March 2017

The ratio of male to female sex ratio decreased 3 36

reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, according to the population sampling survey results show that at the end of 2013, the province’s 5 million 777 thousand and 900 resident population, male population is 2 million 926 thousand and 500 people, accounting for 50.65%; the female population is 2 million 851 thousand and 400 people, accounting for 49.35%, the sex ratio from 106:100 in 2012 to 102.64:100, down 3.36 ratio.

sex ratio according to the analysis, the main reason for the decline is primarily because of the birth sex ratio decreased, population sex was born in our province than last year by the 109.44:100 down to 108.48:100 at the end of 2013; the second is due to the population sex ratio decreased, the population sex ratio from 118.49:100 in 2012 to 2013 at the end of 103.03:100. read more

Spring Festival library free of charge

during the Spring Festival, the provincial library, Provincial Museum and other public cultural services, free to the public every day. By then, love reading, love to learn the people can go to these places charge a lot of knowledge, a full of scholarly and cultural flavor of the spring festival.

reporter learned that the Provincial Museum in February 10th (the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to February 16th (the 7th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) open daily. This year the Provincial Museum in addition to the "source of rivers civilization" Qinghai historical relics exhibition, Qinghai intangible cultural heritage exhibition exhibition, new and colorful ethnic costumes in Guizhou art exhibition, Spring Festival in Qinghai Province outstanding works of art exhibition. The museum in February 10th (the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to February 12th (the 3th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) morning at 10 am to 4 pm, February 13th (the 4th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) after 9:30 in the morning to 4 pm open. The library reading room is open to the reader, electronic reading room, book reading room, reading room, from February 9th (Lunar New Year thirty) to February 11th (the 2th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar), at 9:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon opening; February 12th (the 3th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) returned to normal time is 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon opening. (author: Wang Zi) read more

Qinghai Traffic Police Corps multi pronged security double traffic safety

To do a good job during the two traffic management work, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps special programmes, for all the traffic control department according to their distribution characteristics of tourism attractions, tourism road traffic safety situation analysis, analyze new situations and new problems may arise, a clear focus, refinement measures, specifically the deployment of the mid Autumn Festival traffic management.During the

Qinghai construction engineering survey design management approach in October

In order to improve the province’s construction surveying and designing activities of the supervision and management level, ensure the quality of survey, design, survey and design norms of market behavior, recently, the provincial government for consideration by the design of "measures for the administration of Construction Engineering Surveying in Qinghai province". The measures will be implemented on October 1st.

in energy-saving environmental protection, strict implementation of the "measures" of building energy saving, environmental protection and emission reduction laws, regulations and relevant standards and norms, to ensure the effective implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements in the field of engineering construction, improve energy efficiency, protect and improve the environment; in the prospecting and design contracts, the "measures" provisions of the construction project the implementation of bidding, contracting units shall contract out the project to the contracting units in accordance with the law. If a construction project is subject to direct contract, the contract issuing unit shall contract the construction project to the contracting unit with the corresponding qualifications. It is prohibited to subcontract to the units that do not have the corresponding qualifications, and the sub contractor shall be forbidden to subcontract the project. read more

Xining city to develop the Xining medical dispute prevention and treatment measures to determine the

for effective prevention and treatment of medical disputes, maintain medical order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, Xining formulated the "measures to deal with the Xining medical dispute prevention" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures").

"approach" is divided into five chapters, including the general provisions of the prevention of medical disputes, medical disputes, legal liability and supplementary provisions of the forty-four. The term "medical disputes" mentioned in the Measures refers to the disputes arising from the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the medical institutions and their medical personnel, and the differences between the results and their causes and responsibilities. read more

Xining basic public health services equalization services to expand the re expansion

in order to further promote the equalization of basic public health services, expand service content, improve service quality, standardize service behavior, improve the quality of urban and rural residents. April 18, 2012, the municipal government issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the work of basic public health services.
"opinion" clearly in 2012, the city’s per capita basic public health service project funding subsidies increased from 30 yuan to 40 yuan, the new funds are mainly used to expand coverage, increase services, improve service quality. In the management of the use of funds, financial and health departments at all levels should clear at all levels within the jurisdiction of the service quantity, population and provide basic public health services and the quality of expenditure per capita to implement the tasks and arrangements for grant funds, take early set aside, by the end of assessment to cash, ensure the basic public health services have been effectively implemented.

read more

The world’s top 100 enterprises in the world’s top 100 companies announced

according to foreign media reports, released research institutions Millward Brown compiled BrandZ latest rankings before the 100 most valuable brand brand value is still far ahead of other brands this year, their total value rose 3% to $3 trillion and 400 billion. The top 10 list of science and technology enterprises, the United States is still the most valuable brand power, China has a list of the top 15 brands.

