August 2017

Use blog do a few details need to pay attention to the chain

. Blog name don’t use the keyword of the website

using the general weight blog homepage to do keyword ranking, 100 articles as a Links brings good effect, of course, that may be a little exaggeration that, but that the general weight blog is really not suitable for web site keywords ranking target. The goals of the web site keywords on the Internet at the same time there are many sites to do, if you want to rely on these general keywords weight blog to enhance the site’s ranking, it is a thankless thing. But the use of these blog website long tail keywords ranking is more than sufficient. Qiushi believe everyone has heard of it, he had to do a weather forecast website, is the use of long tail keywords general weight blog website ranking, the Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate, after two years of effort, the site of one hundred million IP obtained from the search engine a year, quite amazing. So he built thousands of blogs, maintain the blog, to the site of the inside pages of each do link. read more

WeChat Shanghai dragon will be the next hot site of Shanghai dragon who

to the long tail effect, while WeChat’s long tail is almost negligible, because your public name is not long, and when the search public number, are more accurate, it is difficult to play the role of the long tail. As for the structure of the site is


Shanghai dragon is dedicated to improve the site optimization in the search engine in the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. In order to achieve the purpose of self marketing, can be said that the flow is the most accurate and most affordable. The Internet is shifted from the PC to the mobile Internet, plus love Shanghai search engine algorithm changes, the flow of the PC, especially the pure reading of web traffic is greatly reduced, which led to the thinking of many Shanghai dragon’s old dish is a site of Shanghai Phoenix veterans, veterans I, for custom: experienced rookie. Ha ha, Shanghai Longfeng scheme without system, but also made some wonderful case. Also so, today to talk about the site of the Shanghai dragon, WeChat Shanghai dragon will be the next hot spot read more

B2B industry website is a double edged sword a

B2B industry has its advantages and disadvantages unique to other portals, information, enterprises and individuals, it is for traditional enterprises is of far-reaching significance! B2B is a gold mine, but also increasingly developed, the Internet has to put the previous line industry all moved online, do not get involved in the online marketing of small enterprises can be said in the initial slow opponent beat, less a lot of sales channels! For the enterprise, the advantage line can be used ‘wide’ to summarize: regional wide, wide range. Not affected by time, place, space, there are some irreplaceable advantages in cost, sales channels, promotion of read more

Analysis of the causes of the sudden decline of the site outside the chain and how to release the ch

two, a single chain into too


site outside the chain lifting is a common thing, but if too much on the lifting amplitude of short-term foreign chain, has certain effect on the weight of the website ranking. Because the website ranking with the weight of the chain has a certain relationship. If you find your site outside the chain update once out of thousands, then update also rose one thousand. This range is not scared to death will be out. And the main reason for this situation, such as the quality of the chain is not zayang, too many single place outside the chain, today I mainly analyze the chain effect of number of lifting factors and how to effectively release the chain: read more

Open the speed of using Google Analytics statistical precision test

is the premise of your site has noble baby Analytics statistical code, Analytics will open when the speed of noble baby on a visit the statistical test page, landing GA background on any time segment each open web page loading speed statistical analysis.

webmaster can visit the noble baby Analytics website, enter the new version of GA, find the site speed in the content of the report under the standard part. Open the site speed report, then the selected time range. Then you can see many kinds of statistical web page open speed value. If the average page load time is the number of seconds, the number of open web speed test sample. The list below shows the specific average of each page open speed using the number of seconds. Through the above chart can visually see the comparison of open speed. read more

Love from Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry internal server error phenomenon

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng entry is relatively simple, Shenzhen does not require you to have high technical level, also do not need you to have deep knowledge of the network technology, is this low threshold, so many people in the industry began to become impetuous. Because I think simple, don’t think of what to learn, so impetuous, always think they are able to wield the keyword ranking is Shanghai dragon, this is a very funny thing. Take this love Shanghai big update for incident, many people pay too much attention to love Shanghai keywords ranking itself, does not care about the internal problems of their own website on the Internet, not stop manufacturing waste every day, making spam links, spam, but talk of Shanghai dragon, this is not very funny? An update love Shanghai, affects countless people in the forum of irrigation and post, even some Voices of discontent. Is not the and no. Here, Hui Chunbao webmaster remind the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the industry needs to be patient, careful and resources, not impetuous, otherwise, you will always do well in Shanghai Longfeng, let alone to obtain long-term development in this industry. read more

