February 2017

Small businesses do e commerce things

with the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises want to top a cup of soup, many had never used OCS traditional enterprises have also begun to explore the online business. Before the most listened to C2C, B2C and B2B like nouns, in recent years a new term for the industry is very familiar with; that is O2O, is also about to offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions.

of course, no matter the size of the company now, certainly not to do C2C, but do B2C or B2B. But we all know, these so-called pattern of people who are already doing big, and are very mature; there are the most important point is that they have formed a system; in addition they have their own funds in support of venture capital, accumulation. They can take a huge amount of money for their new model or marketing strategy, and as some small businesses do not have this; small companies do not have the resources to support these activities. read more

The difference between virtual host independent P and virtual host independent P

to build your own web site is undoubtedly the harm that the use of IP, SEO in Beijing suggest that if your conditional word can take such methods to promote their own websites, all have launched this business but the price is relatively expensive, if you need to contact me, the price and the ordinary virtual host almost ^_^ (if you are interested can see, under the Beijing SEO to talk about the independent IP to bring you the benefits:

independent IP virtual host:

1 can use their own IP to open their own website. read more

Vip com third quarter net profit of 27 million 700 thousand an increase of 130 3%

Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on November 19th news, (NYSE:VIPS) today released the 2014 quarter ended fiscal year third unaudited financial results for the year ended September 30th. Results showed that third quarter total net revenues of $882 million 600 thousand, $383 million 700 thousand over the same period last year an increase of 130%; net profit attributable to the shareholders of for $27 million 700 thousand, $12 million over the same period last year growth of 130.3%. read more

The future of B2C E commerce

B2C usually refers to the business to the customer, that is we often mention network mall this kind of electronic commerce website, is a B2C mall early, according to reports, is continuous loss after a few years, in 09 years to start e-commerce website profit. And now every day in the rise of the B2C mall, the future of the B2C mall to go where


Ma Yun said a word such as 2011 is the year of the B2C mall bubble, the meaning of this sentence has been very clear. We have already seen like Dangdang, where customers, Jingdong, etc. the dream bazaar B2C mall also began to grow, could not resist the temptation to B2C, want to share in e-commerce this big piece of cake. I see these two days there is such a word, "the life and death of the two years of the vast expanse of the, Taobao, eBay died. There ah pat, no place to be miserable. Even meet should not know, Amazon, newegg. Dangdang suddenly listed in New York, hurt his girlfriend, scolded investment bank. Excellent speechless, Jingdong busy price. Material prices rose year by year." From this sentence we can see the electronic commerce website situation now how awkward, but there are many competitors to join, although there is no group purchase website come so suddenly, but never lose to group purchase posture. read more

Ali v silly push net case trial Wednesday claims 2 million 160 thousand yuan

surging news in Xihu District on 13 from the Hangzhou City People’s court was informed that the day before, the Alibaba group submitted the prosecution, the hospital has been formally accept the group sued the brush single platform "silly push net" of suspected cases of serious harm to the market competition order.

it is reported that the electricity supplier platform to prosecute single brush platform is the first time in the country.

indictment shows that Alibaba brush platform to push the net, the subject of a total of 2 million 160 thousand yuan claims. According to the West Lake court row, the case will be held on the morning of February 15th trial. read more

n addition to the three quarter of Ali electricity supplier harvest more flowering

yesterday, Ali Q3 released the 16 fiscal quarter earnings, the data rose across the board in the 4 quarter of 15, up to 964 billion GMV, occupying 11.3% of the total social zero in the same period, Ali influence on retail industry continues to strengthen. In addition, Ali, Ali cloud, word of mouth, nails, intime, ah, and other businesses have made a breakthrough, the rapid growth of these businesses will bring more expansion of the future of ali.

Ali GMV, revenue, users, profits continued to rise read more

Analysts said the expansion of overseas Alibaba eBay sounded the alarm

eBay be careful. China’s largest business (B2B) e-commerce company Alibaba is entering the U.S. market.

Alibaba this week launched a $30 million large-scale overseas advertising campaign, mainly for small business owners in the U.S. market. The event will be launched later this year in Europe and the middle east.

