July 2017

My first successful soft Wen experience

to talk about my personal experience, the site for 2 years, has been looking for links to follow the prescribed order, submit the navigation station, know to answer questions such as the forum, which belongs to the simple style practice method to consummate point, the effect also is very good. Of course, often to A5, outdated and other webmaster online to see some of the website promotion articles, some promotion methods are also a smattering of knowledge, use very few.

previously often see about how to improve the weight and SEO like the article, mentioned the most is the promotion of soft paper. But I do not know what is the meaning of this soft Wen promotion? Then to understand it, that is writing with the link. It is easy to do, start writing a lot of splinters everywhere, with hyperlinks, is a look at the AD article, originally think based on personal experience to write soft article written in a hard paper advertising. Even more frightening is that the language is not organized well, most of which are useless for others. Sent to the station to directly click! Even a blog, hair has also been deleted, extremely depressed. Never wrote a soft text. read more

Station building has become a part of my life will not give up

I’m not good at writing articles, and I don’t have any literary talent. I’ll tell you about it in the form of running accounts. It may be similar to the experience of many webmaster.

‘s first contact with the computer while still at college, remember quickly graduated that year (1997), the 586 came out, everyone use it to play red alert, and legend of dune. At that time, I thought the computer was amazing. Computer lessons have not been learned: power on, off, five pen typing, Foxbase, UCDOS these things. Graduation, the new version of word came out, and others say typing with word typesetting, their listening straight fan, and even did not hear exactly what is called, "what what?" on such a computer foundation, graduated… read more

Wangzhuan career webmaster should be how to choose

many webmaster in the ranks of the head has been hard to pay their own to get something in return, look at your own web site a little growth both sad and sweet, the taste of the kind that only has to stationmaster people can experience.

today, the Internet society, we have to face the total pattern of too many, of course, there is a benefit that there can be more aspects, you can raise revenue for the webmaster.

Wangzhuan is always the hottest topic on the Internet, as long as there is a certain in a few days or a month to earn thousands or tens of thousands of news, is always the highest click rate on the Internet news. read more

To be a forum is to insist on the next success is you

recently because of certain things found their own schools, that is ranked second in a forum, the forum set up to now more than 2 years, but has been a school teacher in our school to suppress public opinion management is very strict, I did a campus forum, less than a month off, because the teacher does not allow the propaganda department.

we all know that the search for a school, the first is certainly the official website of, high weight, back is the basic level of "a few out of order, you create a forum, give you time, you can basically no suspense came to second. With the end of the college entrance examination in June, the search keyword of large area increased, most people love to go to school more interactive nature, so basically will choose the forum, ranked second in the forum has become the first choice target, which is part of the new never had contact with our other university homogeneous Forum, so the possibility of becoming loyal members is very large, this time you must make new affiliate marketing, if for every member to become active users, loyal users, but also want to activate the sleeping users, after all, sent a message to the forum and posted the ratio of 1:5 certainly there, the 4 the proportion is quite large, see you on how to activate, now do most is the activation of EDM EDM, but you also want to write enough to attract people ^_^ oh read more

The success of personal websites a theme that raises quality content

‘s thinking about personal websites has continued. The technical threshold of personal websites has been getting lower and lower. And even hair duck also found that more and more personal websites, not technology, but positioning. Personal websites are different from blogs. Blogs actually mean web logs. According to New Oriental teacher Li Xiaolai, blogs are actually web logs for individuals on a subject.

, and personal website actually refers to the website established by individuals, generally for profit purposes. The problem of locating personal websites is the biggest problem that bothers hairy duck. I have some experience today. We can analyze the purpose of Internet users. That means the user is ready to access the Internet. OK, so what’s he up to, read more

Talking about increasing the amount of Baidu and insisting on skills

The amount included in the

website often determines its search engine weight, although this argument there are still some people do not agree, but can not deny its weight in the eyes of the owners, so how to improve Baidu included quantity? Here to introduce several practical methods and notes.

1: adhere to the relevant "original" article

many of my friends have a misunderstanding, that the search engine is love "original" article, here the author quotes why? Because some of the new owners understand the original is too vague, indeed I think some good original articles or soft paper can bring the actual effect, but there are many "original" people understand is that Baidu or Google search to the article called "original" and largely ignored the article itself quality. read more

Guest do Taobao wise remark of an experienced person how to improve the conversion rate

from Taobao customers began there have been more than half a year, he made several guest website, income from scratch, from instability to stability, in fact the bitterness, only you know. Done so long Taobao, in fact, my biggest feeling is to do Taobao customers need to pay, need action, only in action to explore experience, we need to sum up experience in practice. Today, I share some of the experience I have gained in the process of doing the station. I hope I can help you with the Taobao guests. read more

t took only half a month for Baidu to include my website

since the purchase of domain name binding space, almost every day, site, Baidu, site almost numb,


used to see the online rumors, Baidu not included new sites; Baidu included new sites, only included the home page of Baidu; domestic domain cloud completely lost confidence, not included; after the Baidu home page, a long time not included in other pages on the website; Baidu originally included mass delete, delete to millions of results left home, let some tears…… Various rumors circulated on the Internet, watching the people moving. read more

As the garbage station mistakes you make full use of the keyword

do garbage stations, more than half by search. More than half of search sources are Baidu. So, how to do some of the top ranking Baidu keyword, but also to ensure that the flow of garbage station is very important. Stack up, hot, and some other cheating, it is easy to get your own stop, can not guarantee long-term traffic.

so, to do some popular keyword spelling, is also a good way to flow oh. These spelling errors, the search volume is not small, can ensure the flow and the key competition, than the more popular keyword is much lower, at least not found many special words wrong station. So it’s also a good choice to add some keyword related spelling errors to your content on the basis of your garbage site, read more

7 practices that cause websites to be K


1 accumulation, must die! If you like skype2008skype2008skype2008, skype2008 download, skype2008 tips, skype2008 tariff, the common problems of skype2008 that is better, solve the key accumulation problem! Search engine in the search time will not be too disgusted!