Guest six factors resulting in enterprise website revision


site navigation directory exists defects in the design or website layout design is not reasonable


website is the most important for Shanghai dragon, not solve the problem of search engines need not talked about any optimization strategy and implementation, the directory structure is not reasonable and can also cause confusion among obstacles. Of course, the weight of the site in different periods will also affect included the proportion, but the number of web pages and the total number included the minimum of not less than 50%, even if the bottom line can not reach you must consider whether the directory structure defect possibility website revision. read more

Do you have the right mentality of Shanghai dragon


said that the defeat. Though I have no statistics, but there should be a lot of people because of the setbacks and give up the Shanghai dragon. In particular they made great efforts, because the ranking plummeted to Shanghai dragon completely disappointed, that is a waste of life in Shanghai dragon. This is an extreme attitude. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng setbacks are common, can be said that no setbacks is impossible! Because you do is Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon Er survival depends on the search engine and search engine adjustment from the control of their own, are not subject to any national law, the search engine algorithm can be said only in the hands of the hands of a few people, and grasp the rules of people to some extent and in fact Shanghai dragon ER in hiding. So, the only constant is change this sentence to describe the Shanghai dragon is not an exaggeration. read more

Analysis of several important reasons why the love Shanghai website pulled into the sandbox

2) site in weight is not high in the case for a template or


!If there is a

mentioned above if there is a web site into the sandbox because love Shanghai list of words, I will put too frequently to modify the site title or keyword is ranked first, then I will put in the corresponding site weight is not high in the case for a template or source in second, with the above reasons almost, so I this is not to say nonsense, just remember, if you do not want to own the website is love Shanghai into the sandbox, then do not change when the website weight low website template or source code for read more

5 techniques for site navigation optimization

as the preferred text navigation links )

site navigation will generally appear in the website, to guide users to more easily and quickly reach the relevant channels and columns. In order to increase the channel entrance and to speed up the channel included, also sometimes add navigation guidance at the bottom of the page.

site navigation is very important for a website, focus on optimizing website navigation becomes particularly important, optimize the site navigation in general from the following 5 aspects read more

Conventional exactly how to send the chain to be effective

Many newcomers to ?The

I for the chain method we now use to do it effectively?

outside the chain of this problem, we only consider exactly how much hair, but never thought we send out a chain in the end there is no effect? If the chain is invalid, not doing useless work? The chain is not the number of the chain, some sites rarely, but the ranking is stable yes, website ranking is volatile, and what does this mean?

this is very popular, before the weight is still very good, but more and more mass software introduction, forum management is becoming more and more lazy, I suggest you don’t no one in some management forums outside the chain, which is the same as websites, what are not popular, the spider will go to visit it in? Some of the high popularity of the forum can attract some hits, meager strength or can be used, not some Adsense signature too tempting, curious people will go to the point that it is not for the web site to flow, noting that links should be text or hyperlinks, if not this condition we can only take a text, link well, good. read more

From the style to realize network marketing style

1, innovative unique marketing methods to make your products get a new life

to say really "the main reason for the style" this song is popular, in fact not content, nor the background, but the reputation of the propaganda. This song on YouTube, immediately there are many European and American stars, such as Madonna, big star songs praising its excellence, is to promote these stars, so many fans to follow, so also appeared numerous copycat version of "Gangnam style" has become popular. Our marketing network is also so, " read more

For the love of Shanghai right down the site restoration weight see

I believe that most of the sites did not do the 301 permanent redirection, which may also lead to many arch-criminal website weight is reduced. 301 representatives of permanent transfer (Permanently Moved), a 301 redirect is the web address to change after the best method of search engine friendly, as long as it is not a temporary move, I have recommended to do 301 redirect. My own website at the beginning of the ranking is very good, because I didn’t have the domain name WWW to the server, just use the root domain name, but later in order to prevent others to enter the domain name with the WWW site not found, initially with 404 tips, but this effect is not feeling very good, go directly to WWW the domain name is bound, but does not use a 301 redirect. Originally the ranking is based on the calculation of the root domain, but now there is www domain name, love Shanghai included also put this in ranking calculation, this love Shanghai will think the two page is exactly the same, he will abandon a miserable, that he put the WWW to calculate the ranking results, as can be imagined. My Ranking Ranking plummeted, has disappeared. read more

Chen Liang with a large market for objectivity like Google search

love Shanghai beauty diagram display

we all know that Google is a very characteristic of the company, have their unique corporate culture. But personally, they in the treatment of Chinese government or China Internet policies, in a normal person, it will make the right compromise. Unfortunately, it should be said that Google was not a normal company, Google is a company, unless it is reached a confidential agreement, Google might return to China.