Alibaba founder and CEO Ma Yun recently in Guangzhou, a network of business meeting that the world is in the transition to the edge of the new model, the business focus will shift to the consumers, manufacturers and retailers from small electronic enterprises. read more

A preliminary study on the specialization of vertical websites in B2B industry

China B2B e-commerce market entered a rapid development stage, vertical B2B e-commerce e-commerce website has become the blue ocean, but not all investors fit into this new world, is the largest professional threshold to enter the business field of vertical B2B. In this paper, two domestic and foreign famous vertical B2B e-commerce website as an example, through the analysis of the electronic commerce website, find out the vertical B2B e-commerce website in some methods how to reflect the professional problems, and puts forward some suggestions, in order to enter the vertical B2B e-commerce field investors some enlightenment. read more

Electricity supplier price war three protagonists are suspected of price fraud

development and Reform Commission, Jingdong, Suning and Gome’s electricity supplier promotional alleged price fraud

Zhao Nan

Jingdong and mall, Gome (00493.HK) stir "supplier of promotional war" turned out to be a farce.

for 8· 15 electricity supplier price war, the national development and Reform Commission Price supervision and Inspection Bureau and the relevant person in charge of the Anti-monopoly Bureau said yesterday that the initial identification of the above three parties and its online mall suspected of fraud. read more

Tencent shot remediation micro business three initiatives can purify micro shopping district

It is reported that in May 15th

news, Tencent is about the introduction of new regulations, mainly about the brutal soaring derivative regulation. Circle of friends to buy a micro channel to buy a mask, coupled with a similar MLM distribution model, so that the general spread of micro carriers such as viruses. If not regulated, disrupt the ecosystem WeChat micro chamber rectification, presumably by that time, the WeChat platform will lose a large number of users. This is the Tencent absolutely do not want to see, so the standard circle of friends of micro business, have come to a critical point to. The specific aspects of the Tencent has three initiatives, then the ability to purify the micro shopping district? read more

Tmall double eleven liquor sales champion 1919 playing what trick

belong to the liquor electricity supplier, one after the board on the new board, and in the "double eleven" repeatedly fight, it’s easy to brewmaster network and 1919 considered the same, but their gene is completely different. 2015 "double eleven", two expected play not staged, but the advantages and disadvantages of the two modes has emerged.

play, but play

2015 double eleven, Ali, Suning, Gome, Jingdong have stirred the rattling of business circle". But Ali won the total transaction amount (GMV) first no suspense, quite a few other "extras" means, the audience’s interest is not high. read more

Su Ninghong child Yuzuo maternal and child market profits to the price killer

fiery electricity supplier market, the mother is undoubtedly one of the most potential industries. According to the China infant industry research center report, in recent years, the baby market continued to maintain a high growth rate of around 15%, is expected in 2015 the baby market will reach the size of 2 trillion yuan. However, the huge market space and Chinese on maternal and child industry specific consumption habits, resulting in high market price phenomenon is serious, some time ago, the NDRC launched the milk industry antitrust investigation, let mother industry profits in front of consumers. read more

Suning Appliance suspension or affected by the acquisition of red children rumors

Tencent finance Choi September 25th Shanghai reported

Suning Appliance 25, announced that due to media reports may have a greater impact on the company’s stock trading price, announced a temporary suspension from now on.

yesterday afternoon, a micro-blog executive vice president of Li Bin, lead to a number of media to verify its acquisition of the main electricity supplier maternal and child products "red child".

Li Bin at micro-blog said, "the dust settles, tomorrow (25 days) is destined to shock electric business industry day, the industry is big, the consumer is a great event, is the event of" read more

Music as the world’s first eco flagship store landing O2O strategy in Russia or the United States c

is used to model the American Amazon electricity supplier users will feel a different kind of mode! In October 17th, music as ecological O2O sales platform in micro-blog CEO Zhang Zhiwei said: "as the ecological flagship store opened in Russia, is the first O2O model of music as ecological demonstration samples in the global market, which is ahead of the layout of eco O2O 10.19! As the United States" BIG BANG ", will not only be the milepost of music as ecology, it is also a core variable in O2O industry. Ecological electricity supplier, is walking in the subversion of the road… read more

Do Wangzhuan months summary

I do Wangzhuan there are a few months. The joy is pregnant with sorrow, I learned some Wangzhuan introductory skills, the tragedy is only a few months to earn hundreds of yuan. Let me talk about my experience.