2 posting every day, refers to the post bar in Baidu, you can try to send 5 posts every day, ha ha, the results will be terrible!


3 uses cheating software to brush IP, brush traffic, short ranking rise will lead to your long-term depression! read more

How do make a fortune out of the garbage collection station

although I am still a small webmaster, but in doing the station on the road, but also has gone a long time.

since you have chosen to read my article, it means that you are still putting yourself in the new person’s position, so please come with me to discuss it.

here, I would like to enter the threshold of friends, talk about the heart, and give some reasonable advice. About exchange friendship, connection, BBS propaganda, QQ group, BLOG group or EMAIL group of small station propaganda method, I won’t say here, because there are too many people like me,. read more

Baidu loves you till it kills you

really started, SEO is also learning from the Admin5, SEO total work is to select keywords, reasonable distribution of keywords, for picture comments, remove useless code, optimize FLASH, or directly without FLASH, join

, etc.. Submit a free engine entrance, find the chain, and so on.


08 years I started experienced by Baidu down the right, and then has been not updated snapshot, how can we? For Baidu, really love and hate! I like all the SEOER are looking for Baidu’s algorithm, like every day in the same Baidu love more with him, the more he disgusted. But as China’s search engine boss, we can’t help falling in love with it again. It is man who must bow to life for bread. read more

Four ways to retain visitors

on QQ, Q friends often ask me, "Why are my stations so short of customers every day, and repeat customers account for 50% of the daily volume?"". Ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~ I do Q friends: "you only know I stand again, and you go on my station?" the Q friend has a sense of confusion, today, I was on the Admin5 website from the following aspects to answer the question. What kind of website is easier to retain visitors to


first, the speed of the website

the speed of the site for the website, it is the lifeblood, not only affect the user experience, but also influence the website included, today we don’t talk to talk to included the effects of user experience, it is difficult to imagine a day did not open the website will give visitors a sense of what. If you have a open website, what would you do next? Anyway, I was immediately shut down the site, because the site, will delay my precious time, but also seriously affect my mood was excited. In college, due to economic constraints, spend 100 yuan to buy a 500M space, the site is five days to sleep for three days, the remaining two days are still in the disabled state such sites will not repeat. Therefore, when we do the website, we must select a good network service provider to ensure the speed and stability of the website. read more

Analysis of the long experience of the local talent network in the road of development

the city where I live is Pingtan, the city of Fujian province. My website is Pingtan talent network, mainly to provide network recruitment, talent pool, HR documents, personnel assessment, campus recruitment and other multi-faceted human resources services. The local government does not attach much importance to the network, coupled with the lack of talent in this respect, so the network market in Pingtan is rather chaotic. Unprofessional and informal seems to be the common problem in most of Pingtan’s websites. read more

08 years the latest collection of English CMS system

is becoming more and more friends with E. But when it comes to do English station, believe that many webmaster friends meet the biggest problem is the CMS! A suitable and cheap for English management system how to find small? Do the e station according to their own experience for many years, has collected the latest and most practical mainstream English CMS, hope useful to the webmaster


below, these are the PHP source code cms:

Official website:

="" /AIOCP read more

Local community web site local promotion strategy

2010, local stations, industry stations have become another big choice for webmasters, of course, more friends will choose the same as me, choose the local station to operate. The local station and the station to the portal or professional, portal or professional station does not have the local information resources of local stations, so how to make good use of these resources, let us more directly and more quickly into the profits of


first of all, what we’re going to do is website popularity. Speaking of popularity, then we certainly think of website promotion. The first step is to let people know the existence of the site, and then to understand, understand and accept. read more

Look at the details of the website from KFC’s toilets

The children around

like to pester their parents to take them to KFC. Many white-collar workers come to work in Shenzhen. They also love to go to KFC for dinner and chat. Recently I also love KFC, but I do not like KFC with their children, they love to KFC is delicious Roast Chicken (the home of the chicken is usually boiled, baked, rarely used) white-collar culture KFC KFC is love. I do not pay attention to eat, but also not so elegant cultural pursuit, so I do not like KFC with them! There is a KFC near where we live, every day I will go to a walk, not for others, is to use their toilet read more

Grassroots webmaster should stick to do something valuable


grassroots webmaster above plus a lot, almost only delete some talents and others, and they found me from the process of communication, for many webmaster obsessed with trouble once and for all, to work and to replace the original acquisition. Such webmaster usually can not become my customers, because they have no value to their website,

a webmaster in their own site above the value of the investment, can usually think he seriously on the site, so many local classified sites, please repair their website stationmaster I function, of course pay. read more

How to look at the ten major magic weapons website hype

if someone says the sky could not fall pie, who believe, but for China Internet at present, but many people believe what can fall, because the Internet is now in a ‘free lunch’ meet the eye everywhere. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple ‘lovely’ ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free ‘tour’ to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of various awards activities, in the final analysis, is nothing more than propaganda sites, attract attention, but all kinds of activities, whether it is the mode of operation or the effect of activities are very different. The author divides them into six categories, respectively. read more