April 2017

A good team indispensable five kinds of people

said the team is strong, entrepreneurship needs more support team. A good team is more likely to succeed, then there are excellent team who, there are five types of people essential. Take a look at the outstanding entrepreneurial team is essential for the five categories of people.

1,   a versatile designer who knows how to appreciate beauty

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2015 entrepreneurial community assembly brings together more than 2000 entrepreneurs


IT field has been innovative rapid development for management activities under IT practitioners actively explore business opportunities. The day before, a cloud computing business community conference held in Beijing, on who is cloud computing venture horse".

2015 in December 9th, more than 2000 entrepreneurs gathered at the Beijing International Conference Center to participate in the venture capital community organized by the entrepreneurial dark horse conference". In today’s public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation in the social environment, entrepreneurs distribution and distribution of mining industry opportunities, in the form of innovation to meet the needs of users of multi-dimensional. read more

Baise women’s Federation of women’s entrepreneurship and promoting civilization tradition

now in many areas of entrepreneurship problems of rural women’s concern, at the same time, there are more and more rural women’s career path, local governments to actively solve the employment problem of some rural women, also in promoting entrepreneurship.

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Do you have to pay attention to the activities of the restaurant to send gifts

said businesses are the most astute, small make up personally feel that this is not fake, but Xiao Bian also feel that the wisdom of businessmen is worth learning. Just take the catering business this seemingly simple, but in reality it is a complex thing, in the face of diners such special consumer groups, each link can not be careless, even as the promotional gifts of these small things.

do you have a certain relationship with the consumer business, have a great relationship with the number of consumers for catering business skills, people sometimes retain customers and did not imagine so much trouble, a small gift will be able to make our customers more satisfied. But when a small gift giving customers should also pay attention to a certain extent, do not give a careless. read more

Join Kangyuan socks to join the market a new high Business

in our lives, there is always no need for socks. The source of the socks industry, not only to meet the basic needs of consumers to play. And joined the source socks socks project, is still very wise choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join, worthy of trust!

today, people living in the top of the food chain, not only for the increasingly high demands on the socks not idle away in seeking pleasure, often exposed to the sun the items have high standards, cogent socks socks industry representative brand honor, attracted a large number of consumer groups, unique brand advantage is the franchisee to get rich the first choice for business. read more

90 dad suffering from leukemia huge cost can not afford to donate

25 years old after 90 dad was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia, and he has just been born just over 2 months of children. Millions of treatment costs overwhelmed the family. The young father said, I hope good people donate, I want to live a day for children".

and his girlfriend of five years married, shortly after his wife was pregnant. Work in Guzhen County of Bengbu City, Hu Gou Zhen Da Zhuang Cun Huang Hao and his wife, contemplating the first to earn money to 20 thousand yuan to pay off the marriage owed, and then save some money back home to do business, a good growth environment for children. read more

All business thinking of the eight kinds of selling the law must be read

this is a real case, a liquor company planning links in the product, pricing matters planner and business owners had a heated argument, the reason is   planning the pricing is too high, each of the products are higher than the original nearly doubled, business owners feel ridiculously high, consumers are willing to   will not be able to sell.

When planning for

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Flooring enterprises can not ignore the knowledge of environmental protection

believe that as long as we ask what the most care about decoration, I believe many people will answer "environmental protection". This has become a focus of the current renovation, which is a very important material floor, get a lot of attention. Of course, compared to the quality and style, the product’s environmental indicators are also very important.

, then in the dragons and fishes jumbled together dazzling floor market, consumers how to determine their purchase of the floor is not green floor? How to avoid the family decoration pollution problems? We have to determine the index of "environmental protection floor formaldehyde emissions" should pay attention on methods of environmental protection and the selection of the floor choice the problem. read more

Fish love shrimp Hot pot to join a good project the whole

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we choose to join the project for food, but also has a great advantage. What about fish and shrimp hot pot? The selection of high quality brand joining projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join fish love shrimp hot pot project, open a love of their own fish shrimp hot pot shop, shop is earned!

hot pot, whether in winter or in the summer, consumers are very much, and the love of shrimp hot pot business is hot. As a representative of traditional food culture, hot pot has been a good choice for friends and relatives dinner. Fish love shrimp Hot pot plus innovation based on traditional Hot pot on the traditional process of well prepared soup base flavor, with secret recipe, with fish and shrimp as the store features, eat fish or shrimp, and then soup, and then rinse dozens of other dishes. It is this unique way to eat and taste, created a fish love shrimp twelve tables of the store a few thousand dollars a day of amazing performance! read more

The waiter repeatedly said sorry is a polite

once we have a problem with others, or cause trouble, people will be "sorry" as a polite performance. So, if in the food and beverage market, the waiter repeatedly said to the customer, "I’m sorry", this is also a polite performance? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to know.

repeatedly said "sorry" is the real faux pas

a waiter would say the same thing to each table guest: "sorry to keep you waiting.". This is XX."

