the help they can get. Canopy height was 31inches and the first node was 5 inches high. We rate these beans as Good.Highland CountyHighland CountyFayette County Corn Summary: This ground is dry, but the plants are healthy. Very little Grey and some bird damage. Ear count was right at 25 and our yield guess is 150, but we have a feeling these will do a lot better in other parts of this field.Fayette CountyFayette CountyFayette County Soybean Summary: By far, the tallest beans we have seen on tour and probably the tallest we have ever seen with a canopy of 57 inches. This crop is still setting pods but not without a good rain here soon. With the tall beans come a very average pod set at this point. No insects and very few disease issues in this field. The first node was found at about a foot up the plant. We rate this field as Good.Fayette CountyFayette County Ross County Corn Summary: Ear count here was low because of some skips and that ended up making our yield guess lower than expected. We did note some Northern above the ear and some nitrogen deficiency. One half of the the tip did not pollinate. The stalk wasn’t girthy and we saw some smut here as well. Our yield guess is 151 bushels to the acre.Ross CountyRoss County Soybean Summary: These double crop beans are off to a great start. The field is very clean, healthy and with good moisture here. Saw some light Beetle feeding and very minor Frog Eye. Canopy height was 30 inches and the first flower was 5 inches up the stalk. Good to Excellent is how we rate this field. Plenty of potential.Ross CountyRoss CountyFairfield County Corn Summary: This is some of the younger corn we have seen today. They have seen enough moisture here but some cracks in the soil prove that more is needed. Ran into some green snap here, but not much. Some GLS and a dab of rust. Ear count was 30 and our yield guess was 153.Fairfield CountyFairfield CountyFairfield County Soybean Summary: A fairly even stand here with excellent weed control. Plants are still pollinating. The pod set is okay but nodes are far apart. A lot of energy went into growing these beans tall and not pod production. Found some slight Downy Mildew but nothing significant. Canopy height was 42 inches and the first node began 5 inches up the stalk. We rate this field in the Fair to Good category.Fairfield CountyFairfield CountyPickaway County Corn Summary: The first thing we noticed here was this corn running out of nitrogen. We found our first corn leaf aphid and some eggs on one leaf. Lots of Grey below the ear and some tip back starting to happen here. Some hail damage was also found in this field that we calculate a yield of 191 with an ear count of 30.Pickaway CountyPickaway CountyPickaway County Soybean Summary: Some minor hail damage here too, but the week control here has been great. Some more grasshoppers and Japanese Beetles were seen and although this field is okay on moisture, another rain or two will be helpful. We rate this field as Good.Pickaway CountyPickaway CountyMadison County Corn Summary: This was a demonstration plot at Farm Science Review so it was much further along. Good ear fill overall but tip back was evident. Saw song bird damage here and minimal GLS below the ear. An ear count of 31 and a yield guess of 160, but FSR Manager Nate Douridas told us that under any other circumstances this field would have been replanted. Madison CountyMadison CountyMadison County Soybean Summary: After about a quarter inch of rain this morning, these fields were very wet. The field was cleaner than our boots. Some hail damage was noticed and slight Frog Eye was here too. Canopy height was about 38 inches and the first node was 3 inches high. The pod set was one of the more impressive ones were have seen over the two days. We rate this field Good to Excellent. Madison CountyMadison CountyClark County Corn Summary: This field is as far along as we have seen, well into dent. Lower leaves are firing and it looks like an application is stopping the Grey and Northern. Ear count was aggressive at 35 and ear fill was really nice here. Our yield guess here is an even 200. Clark CountyClark CountyClark County Soybean Summary: Not much bad to say about these soybeans. This field is extremely clean and the only ding on this crop is about 1 to 2 percent of white mold. These beans were tall (4 ft canopy) and thick. First node starts at 7 inches up the plant. Disease and insect are no where to be found here. We rate this field as Excellent. Clark CountyClark CountyChampaign County Corn Summary: This was a twin-row field in really good dirt. Despite twin rows, ear count remained pretty standard at 33. Saw some Grey and Northern with minimal insect pressure in this corn in dent. Our yield calc here is 193. Champaign CountyChampaign CountyChampaign County Soybean Summary: This twin-row field was pretty wavy and we noticed a lot of early pods aborted. With that said, they were still flowering some and SDS was starting to set in. Canopy height was 42 inches and first not came at 6 inches up. We rate this field as Good. Champaign CountyChampaign CountyUnion County Corn Summary: We wondered what we might be getting into when we saw the end rows here, but the field was significantly healthier once we got into it. Ear count was 33. One of our 3 ear samples showed about an half inch of tip back and the other had great ear fill, but smaller ears. Some disease below the ear but the higher leaves looked great. No insects to speak of. Our yield estimate here is 150 bushels to the acre. Union CountyUnion CountyUnion County  Soybean Summary:We saw more Frog Eye here than we have seen elsewhere on tour. If this field gets some good August rains (more than they got here this morning) this field will do very well. Canopy height was 44 inches and the first node was 6 inches high. We rate this field as Excellent. Union CountyUnion Countylast_img read more

