Bandits kill minibus driver

first_img– in daring daylight robbery at McDoomA brazen and meticulously planned robbery on passengers on board a Route 32Dead: Route 32 minibus driver Tedroy Jamesminibus has left the driver dead after he attempted to flee from several armed attackers.Thirty-five-year-old Tedroy James, aka “Six-Head” of Suddie, Essequibo Coast, was shot in the back by one of three armed bandits around 11:30h on Tuesday. Guyana Times was told that the attackers were young males.The attack was well planned, as eyewitness revealed that one of the passengers of the BTT 976 bus who was picked up along the West Coast Demerara road was a bandit. This publication was told that he was in constant communication with someone on hisThe dead man’s cousin in white was inconsolable when she heard the news of his deathmobile phone, reportedly sending several messages to an associate. The male passenger reportedly requested that the bus be stopped at McDoom along the East Bank Demerara Public Road. However, as he was about to exit the minibus, the criminal’s intentions were unearthed as the man grabbed a bag belonging to another passenger before turning on him with a gun. Police later disclosed that the bag contained $1000 in cash and one mobile phone valued $17,000.Eyewitnesses told this publication that moments after the bag was snatched, twoThe crime scene moments after the bus driver was shot to the backmale accomplices swooped down on the vehicle, joined in the attack, and attempted to rob other passengers. The minibus driver had attempted to drive away with his passengers, but his bid to escape was short-lived as one of the three gunmen shot him once to the back. The trio then fled the scene through a street in McDoom. However, swift investigations by Police ranks led to the capture later in the afternoon of one of the suspects, who is currently in custody.James was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. At the facility, the dead man’s sister, Shaundell James told this newspaper that she travelled with her brother from Parika to Georgetown only that morning, not knowing that Tuesday would have been theThe scene at the hospital after relatives learnt that the driver had passed awaylast time she would see him alive. Later on, other relatives of James gathered to garner updates on their loved ones, but their queries erupted into frantic outbursts upon learning that the bus driver had died.Guyana Times was told that James had one other sister and a brother who had passed away not too long ago. The now deceased driver leaves to mourn his two children. Investigations are ongoing. (Shemuel Fanfair)last_img read more