Google, apple, Microsoft, AT&, T, Facebook, Visa, Amazon, Verizon, McDonald’s, IBM occupy the top 10 seats, the only one of the non technology companies only McDonald’s. In the world’s top 100 brands, there are 15 Chinese brands on the list, more than last year, Tencent ranked eleventh, China Mobile ranked fifteenth, Alibaba ranked eighteenth, to $29 billion 30 million Baidu brand value ranked twenty-ninth in the world, HUAWEI ranked fiftieth in the world with a brand value of $18 billion 652 million, Jingdong with a brand value of $10 billion 496 million in ninety-ninth. read more

Xining City 8000 picking force will this year income 300 million yuan

October 13th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that this year, Xining City, Haixi Qi abstract "seasonal labor export in Xining city in the preliminary effect, outgrower wolfberry planting households amounted to more than 500, planting area of more than 20 thousand acres, has 8306 rural surplus labor force to the Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Haixi picking wolfberry, is expected to grow with picking total income of up to 323 million yuan. read more

Provincial second inspection teams to inspect the situation of the provincial audit office party fee

unified deployment by the provincial Party committee, in November 28th, the provincial Party committee second inspection teams feedback to the provincial audit department special inspections. Leader Liu Jianqing to the office party secretary, director Wang Jiqing conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the office of the Party leadership had feedback. Wang Jiqing presided over the meeting and made a statement. read more

Xining City north of the township held a fun moon cake festival

in September 28th, in the District of Xining City Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei Xiang Qu Agricultural Park crowded, bustling. In a small rustic garden square, Tao Bei village villagers show a variety of homemade handmade cakes. On the same day, by the government of North District of Xining City, North District Animal Husbandry and Water Bureau, Baoziwan Town People’s government, the north area of Xining Township interest held agricultural science and technology limited company have jointly organized the "motherland welcome birthday, celebrate the autumn harvest" Chengbei district the first township interest Festival held here delicacy moon cake.
"delicious", people will come to enjoy moon cakes such praise from time to time. Early in the morning around the village folks and many people gathered here, the taste of handmade moon cake, feel the culture of honest fragrance. According to the city district animal husbandry and water bureau responsible person, the moon cake festival including moon cakes taste the delicacy, Xiang fun photography exhibition, "flowers" concert and picking flowers, popularization of agricultural technology and agricultural products exhibition and other activities. (author: Haidong) read more

Since the highest temperature to freezing point

yesterday, is the twenty-four solar term in spring. But Xining is not only the shadow of the spring, but the temperature plunged overnight, the maximum temperature fell to minus.

February 4th, the weather changed the past to cloudy, sunny, so that the public can not adapt to all of a sudden. And this winter the scarce rainfall, resulting in land dry, dry air, many people eagerly looked forward to can snow, a pressure in the air pressure of dust and harmful particles. But the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, within the next few days the city is still no precipitation, but the weather is abnormal is not good, the first is in the highest temperature dropped to minus, the lowest temperature maintained at -10 degrees Celsius, and for a few days in the city are cloudy or overcast. City Meteorological Observatory staff reminded that such weather, the infirm is very easy to get sick, the public must promptly increase clothing to prevent colds and other diseases. read more

Xining police three days focused on the investigation of a total of more than 100 wine drivers

  in order to ensure the smooth transfer of the Olympic torch in our city and the smooth progress of the seventh round of the lake, from 6

2 on the evening of July, the city traffic police detachment in the city to carry out a thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations, in the three days of centralized inspection

investigation of the Communist Party of China more than 100 wine drivers".

it is understood that the city traffic police detachment received a fine of 500 yuan for all drunk drivers, temporarily driving license for 3 months, read more

Xining food and other product safety is classified as the focus of remediation action

Recently, the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of food and other product safety special rectification action kicked off. The 4 month dragnet, without leaving a special rectification action, the city’s food safety environment will be significantly improved.

reporter learned that the crackdown, will ban a number of dens, shutting down a number of undocumented enterprises, key areas of remediation to highlight some of the issues, to curb the abuse of basic city food production enterprises of raw materials, additives and other illegal activities, to eliminate undocumented production problems in key areas, major counterfeiting activities have been effectively curbed. read more

Xining to 110 thousand of the poor population precise force

to find out the base, cohesion force, tackling poverty mechanism innovation — Xining city in promoting poverty alleviation and development work, to the existing 112 thousand poor precision force, highlighting the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and development work, and strive to walk in the forefront of the province.