The Animal Spirits In Your Pipeline

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now We have a lot of ideas about how buyers buy and how we as sellers should sell. We collect and count data (mostly without capturing any context) and use it to show how buyers make thoughtful, rational, well-informed decisions. But mostly, as buyers, we aren’t as thoughtful or rational as we pretend to be. Mostly, we make emotional decisions and rationalize them after the fact.This week, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, made the rounds to promote his new book. With a sexy title like The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting, how could I possibly resist picking up? It wasn’t the title that got me. It was Greenspan’s admission that “animal spirits” have a greater impact on the economy as a whole, and that we aren’t ruled by “considerations of our rational long-term self-interest.” Greenspan wrote the book to suggest that animal spirits need to be considered when you look at whole economies.So how is this useful to you and me? You and I have known animal spirits underlie economic decisions for a long time. Our clients aren’t rational, decision-making creatures.Here are a few ideas Greenspan discusses in the book. I selected them specifically for the crossover into sales.Animal Spirits: John Maynard Keynes coined this phrase to mean “a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and not as the rational outcome of a weighted average of quantitative benefits multiplied quantitative probabilities.”Purchasing agents use spreadsheets to try to rationalize buying decisions. No one else does. The weighting is done in their head and doesn’t have very much to do with mathematical equations.Fear and Euphoria: “We all directly experience threats to our self and our values (fear) and the sense of well-being or elation (euphoria) triggered in pursuits of economic interests. Fear, a major component of animal spirits, is a response to a threat of life, limb, and net worth.”People are motivated to move away from pain and towards pleasure. We move away from danger and towards security. In larger, complex deals, this matters a great deal.Time Preference: “Time preference is the self-evident propensity to value more highly a claim to an asset today than a claim to that same asset at some fixed time in the future. A promise delivered tomorrow is not as valuable as that promised delivered today.”The return on investment we promise needs to be sooner rather than later. We don’t act in our own long-term self-interest because we are focused on the here and now. Even (especially) your clients.Herd Behavior: “There is a universally observed human trait to follow a leader of some sort. It is driven by most people’s need to achieve the security (emotional and physical) of belonging to a group. It is arguably one of our most important propensities, second only to fear, and a significant driver of economic activity.”“The emergence of modern social media has only accelerated herd behavior.”“People in every society seek to improve their status in the pecking order of any organization.”Want to know why consensus is so important? Want to know why people go along and get along? We need to belong to a group. Want to know why some organizations are so political? It’s the pecking order. Welcome to the herd!Home Bias: “Home bias is the propensity to deal with the familiar: with people and things geographically close to home and familiar in terms of culture, language, and trust.”“A propensity related to the comfort and familiarity of trading with partners close to home is the emotional comfort we all sense in personal relationships that become familiar and predictable. The uncertainty that arises with strangers imparts a certain, if minor, stress that subsides with familiarity.”All things being equal, relationships win. Trust matters. Caring matters.Look at the opportunities that you are working on right now. Look at your clients. If you can’t see the animal spirits at work, then look deeper. We are human beings, and animal spirits is the deep stuff that drives our behaviors and beliefs.last_img read more

It’s not easy to resolve Kashmir issue: Parrikar

first_imgPanaji: The Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, on Friday said the “Kashmir issue” is not easy to resolve and advocated a “long-term policy” for it.Mr. Parrikar was speaking at a State government-organised function on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary on Friday. ‘Discussions are spoilers’ He also said discussions on sensitive issues should be minimal. “There are some things on which discussions should be minimal. These things need to be made to happen instead. Discussions can be spoilers. The media asked me about some issues today morning. I asked them: do you want this thing to happen, or do you want it to become news?”Open discussions, according to Mr. Parrikar, bring multiple opinions to the fore and may become a hindrance in decision-making: “If you want something to happen, don’t discuss it too much in the news. When there is a discussion, one person says one thing, while someone else says something else.”He also said he wasn’t accustomed to New Delhi and there was “a lot of pressure” on him there.‘Shivaji is my guru’Mr. Parrikar also said Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is his political guru. However, he said worshipping icons is not enough. “I imbibe [Shivaji’s] qualities only as much as I can. I have to learn from his qualities. There is no point merely worshipping.” He added, “It is important to imbibe at least some of [Dr. B.R.] Ambedkar’s qualities. We cannot imbibe everything. If you did, you would become Babasaheb [Ambedkar] yourself.”last_img read more