I was learning the computer, but didn’t touch wangzhuan. My friend in QQ chat with me that he earned hundreds of dollars on the network, I asked him the specific circumstances, he was doing 51vk CPA. So I did with him 51vk.

bought space, domain name, and put my friends to my ad page. Then go to the 51vk registration number, put the CPA code. The next step is to promote, I mainly to pull QQ chat room and UC chat room. The specific method is to find ways to let the other side to add you as a friend, set your number automatically reply, reply to the content of your ad is naturally. By this method 3 or 4 hours a day can earn tens of dollars. It’s just too tired. Just think about what you can do to relax yourself and make money. So I thought of buying traffic. Through a friend introduced me to the 779 union to buy traffic. For the first time to buy a 2000 flow, and in the back put his swap chain. The result is a day earned 10 pieces. Think no effort, you can make money, they continue to buy traffic. But the effect is getting worse, the last is the basic fight and. So I would like to find a good point of IP traffic union. So I found another one. It’s a new League called the 919 flow alliance. Same way with the same ad page. Results 2000 of the traffic can earn $more than and 20. Hey, the effect is better than 779, I think it should be the reason for the new union. Less cheating, false flow less. Alliance on cheating monitoring more stringent bar. read more

Mobile phone shop selling large businesses not Sheng first decline the abolition of resale store

mobile phone store sales did not decline first big businesses cut Sheng resale store

an ex factory price of 500 yuan mobile phone, to the hands of consumers at least $1000.

around 2012, China’s mobile phone market is in the transition from functional phones to smart phones, from 2G to 3G dual transformation node. The excitement of the market transformation has stimulated the participation of many different backgrounds. However, they are placed in front of a traditional long mobile phone channel mode, from generation to generation in the province, to the municipal and district level proxy agent, a mobile phone at least 30%-50% of the profits by middlemen phagocytosis, coupled with the retail price, to consumers is the ex factory price of 2 times many. read more

Step by step to teach you to operate foreign trade shop SOHO foreign trade shop experience

step by step to teach you to operate foreign trade shop, SOHO foreign trade shop experience

found that many foreign friends, especially SOHO friends, for how management experience of foreign trade shop is relatively small, the small Cui teach you step by step how to operate your foreign trade shop, mainly from how to find the source of foreign trade, how to build trade shop, shop how do promotion, how to shop online payment, and how to carry out English communicate with foreign customers, how to choose the international logistics express, the little experience of other aspects and so on, share and share. read more

For tens of millions of dollars in Venture Capital the West set net enabled domain name xiji com bet

renamed Chinese ( news March 10th, cross-border electricity supplier "West set net" starts to open beta, yesterday reported that the site has received tens of millions dollars in venture capital, website Larry domain

figure: West set nets

is a proprietary network in West cross-border import electricity supplier, procurement, logistics, operations to build integrated platform, the module is divided into today, tomorrow, the flash purchase notice to be sold out three modules. The crowd is located in young people, the pursuit of fashion personality and quality of life of the crowd. read more

Baidu has the potential to be more than a huge number of businesses ready to stay

business circle has a "saying:" the king. Whether it is business model or entrepreneurial platform, look ahead, seize the initiative, the Internet can always create one after another myth. The earliest web site, the earliest comprehensive portal…… they are in their respective areas continue to dominate the market, other operators to enter the threshold is not high and. These successful models have been told us: the Internet is an eternal law of king.

But read more

And this year the focus of sampling deputy director of online shopping goods not trouble nor timid

original title: Industry and commerce this year will focus on sampling online shopping products


Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) held yesterday in the national industrial and commercial system of consumer protection video conference, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ma Zhengqi said, will formulate relevant specification for sampling of goods sold this year, to promote the sales of goods quality sampling network. Although Ali and the industrial and commercial administration because of the outbreak of the sampling problem, the war of words to shake hands with the end of the two sides, but the meeting revealed that the information shows that the network will be the focus of this year’s electricity supplier regulators. read more