for the city’s existing 31 thousand poor households, 112 thousand impoverished population in the city of Xining, in the "12th Five-Year" during an annual reduction of poverty population of 48 thousand and 600 people on the basis of further verification, approval of poverty alleviation object, find out the poor base, lay the foundation for the precise poverty; to support the implementation of production and employment, the development of a number of a number of relocation and resettlement and a number of policy fallback and medical assistance to support a number of "a group of four" poverty alleviation program, and carry out precise poverty. Through the implementation of the whole village, easily relocated, industrial poverty, education and training, mutual fund loans, loan interest and other poverty alleviation projects, tackling the cohesion force, so that the project is accurate, precise, arrange the use of funds to households out of poverty, the effectiveness of precision measure precision; innovation mechanism, strengthen organizational leadership, increase funding for poverty alleviation, innovation of social assistance the mechanism, concentrating on the overall poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation, the first. read more

Luo Huining made instructions on the disaster relief

  Luo Huining: the life of the masses and to ensure the construction safety of   – Wang Yubo: to do all the relief work has been put in place –   all kinds of emergency supplies 2 million yuan   – affected people living completely solve the basic problems

news (reporter   Sheng Nan) in August 11th, the local area of Datong County, torrential rain triggered floods. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Luo Huining is very concerned about the disaster, a detailed understanding of progress in disaster relief and the masses living arrangements, in August 12th, Luo Huining specially made important instructions on relief work, Xining municipal government to assist the relevant units to the proper placement of the affected people, to do good work in dealing with the aftermath of the affected villages, and summarize the experience, pay attention to the prevention of natural disasters. To eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that people living and construction safety. read more

mprove the level of urban modernization in Xining city is expected to cover the whole year of natur

The fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress the fifth meeting of the government work report, 2014, Xining city will strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the city carrier function, improve the level of city modernization, and strive to achieve full coverage of urban natural gas. January 5th, the reporter interviewed on behalf of the work of the NPC, Shang Longqing, general manager of PetroChina Xining Gas Co., ltd..

Shang Longqing introduction, in 2013, the city of Xining to solve the 86 old buildings, 6773 households household heating problems, providing central heating gas 520 tons. This year, Xining city will also solve the problem of heating residential building 30 thousand new users, to build 12 natural gas branch pipeline, expansion of the 11 pipelines, all coal-fired boilers range in Xining City, in the winter heating period before the arrival of natural gas, and strive to achieve full coverage of the city. read more

Datong County said the project does not meet environmental standards

days ago, Datong County issued "on the establishment of long-term mechanism of environmental protection work opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), established in Datong County will give priority to environmental protection, in the future, all without approval, environmental protection does not comply with national environmental laws and regulations and standards of the construction projects, are not in Datong landing.

pointed out that the "opinions", Datong County in new projects, give priority to environmental impact assessment, giving priority to the development of cleaner production in the adjustment of economic structure, the arrangement of public expenditure to prioritize investment in environmental protection, giving priority to environmental protection projects in the construction of public facilities. The Township People’s government and county units to implement the comprehensive decision of environment and development, does not comply with environmental laws and regulations, industry policies and projects; siting, layout unreasonable project; environmental quality can not meet the functional area requirements, pollution load of the project can not be eliminated by alternative measures; serious environmental pollution, poor product quality, high energy consumption, high material consumption, high water consumption and pollutant discharge standards can not project; located in drinking water source protection areas, nature reserves, ecological sensitive areas, affecting the ecological environment and environmental pollution projects; the original facilities discharge of pollutants reach the discharge standards and total control requirements, not by the old by the new, "a small" measures to realize increasing production without increasing pollution of the project, shall not be access. read more

Open fair and preferred Xining Education Bureau to determine the recruitment of teachers program th

In order to ensure the basic needs of teachers in the development of basic education in Xining, according to the relevant provisions of the office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for the establishment of institutions, the development of the recruitment of teachers in 2007 to work program. The recruitment work from the beginning of March, according to the teacher qualification system, community oriented, open, fair and merit examination.

it is understood that the recruitment target for secondary school teachers (including vocational school teachers), kindergarten teachers. The conditions of employment are citizens of People’s Republic of China nationality and political rights. Love education, abide by the law, with the corresponding qualifications for teachers. With the professional ethics quality, professional level, teaching ability and physical and psychological quality. Secondary school teachers (including vocational school teachers) under the age of 40 years, with a series of national education undergraduate and above (special circumstances and special positions according to the need to relax the conditions) education. Kindergarten teachers under the age of 26, with a national education series college degree or above. read more

Huangzhong county live satellite household project progress

According to the Huangzhong County Radio and Television Bureau, Huangzhong County household project involving 74 thousand households, since the project started in September this year, the bureau sent 16 technical personnel with China Telecom Huangzhong branch 4 technical guidance group, respectively, to the County Township tour guide household equipment information entry and installation work. So far, a total of technical personnel training County, township and village 856 household, issued 5200 sets of equipment, installation of the opening of more than 1 thousand and 150 households.   read more