In fact, even if the

is the same line, it should be based on the different customer status in the tone change. For example, in the face of a lively conversation with the customer, it should use a more sonorous voice; and in the face of the voice of the voice of the customer, the voice will be slightly lower. read more

Michim’s joining has the advantages of good business project

in our lives, often children’s clothing market has the most business opportunities. With the opening of the second child policy, we demand for quality children’s clothing has been in the upgrade. Small business choose to join the Michim children’s clothing project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business is not it?

Michim children’s clothing market prospects. At present, China’s 0 year old -16 years old children population of more than 300 million, more than a year of children’s demand of more than 2 billion, of which 0-10 years old children accounted for about 80%. Children’s clothing market will become one of China’s growing consumer market, known as China’s clothing market, a big cake. Michim children’s clothing is like a limited edition, the children like, mothers are more sure that the market prospects. read more

How to choose a suitable restaurant franchise brand

investment in food and beverage franchise is the choice of many businesses to get rich. How to choose the right business brand? Many beginners need to learn skills. Xiao Bian provides a few options for project proposals, hoping to provide you with some operational guidance. If you want to develop smoothly, come and see it, do not miss a good opportunity.

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For small business shop business impact

now many of the owners are thinking big business, make money, for some small business is not profitable little interest. As everyone knows, it is precisely because this is not interested, leading to business development has been greatly affected. In fact, the small business should not do, many businesses will say, of course, do. In fact, the mouth to say, really can do it, and how many people. For example, the customer to buy a box of needlework, they come up with a needle, the needle will now say, how fine ah, certainly is not strong! A box of needle just a few cents of profit, the customer is still there all the time, you said let people get angry. read more

Charcoal grilled fish with American Dragon tide high popularity the whole

when it comes to fish, we all know that fish can do a lot of things. Like braise in soy sauce, steamed, etc.. But fish, is very novel. Delicious Longchao American charcoal grilled fish in the catering market, not only has the very high popularity. Moreover, to join the tide of American Dragon charcoal grilled fish, or the best choice for business.

How to join the

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Join the hotel how to choose project

with the development of tourism, the hotel is now a very good market development, a lot of friends began to invest in the hotel, then the investment Hotel, how to choose the brand project? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

see our hotel market prospects continue to grow, who would like to quickly enter the industry, but the market competition is intense, the brand chain model gradually mature, how to choose a hotel to join the project? The friends want to shop for a project will reduce a lot of trouble, want to choose the strength of investment projects, so in is very important for the early market research, but also a serious to investigations, can understand the local consumption level, consumption ability and some brand recognition, play the key role in the later period of the selected project!. read more

Catering business success tips easily what the

although the food market has been a very large demand, the market is indeed immeasurable wealth. However, the environment changes too fast, I have time to change clothes, cold, heat is common." I believe that many food people have this feeling is not what the catering market in January three news, the market prospects seem clear, but people have not catch the feeling.

2016 catering market more than 3 trillion of the scale, while achieving the growth of the figure of two, from this data, the food and beverage market is the business of blue ocean". Powder love face to tell you, now hot in the future is not necessarily able to make a lot of money, because it means that the influx of a lot of people, will make the market quickly saturated. read more

Home Furnishing jewelry stores business advice

home accessories shop to do business, you need to learn a lot of places. If the shop is only interested in, it is difficult to say, but as long as you continue to learn, in the right direction, you can reduce the risk, get more income protection. If you want to successy create wealth, so how to choose this kind of brand project?

to open a Home Furnishing jewelry stores must have a strong interest in Home Furnishing jewelry, but also in the life always pays attention to Home Furnishing jewelry industry trends, understand to love life, enjoy life, which is the premise of open Home Furnishing jewelry stores. read more

Venture open luggage store rich dream not all

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, people for higher living level is also rising, the current investment start luggage shop became many ordinary people successful in the official career platform. Why do you say that? According to statistics, the annual Chinese light leather processing of more than 500 million square meters, so we can see people on the leather products strong consumer demand, where there is a market where there is wealth, this is the everlasting truth, so open the luggage store became a very popular investment platform. read more