Google returns Chinese telemetry information but it is long-standing, even if the sources from Google employees is insufficient for the letter. For example, Google internal staff broke the news of PR no longer update, but now it will collapse of itself. Today, I have a bold speculation, Google will stick to its search engine as in the past the objectivity, even lost a large China market, will not come back in a short period of time. read more

Exclusive secret love Shanghai Wikipedia myth

The following

I do not deny that this is the reason of the ranking is good, but I have to say that these are not the focus, take Wikipedia as an example, no matter where, no matter is in the chain or the user experience or do not love the sea, but only in the rankings than love Shanghai. In fact, in which we ignore a very important point, that is Shanghai’s own weight of love, only this is all of our sites are far behind, even Wikipedia is not (why Wikipedia said, because they are doing Encyclopedia). Oh, the answer is very simple. Without the truth, the above, first look at the love of Shanghai ranked read more

Chen Jun how to excavate the long tail keywords

the word input love Shanghai search box, first we found love Shanghai in the drop-down box, there is " Beijing moving company moving people Daquan network " and "the family of Beijing moving company, Beijing moving company price", "Beijing moving company", "Beijing moving company moving people net 10 yuan discount", "the Beijing moving company moving people on the net" these 6 words, the six words, including three words is painted "Beijing moving companies people move nets" "Beijing moving company moving people network offer 10 yuan" "Beijing moving company people move network, to determine why these three words are painted, is very simple, the word contains a web site name. So we in these six words, you can select the Beijing moving company which good "" Beijing moving public " read more

High weight and general chain acquisition method

1. Links. Links is an important way for us to obtain the high quality of the chain, so do the high quality of the chain, Links essential. So how to exchange Links? Many people make mistakes when exchanging the Links, which led to his site has been implicated in some right down, so the standard specification must risk chain can effectively avoid Links, otherwise it will The loss outweighs the gain. We first look at the weight of each website friends in exchange of the chain link, and then look at the other sites included, correlation, the so-called love Shanghai, love Shanghai chain snapshot time and is expected to flow, this is our usual standard. This method is correct? In fact we care about the content is not a chain of core standards, we have to determine whether or not you a website to exchange links, first look at the other site is to use black hat tactics, this is the basis, if a website is using black hat tactics, such as buying links or mass the chain to bring up, all our judgment is invalid, as long as he uses the black hat, we must have one vote veto. How is a website and then we want to see in terms of user experience, the content of quality control, to see how the development prospects of this website, which is an important standard to judge us. We don’t need to be misunderstood by some so-called friends of the chain standard. read more

How to reduce website search out rate

users to your website through the relevant keywords, find the related content on your site, either the insert anchor text too much lead to resentment users. Shanghai dragon Er: since do well, since written written, provide professional content, not the accumulation of key words, make it readable, users get the love, you can continue to browse other related articles.

users to your website through the relevant keywords, find the content of your website is very good, the residence time is very long, but is the lack of relevant content. Read off the page the user factors. Shanghai dragon Er solution: on the page can add "related article", "random article", "a, a". Let the user know your website and other content. Can let the interest continue to view the content of your website. read more

How to design the website and navigation from the user’s point of view

uses a red font in the website headlines, hot reading is the use of red, blue column selection. Select the font size is moderate, the distinctive font expression, to a small clear feeling, neither was slow, and can clearly express the title and description of the headlines and articles.

first, Xiao Bian think the overall style of the site. Choose the color collocation, for the website, to fully take care to industry. A good site layout style determines the user for the website is good or bad impression, also decided the website can attract customers. If we choose the website style, choose the color gives a feeling of oppression or in terms of color too bright and beautiful to the eye is a burden, the behavior of users may be immediately shut down the site or click on the next page, to avoid this behavior to cause excessive damage. read more

4 19 love Shanghai K station Don’t panic website drop right back small folk prescription


3, check whether the site has trojan virus, like, this is also very important.


according to the Shanghai Phoenix weathervane, update the range is not too large, but love Shanghai "4.19 love Shanghai", there is a search for "4.19 love sea K station", so the judgment, there are still many webmaster affected

the author will talk about how to restore the site right down

4, the low quality of the chain

2, check whether the site is non normal jump, jump is 301 unless others are used with caution. It is easy to be a search engine as cheating. read more