Bigg Boss 11 analysis Day 74 analysis: Priyank pours his heart out about Vikas to Arshi, joins Hiten and Akash in prison

first_imgBigg Boss 11’s this weeks’s luxury budget task BB Lab is won by Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi and Luv. Post the winners’ announcement Vikas makes an issue out of Priyank saying ‘Guchipoo’ during the task when he was dressed in a bikini and was trying to make them laugh. Arshi told Priyank that Vikas is hurt because he and his mother call each other ‘Guchipoo’ and he made a vulgar joke out of it. Priyank explained it to Arshi that he loves and respects Vikas’ mother as his own. He talks to her about Vikas and said that if he is able to shout at Vikas, it’s his generosity. He further added that what Vikas has done for him, that’s either done by parents or a big brother. He even asked her to not talk about their conversation to Vikas. But Arshi being Arshi, went to Vikas and told him everything. This irked him more and he accused him of doing all this for footage.  Housemates woke up to Duniya Re Duniya Very Good from Trimurti. Even after repeated warnings from Arshi, Akash continued to sleep during the daytime. Hiten blamed Arshi for his high-handed attitude. This didn’t go down well with Arshi, who said that when something happens, everyone enjoys it but later blames it on her, Akash or Hina.During the daytime, Bigg Boss asked Arshi to name one contestant who should be sent to prison. She took Akash’s name. The housemates are confused between Hiten, Priyank and Shilpa’s name for worst performer. Priyank volunteered, as he had never been to jail. Ultimately Akash, Priyank and Hiten are sent to kaal kothri. advertisementYesterday, Hina created quite an issue about Shilpa using tap water for cooking. She even blamed her for housemates falling ill. The allegations didn’t go down well with the Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hai actress, who quit kitchen duty and asked Hina to step in. Shilpa got emotional after her confrontation with Hina.Later, Bigg Boss introduced CP Plus task, where Arshi and two other housemates chosen by her could view some of the things said behind their back. Arshi selected Vikas and Hina. Arshi viewed a video clip where Hina, Luv, Benafsha and Priyank are talking about her clothes and in another clip she saw Puneesh and Akash plotting against her. She came out and confronted Hina and Puneesh on the same. Hina got to see what other housemates talked about her behind her back. She saw Shilpa mocking her during Rocky Jaiswal’s visit in the house and broke into tears. It will be interesting to see how Hina confront Shilpa after watching the CCTV footage in tonight’s episode.last_img read more

HTC U12 Life schematics show Google Pixel-like dual tone design

first_imgHTC has called off its smartphone business in India but it continues to make phones for other markets. The Taiwan-based company is working on adding a new device to its U12 lineup aka the HTC U12 Life codenamed Imagine Life. The U12+ is said to be the souped down version of the HTC U12+ which launched only recently. Rumours suggest that the HTC U12 Life will go official very soon and will come with an affordable price tag. Before the launch, a pair of schematics of the U12 Life have been leaked online showing Google Pixel like dual tone design.The schematics of the U12 Life that have been leaked by Slashleaks reveal both front and rear panel design of the phone. On the back — as already said — the U12 Life will have a Google Pixel-like dual design. However, the schematics don’t really show if the phone will be made of two different material like the Pixel or will just come in two different colour or finish.The schematics further show that the HTC U12 Life will sport dual cameras on the rear panel aligned in a vertical fashion. The two cameras are seen separated by a flash. In the middle of the rear panel there’s the circular shaped fingerprint sensor just as the Pixel phones.On the front, the schematics show the HTC U12 Life with thick bezels and a tall display. The size of the screen, however, is still not known. But, looks like the display will come with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The top bezel is seen with an earpiece, some sensors and front camera. The bottom bezel, on the other hand, is left as it is.advertisementLast month, the complete specs of the HTC U12 Life was leaked. The U12 Life will borrow some specs from the flagship U12+. The phone is said to come with a 6-inch display with 1080 x 2160p resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage which can be expandable via a microSD card slot.The HTC U12 Life is tipped to come with two cameras on the rear panel and a single sensor on the front. On the back side, the HTC U12 Life is said to include a primary sensor of 16MP and a secondary sensor of 5MP. On the front, the HTC phone is expected to boast of a 13MP sensor paired with a selfie flash. The leaked specs show that the HTC phone will be backed by a 3,600mAh and offer a long last battery life — will mostly last for one full day.Well, it is important to note that the HTC U12 Life will not come to India. This is because the company has decided to wind up its smartphone business in India. Meaning, there will be no new HTC phone coming to the Indian market including the HTC U12+ and U12 Life.last_img read more