The 5 Big Questions Dell Will Have To Answer To Survive

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair markhachman Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Tags:#BYOD#cloud computing#dell#PCs#Server Virtualization#servers#Windows 8 center_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts On Tuesday, Dell faced Wall Street analysts for what could be the last time, as Michael Dell and a collection of investors prepare to take the company private. And though Dell Inc. reportedly exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, the results were disappointing overall. And in some ways, that’s a good thing.Dell revenues fell 11% to $14.3 billion. Profits were down, too: 31% to $534 million. Dell’s consumer business fell by a whopping 24% to $2.8 billion; The slogan “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” is now a distant memory.The earnings call is a unique event in American business; although chief executives occasionally deign to hear questions from business reporters, rarely do they sit down with their upper management and submit to questions about their past and future financial and operational performance. Calls following quarters in which a business dramatically exceeds expectations, taking a drink each time an analyst congratulates execs (“Great quarter, guys!”) will usually result in a long nap under one’s desk.After a lousy quarter, on the other hand, analysts feel unusually liberated to ask the pointed questions that should always be asked. And – hurray! – some of them did their jobs on Tuesday.Here are the five questions that Dell will need to answer going forward:1. Does Dell Belong In The PC Market?In many ways, this is the same question that Hewlett-Packard faced in the wake of Leo Apotheker’s decision to shop the PC business, Meg Whitman’s decision to retain it, and then the ultimate reorganization into a combined printer/PC business. With very little room for adding value besides bundling a printer with a PC, adding the crapware software that users hate, and striking out into relatively untested waters such as ultraportables and tablets, the answer seems to be: “Yes, but barely.”Dell’s strengths are its XPS tier and its Latitude line of business PCs. But as Dell chief financial officer Brian Gladden noted, the growth continues to be in tablets and in the low-value desktop and notebook space – both areas where Dell, seeking higher profits, has consciously avoided.2. Is There An Opportunity To Refresh Older Corporate PCs?Yes, definitely. And that’s the primary reason Dell won’t bail out of the PC market any time soon – it has established longstanding ties with corporate America. This was one of the most telling quotes of the call:“I think that’s really tough to get at, but the data that we’ve seen would suggest there’s still somewhere in the range of 40% of the corporate installed base for PCs that is XP or Vista that needs to be upgraded,” Gladden said. “So that’s, I think, pretty consistent with the data that we see for our installed base, and for what we hear from our corporate customers.”Corporate IT departments rarely, if ever, update a PC operating system without refreshing the hardware, too. Microsoft may have to worry about corporate customers turning to Windows 7 rather than 8, but Dell doesn’t care either way. And with support ending for Windows XP in April 2014, Dell knows there’s a windfall ahead.“All the data that we’ve seen, all the conversations we’ve had with customers, would lead us to believe that there’s still a significant refresh activity that has to happen in the next 12-14 months,” Gladden said.3. Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) The Answer?Yes. Or it was in December, when Michael Dell said exactly that. “And in the customer conversations that we’ve been having, the interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even with commercial customers, who would normally wait a few releases to adopt the new versions,” Dell said. “What we’re seeing here is really an immediate need, because CIOs are worried about the ramifications of a BYOD world. With Windows 8 products… we’re pleased with the incredible experience that they expect, while you get the security and versatility and reliability that your enterprise really requires.”Since then, Microsoft has reported terrific Windows 8 numbers, although there has been some suspicion that the company hid behind previouslysold Windows 8 licenses. Still, Dell and the rest of the PC industry will certainly help try and make Windows 8 a success. Ultimately, however, Michael Dell has bet his farm on Windows, while other hardware makers, like Samsung, have diversified into Android and phones. Time will tell who made the right choice.4.) Will Server Customers Keep Buying From Dell, Or Roll Their Own?If you’re not following the datacenter market that runs the cloud services we use and love, you’re may be unaware that Facebook has pioneered an industry-wide program called Open Compute, which publishes detailed specifications on building your own servers via components from no-name manufacturers. Facebook recently said that a major European datacenter would be constructed entirely from these “white box” servers, and companies like Rackspace have also signed on.Revenue-wise, Dell’s Server and Networking Business unit grew 11% in the last quarter, to $9.3 billion. But ISI Group‘s Brian Marshall asked one of the key questions: given the Open Compute model, will the trend continue? Gladden waved off the question.“It is relatively isolated to a few number of large-scale customers who can make the economics work, and given that, we’re still seeing strong growth in that business, and significant opportunities to continue to grow the hyperscale business,” Gladden said. “So I don’t think it’s a new dynamic.”Gladden’s right; most companies are not going to exert the time and effort to design their own servers, Open Compute or no. But over time, this may eat into the server businesses of Dell and others.5.) What Effects Will Virtualization, Consolidation and the Cloud Have On Servers?Virtualization, where a number of “virtual servers” can share computing resources, helps effectively consume underutilized servers, especially older hardware. Some of the older hardware can be retired, as data centers “consolidate” their hardware and run virtual machines on top of them to maximize their use. At the same time, as more cloud services are deployed, the number of servers they require goes up. Unfortunately, analysts have reported that the number of servers sold has flattened – the trends of consolidation and virtualization are holding down sales, and revenues are actually decreasing.For a long time, notebooks became the escape route out of the quicksand of commoditization that has dragged the industry down. Then servers were the answer. Now, they’re apparently sinking into the mud, too.Dell may in fact continue to provide updates to Wall Street as it goes private; it hinted as much when it talked about a fiscal first-quarter earnings release. But as the company moves into the financial shadows, away from public scrutiny, it did not provide any guidance for the future. One can wonder whether its outlook is equally cloudy.last_img read more

It’s not easy to resolve Kashmir issue: Parrikar

first_imgPanaji: The Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, on Friday said the “Kashmir issue” is not easy to resolve and advocated a “long-term policy” for it.Mr. Parrikar was speaking at a State government-organised function on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary on Friday. ‘Discussions are spoilers’ He also said discussions on sensitive issues should be minimal. “There are some things on which discussions should be minimal. These things need to be made to happen instead. Discussions can be spoilers. The media asked me about some issues today morning. I asked them: do you want this thing to happen, or do you want it to become news?”Open discussions, according to Mr. Parrikar, bring multiple opinions to the fore and may become a hindrance in decision-making: “If you want something to happen, don’t discuss it too much in the news. When there is a discussion, one person says one thing, while someone else says something else.”He also said he wasn’t accustomed to New Delhi and there was “a lot of pressure” on him there.‘Shivaji is my guru’Mr. Parrikar also said Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is his political guru. However, he said worshipping icons is not enough. “I imbibe [Shivaji’s] qualities only as much as I can. I have to learn from his qualities. There is no point merely worshipping.” He added, “It is important to imbibe at least some of [Dr. B.R.] Ambedkar’s qualities. We cannot imbibe everything. If you did, you would become Babasaheb [Ambedkar] yourself.”last_img read more

ED questions Hooda in land case

first_imgFacing charges of criminal conspiracy and cheating in the Manesar land case, former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was on Thursday questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) here.An official, requesting anonymity, said that Mr. Hooda’s statement was recorded under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) in the case.The CBI had registered the case in 2015 following allegations that private builders, in conspiracy with some State government officials, had bought about 400 acres in and around Manesar at throwaway prices, causing a loss of about ₹1,500 crore to the owners.Chargesheet filedThe CBI had filed a chargesheet under sections of the IPC related to criminal conspiracy and cheating, and relevant provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act against Mr. Hooda and other accused.last_img read more